Reviews for A Need for love
phantomtraveler1 chapter 1 . 10/10/2016
God, this was fucking powerful.
this is one of the best fanfictions about Remy I've ever read. I love Logan and I hate how in other stories they make him into an asshole when it comes to Remy. Also I can't say I really like Rogue because honestly she treats the poor guy like shit, so I it's nice to see someone making a story with her being in the wrong even though she ain't a total bitch in this one
Anyway great work and hoping for more like that
Vampire Queen chapter 1 . 7/12/2010
Absolutely beautiful
ToriStarr chapter 1 . 7/7/2010
SmileyDJingles chapter 1 . 2/3/2010
Great story, but the rating needs to be M not K. And, are you Dyslexic?
Wind chapter 1 . 1/20/2010
You know, I never had that much of a problem with the Romy pairing. But now I see why people don't like her. She and Bobby shouold get together and leave poor Remmy alone! I love your stories. You keep the story interesting, moving forward pretty fluently.
Crysania Fay chapter 1 . 12/28/2009
This was really interesting to read. I loved it. I really loved the whole Logan finding him scene. Made me feel real sorry for Remy.
kawaii yuki-chan chapter 1 . 11/5/2009
Aw, great story. It makes people realize they are never alone. That everyone has someone who loves them unconditionally. Great job.
Skies on Fire chapter 1 . 7/27/2009
Well, that wasn't bad. In fact, it was pretty good... when there was no dialogue and when most of the words were in proper places.

First of all, what's with the punctuation? I've never seen a punctuation mark like,...before. A comma or just dots [...] would do. Separately. Also keep in mind, please, that there should be a space after the dots, and that there should be only 3 or 1 of them. Please use the punctuation marks that actually exist in the language, it makes reading so much easier.

Secondly. Spelling. I see you used the spellcheck while writing this, but it doesn't always help. A number of words are used in the wrong places, and the number of them increases drastically in the end. The word 'dose' instead of 'does', 'dispirit' instead of 'desperate', 'patients' instead of 'patience'... The list is really long. While a small number of them, such as 4 or 5 in such a long story, is tolerable and can be blamed on misprints, in your case there are plenty. Please pay more attention to what you are typing.

And lastly. Gambit's French. You don't really know French, do you? 'Qui' stands for 'oui', as far as I understand. 'Si vous plate', if I get it correctly, is 's'il vous plaƮt' and means 'please'. Not to mention his tendency to add random French words in the middle of the sentence, such as 'moi life'. I'll skip the part that there should be 'ma' instead of 'moi' in this case. I'll just tell you that it's really very inconvenient to break a phrase in a foreign language to insert one simple word from the mother tongue. If Gambit did break a phrase to say something in French, he'd say something more long and complicated, most likely because he wouldn't know how to express it in English. I'm telling you this from experience since English is not my native language. Just... if you don't know French, don't use it. It'd be better that way. You might just use the accent.

All in all, the story is good, but it does need polishing. Don't be offended, please, I didn't mean to insult. Have a nice day!
GalynSolo chapter 1 . 4/16/2009
Woah. This is an amazing piece. Very emotionally draining and that's just from reading it I can't imagine what it was like to write.
nickdra chapter 1 . 3/28/2009
OMG so sad it was brilliant
aussie-chick-13 chapter 1 . 3/10/2009
really good story you wrote it well

by the way if by "mercy" you mean thankyou in french its merci
JerichoGirl chapter 1 . 10/1/2008
One word WOW. That was totally like Marianis Trench deep. This story made me really feel Gambit's pain, at one point I was almost in tears. Really good. I'm glad the ending was happy. Wow.

T-T 8)