Reviews for The Secret Diary Of Cameron Baum
joseavila-sg chapter 118 . 10/4
Wow, this was very beautiful. I honestly don't remember the previous chapters very much, because you don't update very often. And I have run out of time to read them again. In fact, this is one of the first fics I read from TSCC, and that was months ago. And before, I didn't use to do reviews. But now yes, and this chapter is incredible. The way Cameron handled the whole terminator issue, and knowing that everything John said was true, was very good. She gives the presence that she does indeed have what it might take to lead a resistance. Her rebellious way of going against the advice of others and following her instincts would help her defeat skynet.

Beyond that, it's not the first time I've seen a human Cameron, but it's the first time I've seen a cyborg Jhon. And well, he has a resemblance to the cyborg Cameron. I guess it's skynet heritage, haha. Being more like a cyborg Cameron, I guess he has many of her abilities like free will and the ability to love, right?

I really like to think about the fact that no matter what timeline we see them on, they will always be together.

Coming back to the subject of Cameron, in the end, I guess when she saw John again, a face she knew after hearing all his friends dead, she couldn't stand all the stress accumulated in those days, and she burst into tears on him.

If John came to her, the terminator is not far away. I would have liked to see a hand-to-hand confrontation between the two. And Cameron realizing that he is also a cyborg.
Sungawd Ra chapter 118 . 9/28
This is amazing and I want 118 chapters of it.
dylanredefined chapter 118 . 9/28
Diffrent still fun though
JasonVUK chapter 118 . 9/25
:v well that was fun and different
KevinInEngland chapter 118 . 9/24
That was interesting. John fills Cameron in with the unbelievable facts. Who would believe a story like that? Cameron is a bit of a badass, so I guess she might qualify in the future.
keithallen chapter 118 . 9/23
That was very different and original. Nice work.
RapiDe chapter 118 . 9/23
I like it, a "John Connor is the Terminator" take with a T-800 after a human Cameron and John protecting her. This version of Cameron is certainly different, a human wreck moving aimlessly through life and making everyone she crosses paths with want to rough her up. Even Sarah Connor. John explains what will be-but she doesn't believe him, not unreasonably.

Sarah had a gun pointed at her head in 1984, then a stranger emptied a shotgun into her attacker point-blank and put the Terminator through a window. In less than a minute the Terminator was up and coming after them, punching right through the windscreen of a car going fast in reverse while on fire in an effort to kill her. Then Kyle Reese, a human being with the scars only a lifetime of War can create, was able to convince her about what was happening.

Cameron's experience was...rather less traumatic.

Looking forwards to seeing who has gotten irradiated by the clothes next...
Arekanderu chapter 118 . 9/23
This is quite interesting
Thunderstrike16 chapter 118 . 9/22
Good chapter, although now I want to see an alternate series about this universe.
badkidoh chapter 118 . 9/22
interesting chapter.
essex2 chapter 118 . 9/22
A very interesting AU. You did a great job getting into the character's head to provide her PoV.
Firestar001 chapter 118 . 9/22
Love the ‘role reversal’ here. Really interesting. I can’t wait for more fun.
Harry Potter Sr chapter 117 . 8/24
I love this story hope you will continue soon!
konmanff chapter 117 . 8/23
I feel a bit sad for the T-800
KevinInEngland chapter 117 . 8/15
The Connors are kept busy. We need a veterinarian for Snowy and a doctor for the Connors. Anyone come to mind?
Oh. Poor Snowy, the butt of jokes.
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