Reviews for Seducing Strawberry
Mewkaitlyn chapter 8 . 3/6
No (sniff) I didn't enjoy it at all... plz I beg you to continue this were they get together. Plz, plz, plz, plz?!
Mewkaitlyn chapter 7 . 3/6
Mewkaitlyn chapter 6 . 3/6
yay finally god.
Mewkaitlyn chapter 5 . 3/6
I am such the Aoyama hater! I loved it!
Mewkaitlyn chapter 4 . 3/6
this is sooo just antagonizing to read. Just get on with I already!
Mewkaitlyn chapter 3 . 3/6
Mewkaitlyn chapter 2 . 3/6
short chappie!?
Mewkaitlyn chapter 1 . 3/6
Felicity chapter 8 . 7/13/2014
Please put another chapter on
1tokyomewmewfan chapter 8 . 7/6/2014
UWAHHH! Why?! So sad 私は東京ミュウミュウが大好きです (I love tokyo mew mew)
imjustfierce chapter 8 . 3/8/2014
I liked this story a lot, but i hate the way you finished it! It was supposed to be a happy ending! Every RyouxIchigo story i've read had a happy ending and now.. this. Ugh. Why don't you write an epilogue or something? Like "1 year later". She comes back, Ryou tells her he loves her and they get together again..
Your ending is too sad and unexpected :(
RyigoRyouIchi chapter 8 . 2/20/2014

perfect song but change the amv to Ichigo and Ryou not Ichigo and Kisshu
Timestop chapter 8 . 6/27/2013
Cute story... would love to have a sequel.
Kawaaii-SuperHer0 chapter 8 . 3/9/2013
why? i wanted a happy ending *cries softly* whats worse is i still enjoyed it even though it broke my heart in the end waaaaa!
HomestuckFanGrilShipperPerson chapter 8 . 2/4/2013
why the f***ing hell a sad ending!?
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