Reviews for The Saving of the Technomages
crusaderat2011 chapter 11 . 1/19
keep up the good work loved the latest chapter loung but amazing
crusaderat2011 chapter 1 . 11/20/2016
Oh about the comment on the 3 mages on centari prime they where in the techno mage books and remember right elizar dissed them big time all so keep up the good work
crusaderat2011 chapter 8 . 10/28/2016
nice to see a update after so long all ways did like fed out of the books all ways thought he was Puerto Rican for some reson probely the name hope u Finnish this so many unfinished works :-)
Ismar77 chapter 1 . 6/19/2014
Figured I will try and find some fan fiction on Technomages after I finished reading the trilogy and found this site and these stories..really like what you have done...should continue with the story line...I want more:)...keep on going and thanks!
Seras Serenity chapter 7 . 12/30/2011
Well, I certainly think you're getting better :) No recent updates though...I'll give you a cookie if you update!
Treyvoni Fox chapter 5 . 4/26/2009
Good work. It's nice to see Galen stories, especially from those who are also fans of the books.

Galen talks like a bitter old man, but his idealism, naivety and gullible nature keep tormenting him, don't they?
Lillz chapter 5 . 10/1/2008
oh come on. Gideon is too clever to not realise he's being used, though i guess Fed doesn't know that yet. Gideon'll kill him when he finds out, that is, if Galen doesn't first. i knew there was something else going on, but i never dreamed that Fed would betray Galen like this. :( he'll never forgive him. and i think i can guess what the mages are up to on Mars, although i really hope that i'm wrong.

*sigh* the next chapter's going to be interesting isn't it? Galen's already promised Gideon that he'll go to Mars with him, and as we all know, Galen keeps his promises. how does Fed think he'll manage to keep him away?

more please!
Dekri chapter 1 . 9/8/2008
Hopefully will allow me to review my own material.

I just want to say I love reviews and comments even if they are, Wow this chapter blew chunks!

I wanted to comment on Lilandriel's reviews who as always brings up excellent Q's and comments in her many reviews.


1. how did the cloister-mages on Centauri have Tech?

Ya this nagged on me as well. There is no good answer. I decided this: they don't have real tech to give and that the system was abolished by Herazade after they went into hiding, because she's a big old liberal hippie who thinks people shouldn't be labeled, BUT the labels have lingered, of course. So the last real group to be initated (Galen's "graduating class" of 15) got stuck with the label permanently because they've never been able to practice their trade for reals. In my story Gwynn plays a larger part starting in the next chapter, and I even make her older then Galen. Galen just seems older because of his world weary tone and was called a full technomage not because he was older, but because he's more, *much* more, experienced/powerful.

2. what is on the Vorlon homeworld?

The brilliant thing about JMS is he left it a blank canvas. Anyone can sketch what they want on it, at least until JMS decides to tell us. I loved the Vorlons, they are wonderfully opaque and FUN!

Going back one review,

3. Well, i am certainly surprised by Hera's roll in all this. i would never have guessed that she'd play for the other side. of course, she has ensured that she has full deniability, but even so

We see very little of Herazade, and Fed for that matter, in the novels, and certainly none of their inner dialogue. So there is a lot of wiggle room in their characterizations. She comes off pretty bad from Galen's (and in the novel also Elric's) point of view. I decided to gray up the water, a lot, and make her much more complex but at her core she's still the quintessential liberal politician that Fox News warns you about, who'll play any side to get where she wants to go. I love politics, and how to get anything done you have to compromise. So the longer you do it the more it crushes you and whatever lofty ideals you might have had. So writing her was surprisingly easy and enjoyable.
Lillz chapter 4 . 9/8/2008
rofl "special parties"!

Oo, you're covering some of the questions i've always had about Crusade and the books. like, how did the cloister-mages on Centauri have Tech? what is on the Vorlon homeworld? What happened to the Apocalypse box? Gideon finding out about the mages' origin
Lillz chapter 3 . 8/20/2008
ah, the story or Fed's great escape. oh, the drama! lol. the Circle hasn't changed, had it? you'd think they'd have learnt ~something~ from the Shadow War. ah well.

rofl Hera's conversation with Galen! that made me chuckle :) clever Fed! i'm guessing he finds it?

rofpmsl "Sweet Zombie Jesus" i cracked up!

Well, i am certainly surprised by Hera's roll in all this. i would never have guessed that she'd play for the other side. of course, she has ensured that she has full deniability, but even so

he sent the Drakh to ~Minbar?~ oh, i really hope you'll give us a brief narrative of the results! the last item on his supply list? Oo, intriguing?

more please! J
Seras Serenity chapter 3 . 8/15/2008
As a person who finds politics and hidden intrigue fascinating (as long as I'm not in the middle of it), I really enjoyed this chapter. By showing us Fed's interaction with the rest of the circle, we really get a solid grasp of who he is and his motives, as well as those of the others. Dialogue is one of the strongest characterization tools, and you use it to great effect.

I loved Fed and Herazade's obvious bond, and of course, the tantalizing bit of Galen thrown in at the end there! Can't wait to find out what Fed's plans are, and how he drags Galen into them. :)
Seras Serenity chapter 2 . 8/5/2008
I kid you not- when I saw there was a new Crusade fanfic up, I broke out into a huge, goofy grin. And while I didn't do a little dance, I promise you, it was a close thing.

I only managed to get my hands on the third of the Technomage series, so I may miss some things, but I'm more than happy to take the ride. Especially where Galen is involved.

You really drew me in with the first chapter, had me asking a bunch of questions. Vorlons have always fascinated me, so I'm glad to see them on the playing field. I don't know if it was an idea from the series of books, or yours, to show Vorlon emotion through color, but it really was a great inclusion.

And of course, the thing that grabbed me right away in the second chapter was Galen's regret when he looks at Dureena. *sob* Galen/Dureena shipper present- let me proudly stand and be counted. (The count, btw, is probably about four.) Anyway, I do hope you'll continue. Your writing is intelligent and cohesive, and nice job on crafting "read on prompts" at the end of the chapters. I hope to read more!
Lillz chapter 2 . 8/5/2008
hmm, what's going on, i wonder?

the first chapter was wonderfully confusing (i do like a bit of mystery) but i have to confess i skipped a lot of it *blushes*

and the plot thickens in C2. u know, i never saw him hooking up with Dureena. friends, yes, but not more than that. so who has Fed annoyed, then? the Order, perhaps?

i think you've made Galen a wee bit tempremental. admittedly, his sanity is somewhat questionable, but he left a lot of his anger and awkwardness behind when he joined fully with the Tech (great books, btw. one of my favourite series)

there's an awful lot that can happen in 3 days. especially given that the Drakh aren't going to want them reaching Earth. I'm guessing Fed may know something?

JMS actually, well kind of, explained the '30 years in the future' thing, then? hmm. i had wondered how. a suitably vague explaination, thanks, JMS ;-)

i hope you're planning on writing more. we rarely get new Crusade fics. please!