Reviews for AIR Unbroken
ashwin2mrndi chapter 1 . 4/1/2016
That was real nice.! N since its already so long u havnt written, i dnt expect nything more. :)
NovaTheBro chapter 1 . 7/17/2009
this was a really great story... i loved it. i was wondering if i could have rights to your story as i am interested in continuing it.
KyoxSakiFan chapter 1 . 9/24/2008

It's beautiful! You MUST make the sequel! I will be EAGERLY AWAITING IT! 8D
chronicleofcoincidence chapter 1 . 8/14/2008
HI there! First comment. I agree Air doesn't have as many fans as it should have...

Well... the fic was alright. A remote chance of it happening, but I guess we would all like Misuzu to be alive. You're right about Misuzu and Yukito not having enough fanfics. Casually, I wrote one too. MisuzuxYukito rocks.

The scene from your fic reminded me strongly of one from the Kanon series... which was created by the same people who did Air. If you liked Air, I strongly recommend you Kanon. It has 2 anime adaptations (the second one,Kanon 2006 is much better, with more chapters, better animations and deeper plot) and a manga one. No movie. it doesn't have as many fans as it should, either...:'(

But anyway, about the story. A few minor spelling and grammar mistakes, nothing to worry about. The story was... well, I found it a bit too dramatic. And I would've guessed that, even if Yukito was drunk, he would've recognised Haruko. But I guess I've never gotten drunk, so there's no way I can prove it.

But I enjoyed it. The final scene was simply beautiful... *sighs*

I kinda got confused with the mixture of movie and anime, though I watched the two.I was guessing you'd write the fic with Yukito being a crow.

So I guess this is it. Sorry for the extremely long review. I get too excited when I talk about Key's works. :)

Keep the good work up!