Reviews for The True Monster
Necrois chapter 73 . 7/3
Thanks for the great story. I considered stopping after the sence with Gin drugging Moka. Not sure if he would jave done that in canon but as this fanfiction, it up to what changes you make. Overall the story had some good depth and was very interesting. Thanks for the read again and hope you enjoyed writing the story.
Avanin chapter 73 . 6/9
Pretty impressive story.
Kudos to the guy that actually finished a fic that was originally good.
Keep up the good work...
tylermech66 chapter 73 . 6/5
"deep breath"
such…. sheer schadenfreude. I cant even describe the sensation of satisfaction from this awesome story.

hope there does exist a sequel, best story I've read in a while!

this story has given me so many ideas through the long journey of reading it. Oh, do you want to know something funny?
I read this in one day... continuously…. with no breaks other than calls of nature.

yes, this is how good this story is, and now I need to sleep, bye!
tylermech66 chapter 69 . 6/5
don't let her be violated again Naruto! RAWH!
tylermech66 chapter 68 . 6/5
ah yes, I think I remember this being a thing.
personally I wanted him to go full kyuubi and have duel of epic proportions.
tylermech66 chapter 63 . 6/5
"seething rage ensues" NOT AGAIN DAMNIT!
tylermech66 chapter 57 . 6/5
a ninja, their indoctrination is indeed brutally effective. "nod nod"
tylermech66 chapter 50 . 6/5
somehow I feel as if tayuya will become the most loyal battle-maid in the world, do this for me sempai, please.

in fact her design IS actually fairly reminiscent of Lupisregina, huh.
tylermech66 chapter 46 . 6/5
woot, pet gained!... hopefully...
tylermech66 chapter 41 . 6/5
awe, I love how utterly loyal moka is. theirs is a bond that was forged deeper than it could have ever been without their trouble. I see why you did it now.
tylermech66 chapter 40 . 6/5
I hate living with other people, it means I cant serious let loose with maniacal laughter otherwise people will tease me about it. like seriously every time. don't I ever get a break?!
tylermech66 chapter 39 . 6/5
if sasuke is ever successful in his ambition I am abandoning this story, not because of the emotional trauma I will endure (trust me, I have zero social life outside the internet, stories MATTER to me), but because to not learn from past mistakes would be an insult to their characters that you've so painstakingly built up.
tylermech66 chapter 37 . 6/5
ehem, I am sorry I'm filling your review box with silly an inane review, but these are my honest reactions to this awesome story.
oh, I wasn't done
tylermech66 chapter 35 . 6/5
bright yellow?... I can see where this comes from, but I hope it isn't permanent, I like a more badass imagery, but eh, it's your story.
also I hope Naruto isn't wearing the boring common ninja stuff. (urge to write intensifies)
tylermech66 chapter 34 . 6/5
if you break my heart again I will die, im serious.
now, insert badassery
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