Reviews for The Secret Diary Of Cameron Baum
wogboydownunder chapter 105 . 5/26
Wow! A huge thank you for continuing this story after so long. Absolutely love every chapter!
JasonVUK chapter 105 . 5/15
I forgot about my immense dislike of Angie, thanks for reminding me!

So stuff is going down! Hopefully the gang can deal with it _
dylanredefined chapter 105 . 5/15
always fun to read thank you.
Guest chapter 105 . 5/13
Thanks for keeping this going.
As an aside, I sure would like to see Vinny Savage meet Cameron :-)
Tweeky chapter 105 . 5/11
I'm not surprised that Sookie the Asian sex-pot wore out Daniel on the other hand i'm surprised that Cameron Sub-Prime hasn't had sex with Daniel yet. Anyway which chapter did Angie appear in? Also I suggest you name your chapters instead of just numbering them. After the revelation of the presence of two Terminators i'd say that that server-farm is about to be, "Terminated" by the Connors.
badkidoh chapter 105 . 5/11
Good chapter.
fastandloud chapter 105 . 5/11
Great to have Angie back.
meja9201 chapter 105 . 5/11
Thanks for this.
The story is highly entertaining and fun to read!
supercode chapter 105 . 5/10
Nice chapter! Dang, with this many time travelers, (both human and Terminator) I have a feeling this timeline is irrevocably f...d up!
keithallen chapter 105 . 5/10
uhoh, terminators, back in the game :)
KevinInEngland chapter 104 . 4/18
Yes, leaky skin bags. I'm sure that's how Cameron sees us.
What?! Making out with ... tongues, and you change the subject.
You can't go wrong bringing Donald Trump in to your story. They're even doing it in TV series.
I have to admit I had not heard of quinoa, until now. I checked it out.
I was wondering what had happened to you.
Guest chapter 104 . 3/31
Damn, man. 10 years you've been doing this. This story, the depth of how you tell it, it's incredible. Thank you for staying with it.
Kagic chapter 104 . 2/20
Thanks for the latest chapter.
MacGuffin65 chapter 104 . 2/10
Your story is an institution. It has not only motivated me to start writing as well, it has also been an inspiration. I admire that you kinda say "To hell with the gloomy Terminator universe, I'm doing my own thing and it's going to be funny." Kudos to that! In my opinion there are too many stories out there who try to continue the unfinished story of TSCC and try to remain slavishly "true to character" without realizing that characters can change and develop over time. Go on, it's always a pleasure to read your next chapter :-)
Carpenocturn chapter 104 . 2/2
Heya, just wanted to drop a line and say how much I've been enjoying the fic. It even got me to brake out my boxset and watch the show again. As someone from Florida, I can confirm that we can indeed bring pets to show and tell, however gators are banned lol. Though that still leaves snakes and other "exotic" pets. Or atleast they were when i was in school 20 years ago. Keep up the great work, seeing a new chapter is the high point of my day.
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