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acetwolf94 chapter 11 . 1/8/2016
Shannz chapter 11 . 5/6/2013
I don't even know where to start. This was A-mazing. Amazing! I tracked you down at VinXperience and read the 19 chapters of part two posted there. I'm leaving a review because this verse is just too fucking amazing not to. That said - this is a sucky review for such a wonderful piece of work. I've read in many fandoms over the years and this is one of the best written, best fleshed out fics I have ever read...with some of the most top notch characterizations ever. Ever.

I enjoyed every single word and have already read some chapters more than once. I'm partial to Johns but I love, LOVE the way you so equally share their POV and show the same scene from each side. I could read and read and read these boys and I do so hope that you will eventually come back and finish A Cause as well.

Thanks you for hours of entertainment that I so very much enjoyed.

Casey Wolfe chapter 11 . 2/6/2013
Love, love, a million times LOVE! I found your story on here awhile ago, but being that I was working on my own version of PB with Riddick and Johns, I didn't want to read it yet for fear of having it influence my story. But now that the PB part of it is all written, I was overjoyed to finally be able to read it. Can't wait to read the sequel. P.S. Love the fact you mention Aquela Major. It's certainly an interesting twist to their past.
Zuvios Gemini chapter 11 . 7/18/2011
Your story was fantastic. I feel so ashamed for not reviewing every chapter but honest to God I got sucked into the story and lost my damn mind. XD

Awesome work both of you!
LadyWhiteKoiFish chapter 11 . 7/17/2011
This is a very well written story all around! Bravo! Bravo to you both! Riddick and Johns are perfectly in character, and I could see this actually happening in the Riddick universe.

I also find it very impressive at how smoothly the two points of views flow together to make up this amazing story, especially considering that both POVs were written by two different authors.

So again I tip my hat to you both, and hope to someday be, at least, half as good as you both.
I-am-a-slash-addict chapter 11 . 9/10/2010
I was surprised with this story. I really didn't think someone could make a believable Riddick/Johns fic, but you've slowly, but surely converted me. At the begining i was really hesitant in continuing to read, the style of the writing is really short and jumpy(especially in Riddick's POV) and at times i got frustrated with it, but i grew accustomed to it. With Riddick and Johns' relationship, the first few chapters i was just in awe of how f*cked up they were and was firm in the fact they there was no way you could pull it off... but you've proved me wrong. I was so surprised how erotic and even romantic this story became to me. The last few chapters just had my heart beating and i bit my lip nervously, wanting them to get their sh*t together... It was almost cathartic to read how they both pulled themselves back from the edge of oblivion and back into the human race; how they did it for each other and because of each other.

Just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed this story and am eagerly to moving on to the sequel. ;-)
Amillia chapter 11 . 5/6/2010
This is just perfect. I read to entire thing before comitting . Both of you have gotten both jones and riddicks' vocies perfictly . As well as the pacing. There was tenchen from the begining but, you alloud it to build up and for them to trust them. Sorry about this bring unsinged but this is my first time onthis site.
Oh and majior ** gah ** for the sexxy !
Hidden Relevance chapter 11 . 4/13/2010
OK I gotta say you've done what every single other slasher in this fandom has failed to do: you TOTALLY sold me on this pairing. I mean damn. I don't mind slash fics, but these two NEVER made sense in my head. Too much hostility somehow.

But now? Hell now I was almost cooing they were so freaking perfect together.. how the heck did you do that?

and oh thank god there's a sequel... *scampers*
Mrstrentreznor chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
I had read some of your other stories and I saw the summary for this one and thought it sounded ridiculous; but then i read it - wow!

both the characters seem to be so 'real'; so in character - i love the way Riddick is so distracted that he has lost track of what is happening to himself - and that Johns smells so good - and that Johns calls him 'my Riddick' - heck if they have been chasing each other around the verse for a while they probably know each other really well; better than lovers?

I have read a few fics with the she said/he said chapters and they are often bad - repetitive and boring - maybe it is the fact that the two of you have written a character each that makes it different, but it works really well
Izzy chapter 1 . 10/21/2009
Wow. Totally not what I was expecting to find. Really good and as a consequence have gone and registered for vinxperience to get the rest. I hope your issues are resolved soon and you are able to update!
forgottenchangeling chapter 11 . 7/2/2009
I love this story. I love it so much I signed up for a VinXperence account just to read the rest. When are you going to post the next chapter?
emmypf chapter 1 . 12/13/2008
Wow. One of the best stories i've read in a long time. Great job! (thumbs up) XD
Saismaat chapter 11 . 9/13/2008
Good fun. I really like:

[quote] Johns wonders why Jack couldnt'a been a boy, easier that way-an' I think back to the whole fuckin' thing, remembrin' how the nasties had a nose open for her ever since we left the ship an' started our crazy last-ditch run. It was a weakness, at the time, but not somethin' Jack coulda controlled. She was just survivin', like us. I remember Johns talkin' about stuffin' her with a cork. Bout usin' her for bait. Hear the cargo runner's captain, talkin' bout Aquila Major.[/quote]

Good job of hanging a lantern on the weak an shifting foundation underlying this new shiny new family structure. Johns is willing to kill children. Riddick is willing to kill just about anyone else.

This was a great line, “I can't help but grin back at Jack, Tell 'er ta get the fuck out, cuz the shit me an' Johns is doin' ain't for her eyes, but I can't summon up any mad.” Can’t summon up any mad! Teehee.

Nicely done. Good job of running with the . . . transformative possibilities of the darkness.
Saismaat chapter 10 . 9/7/2008
Very nice! This might be my favorite chapter yet. I’m a sucker for the Riddick/Jack story and you’re really making me realize that they don’t have to hook up; so long as that side of the Riddick story is there, I’m happy.

Couple of things. I like a lot of this “I wanna just kinda sit here an' pant awhile, enjoy the view, watch the shudders run up his spine, but Johns turns on me fast an' moves my hand away, still with one leg outta his pants.”

But my eye stumbled over the repetition of the word “pant,” especially with the different usages of the word. Having “pant” in the next paragraph really made it stand out.

I really like this “Jack's blinkin' away and first thing she looks for is him. Can't say I blame her.” Very nice way of broadening the perspective.

“I snort, we got lots of goodies, just don't got much to eat.” - made me laugh. Nice use of humor. I also really liked “Jimbo P. Crewie.” Ha ha.

I really like the way you repurposed “"Lotta questions, whoever we run into," and brought it into your story.

“They offer us a ride to the next system, Aquila Major. Feel my breath catch at that. Did some nasty shit there, shit I'm not very proud of. Where I finally picked up Riddick. See him tense, all emotion wash outta his face. He's rememberin' too. Gonna have to deal with that shit later.” - that’s just great. I do sometimes have to scratch my head and go “really? Those two? Didn’t Johns kill children?” Hanging a lantern on it like that helps a whole lot.

I also really liked this

“"Why couldn't she just have a cock like the rest of us?" I ask absently as I begin to strip. Feel Riddick's eyes on me, but I don't think it's cause he wants to fuck. I look at 'im, raise a brow, "What?" His jaw clenches and I throw my shirt at him. "I might be a fuckin' piece a shit, Riddick, but I don't fuck kids. Male or female, got that?"

"She's been hurt, Johns. Think some sick to 'er."”

Possibly, again, because I’m a sucker for the story of Riddick stepping up to protect Jack. But my idiosyncrasies aside, that’s great.

“I just roll my eyes and realize where I stand on the social ladder that is our fucked up family. Riddick, Jack and then me. Whatever, I can take it. Grab a towel, step out and snicker when I see her outfit.”

That’s just great. And great last line! Glad you posted it up here!
Saismaat chapter 9 . 9/6/2008
Good fun!

I generally like the colloquial, phonetic spellings you folks have going on, but my eye stumbled on the “a” in “Part a me has no idea what just happened here.”

“When did the chase ever end in this?” – snerk. All sorts of mating dances end exactly like that. Teehee.

I like Riddick struggling with the protectiveness.

Nicely done. Nicely paced, and great last line.
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