Reviews for Unfaithful
Jeri252 chapter 1 . 10/28/2013
love it
matthotty101 chapter 1 . 4/21/2009
Poor Nattie, she is in love with two
bluesnowball24 chapter 1 . 8/16/2008
Wow !This story is just one of your best stories ! I think that you are making me just a bigger Natalya fan after I read your stories. First to start off your pairings are just the best! I love Nattie and Teddy Bear ... hehe...but I think that Nattie and Edge are so much better together ! High 5 ! Then I like the song I think that it fits so great with this story . I think that Teddy should realize that Nattie is the ideal girl she pretty, nice,she's human after all that Teddy has made her go through.I think that Edge is lucky to have Nattie. I also think that Nattie should choose one guy because either oneis going to get that needs her and Edge that makes her feel what Teddy never did. I think that Nattie has a hard choice. I wonder what did she did afterwards. I LOVE IT SO MUCH ! I would really like to see a sequel to it ...who knows right? Hopefully !
Kat RoadKill chapter 1 . 8/9/2008

I really loved this!

Please write more so I can find out what happens to poor Teddy!

Great Job!

Love Ya!

TJ Sparkles chapter 1 . 8/8/2008
Aw, twinny.

OK, I was listening to "Unfaithful" too earlier today, and I thought about writing a fic to it, but I wasn't sure about the pairing. Anyway, it doesn't matter, because this was ten times better than what I would have wrote.

I love you! You put three of my favorite people in here: Nattie, Edge, and Junior (of course, LOL). The pairing is love and I hope to see more Edge/Nattie or even Ted/Nattie on here sometime. I might have to try my hand at writing this pairing one day...that's how much I love it. I'm serious.

Aw, I kinda feel bad for Junior. But, I can sympathize with Nattie's situation as well. It's a tough one to be in and I'm glad I never have had to make that decision. Either way, someone is going to end up hurt. In this case, not only will Junior end up hurt, but so will Nattie. And Adam as well.

Twinny, I have to say, this was amazing. The feelings that Nattie had about the affair being wrong, and still loving Junior no matter what, really came across in this. I think the song ("Unfaithful") really illustrated the way both Adam and Nattie were feeling. They were so cute together, and The airport scene added a little humor to an otherwise bleak situation.

Adam and Nattie were wrestling (no pun intended, haha) with all these different emotions. Nattie didn't want to keep seeing Adam because of hurting Junior, yet he made her feel so good that she didn't want to give that up. It's a catch-22. And Adam...he's been in this situation before. Him blowing up is understandable. The man's a sweetheart though. He wasn't trying to be a jerk at all.

I almost cried. The emotions in this were just so vivid that I could see them. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true.

Aw, Junior. What happened? Why did he need Nattie to come home? Did he finally realize that he misses her and loves her, or did he find out about the affair?

Beautiful, mind-blowing, captivating...I loved it.