Reviews for Locks of Love
mo.texas55 chapter 1 . 8/30/2014
Ugh my gosh...I can. Not. Stop. LAUGHING!
Aster Sapphire chapter 1 . 11/21/2012
Aaah, yes the hair. I always wondered what the hell he ever did with it? I mean...she couldn't find ANYTHING thing else to give him? Lol, anways great job on this!
crazydbzfan87 chapter 1 . 10/28/2010
Lol, this was interesting. I never even considered the hair as something he'd hold onto like that. True, he was crushing pretty hard on her, but I assumed he'd have gotten rid of it, but reading this, you gotta wonder...anywho, this was a fun read. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed it. :)
Jaded Scorpio chapter 1 . 9/4/2010
Ah, the infamous hair. This episode was based off an issue of the original comic, at the end of which Jhanna leaves Don a lock or hair, her "warrior braid", cause she won't need it anymore. And Don gets all gooey over it, the only time we ever see him show the slightest interest in a female. It was written and drawn as I recall by Michael Dooney, Mr. Pinup Girl, and IMO the whole thing was a big excuse for a catfight. I don't know why they animated that issue, one of the weakest of the fist volume, and not something like say "Twilight of the Ring", the perennial favorite of almost every fan of the comic (and mine as well). If I had been in charge of the NewToon things would have been different...:D But at least they didn't animate the guest artist story where Raph goes out to milk a cow, and ends up in drag fighting aliens.

Back to your fic, the Klunk part was my favorite. The fact that Don took The Hair everywhere, and the rest were complaining about the smell and stuff...and Splinter's reaction to it...LOL! And then he uses it to defuse a bomb and clot a wound-who knows what germs were on it by that point-I had to laugh.
Winnychan chapter 1 . 3/14/2009
Fantastic! There are far too few fics that tackle Don and Jhanna, and this is hands down the funniest I have come across to date. I loved how they referred to it as 'the Hair', almost becoming a character in its own right!

The only concrit I have for you is a fairly minor nitpick. Mike's line about Jhanna being a Klingon "level 18 paladin elf" could have been a reason to laugh out loud if you'd taken a moment to do just a little research and then delivered it correctly. I'm pretty sure I know what you were going for... my assumption is that Mike means Jhanna was like a "cross between a Klingon and a Night Elf" (from World of Warcraft). This observation is hilarious, and SO very true! Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy the line for two silly reasons: 1) Night Elves can't be paladins, and 2) "18th level" makes no sense because a character's level doesn't change their physical traits. Not in WoW, or any MMO I know of for that matter.

Research doesn't even mean getting infinitely familiar with gaming yourself. I'm sure that any aquaintence of yours who dabbles with multiplayer online games could have pointed out what was wrong with the line. I always think it's worth one's while to do that extra bit of research, get the little details like this as accurate as you can make them. Even if the subject matter isn't your 'thing'... correction! ESPECIALLY if it isn't your thing! After all, you never want it to be OBVIOUS! And if you can pull it off, and then stand back and smugly admit "why no, actually I DON'T know the first thing about gaming firsthand"... well, that's not only a really good feeling, but the sign of a truly stellar author.

Okay wow, sorry for the soap box. In spite of the length of space I took up getting my point across, please let me stress that this was NOT a terribly crucial thing to get right. The success of the story overall certainly did NOT hinge on it. I still loved the story to pieces.

I love the comfortable relationship implied between April and Don. For all that it wasn't absent completely (due to Splinter mentioning it in his thoughts), and I liked that all trace of Don crushing on April is quite absent in all interaction we witness. Boyhood crushes do tend to hyperfocus on one lady at a time, after all. In this sense, Don's affection reminds me a little of Romeo. Rosaline who...?

There was a fine sense of timing throughout the piece. For example, the simple line 'They looked at it' was made much better for the inclusion of line breaks to separate it from the rest of the prose. It really lended to the feel of an awkward moment hanging between them.

Dear lord. The cat batting around the hair. Surely Klunk is the real reason it wound up in the kitchen, yes? This idea of Don dragging it with him to the breakfast table and then leaving it there is a little hard to swallow. But I LOVE the idea of it being a wrongful accusation that is actually the cat's fault. XD

Leo's dangerous voice for that ultimatum... DEAR LORD that's glorious. I can only imagine how disgusted he must have been to find out his wound was clogged with The Hair. Raph was an unlikely supporter of the Hair throughout, but I enjoyed his low-key understanding.

The last line... whee, good way to close it. Now Don can go back to pining after a woman who is... well. Okay. Still completely unavailable. But at least she's gonna stick around.

Thanks for the good read... cheers!


caylender chapter 1 . 11/3/2008
Eew, I really never thought about what he would do with all that hair... I guess I could see cutting of a lock of hair but NO! She cuts all of it off! It's kind of nasty.

I love all of the character's reactions to the hair- very cute. And April's reaction was halarious!
Winged Monkey chapter 1 . 8/19/2008
XD Wow...seriously, wow.
KriStALKaLEi chapter 1 . 8/18/2008
"“Ah! Kill it! KILL IT!...Chill, Mikey. It’s just the Hair.”"

LOL... You are so right about this epi. I didn't really understand the point of it except to be another uninteresting filler. Jhanna was kind of an interesting character though. I would have liked to have seen her back.

Anyway, this story was super funny. Everyone had such realistic view points on that nasty lump of hair. It was even useful in disarming a bomb XD
Elsiah chapter 1 . 8/7/2008
I totally agree with you about "The People's Choice" and I'd go so far as to say that it was THE biggest WTF episode. Of course, I also have to agree that Raph moment you mentioned is hysterical. I LOL just thinking about it.

I really enjoyed this fic. I love how you pulled everyone into it, even Klunk. The ending was both sad and sweet. However, I couldn't help but chuckle when April read my mind: "What is that godawful SMELL?" Ugh, burnt hair... disgusting.

Great job. Loved it. xD

Lola Hard chapter 1 . 8/6/2008
Gosh, I wish you could hear my insane giggles :D "It is…so very blue, my son." - THAT nearly killed me :) And Klunk's entry was fantastic :) Absolutely brilliant! You know, I too thought that it would have been okay if Jhanna had left just a single small lock of hair, but it was totally creepy when she put the entire chunk of hair on Donnie's sleeping body... That's one helluva way to make a guy feel special :D

The ending was a little sad, but it made this story real. I liked it very, very much. Especially April's attempt to lighten the mood up, and the slight tipoff that she would always be Donnie's first ideal love, no matter what women came into his life :) (or maybe I just imagined that last part?)

To sum it all up - FAVORITED without question! _