Reviews for The Secret Diary Of Cameron Baum
fastandloud chapter 106 . 3h
Delighted there is a new chapter. Can't wait for the next one.
Tweeky chapter 77 . 10/15
Imagine Cameron having a baby called "Metal Abomination";-).
Tweeky chapter 106 . 10/15
Interesting new part and the idea John had for the modified drones was excellent it be interesting to see what Sarah's reactions will be when seeing her drone and flying it.
badkidoh chapter 106 . 10/14
Good chapter.
keithallen chapter 106 . 10/14
There are drones that can carry people, very $$$$$$
Arekanderu chapter 106 . 10/13
Whoa...I had forgotten how long I have been following this story. Still brilliant!
supercode chapter 106 . 10/12
Great chapter, and funny! And they really should cut Daniel some slack. Flying like that would be so cool!
JasonVUK chapter 106 . 10/12
o3o poor BB-8.

Great chapter and wow! 10 years already.
David chapter 106 . 10/12
Thank you for the quick response! I should have asked sooner.

I will be back in 6 weeks to shake the tree again :-)

PS: Please consider a "Christmas Chapter" for this year.
David chapter 105 . 10/11

Any chance of a new chapter? It has been a long wait since May.

Congratulations on passing 10 years of writing this story.
juniordog2 chapter 1 . 8/5
Wow, 10 years since this first chapter was posted. That has got to be some kind of record. Congratulations!
Chapter 105 chapter 105 . 7/26
Whew...finally made it to the end...until PJazz write more. This story is like literary sugar. You just want more and more.

I'll be writing a more professional review of the story up to this point later on.

So Far an excellent read.

The Professor
Chapter 103 chapter 103 . 7/26
"Terminators gotta term term term term

Is it bad that I heard that in Taylor swift's voice in my brain?

No? Awwwww.

The entire last entry on friday sends strong message. People should really read that three or four times and let it sink in.

Good chapter :)

The Professor
Chapter 100 chapter 101 . 7/26
You do not bring a bottle to a toilet party nor do you fill it yourself. you simply...

*puts on sunglasses like David Caruso*

Go with the flow...


Back after this word form out sponsors,

The Professor

P.S Sorry PJazz...the chance to do that was just too good to pass up :)
Chapter 98 chapter 98 . 7/26
Poor Wizard :( Maybe he cam come back to the turn of the tide...


The Professor
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