Reviews for Trick or Treat?
devotedtodreams chapter 1 . 11/2/2008
Oh my God, this was so GOOD! Really; you did everything perfectly, like all your other stories I have read so far! The first person perspective, the descriptions, your brilliant use of all the fitting adjectives... it's just flat-out awesome! Add two super-hot characters to the mix, and you get a Halloween fic that is a pure delight to read.

Man, reading this made me remember trick-or-treating... I kinda miss it. Even the whole dressing-up part. But I had to work late on Halloween, so I would have been too tired to do anything else even if the holiday WERE big over here. Ah well. At least I've got a few memories that get stirred up thanks to stories like this one ;)

One of my favorite parts was when Die said: "But then we'd be wasting daylight hours." Something about that word "happily" that followed right after that simply made me laugh. Don't ask me why, it's really hard to explain.

And Kaine writing "Trick or treat, bitch!" was priceless. I would have loved to see that old man's expression when he found out about that! XD

The ending was very… er, sexy, for the lack of thinking about a better word. (Sorry about that.) I dunno if it had something to do with the fact that I was listening to Paul Rodgers’ “Muddy Water Blues” the entire time while I read the fic, but although I usually get kinda flustered when I read stuff like that, this time it was much easier for me. Guess music just has that great an influence on me

All in all, wonderful work as usual! And I’m dreadfully sorry that it took me forever to finally write this review, but I’m glad I finally hopped to it! Oh, and since the opportunity just seems too right to miss, I’d like to wish you…

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it’ll be a good one and that you will have another good year in life! *throws confetti and sings the birthday song*