Reviews for YuGiOh GX: The End of Eternity
Guest chapter 122 . 4/20
This is getting even more exciting and interesting.
Joshua chapter 3 . 4/7
Another list of judging! :)

Treasure of Slashing Life: 5 draw and discard 5 turns later?! Some draw back... but that draw power though. Darkworld's could love the 2nd effect if they’re patient. It would most likely be a promo with, “Can’t be used in a duel” on the bottom left. XD I’d play it in traditional though. It sounds to fun to ignore!

De-fusion: Actually, you either summon all of the fusion materials or you don’t. He miss-read a card! Disqualify him now! :3
Guest chapter 121 . 4/7
This story just gets better and better with each new chapter!
Joshua chapter 2 . 4/7
Instead of every new card, I’ll just judge the ones that really interested me. :)


Hidden Treasure (normal spell): It’s situational but man, that 3 is so worth it. Gold Sarc this buddy for a safer Shard of greed. It’s a dead card in hand but it can be used by good cost cards like Summoner Monk at least. Also, Exodia decks would make this card AMAZING. I see it as an Ultra rare and limited to 1 in GX era.

Magic Purge (normal spell): Safely (most likely) perma-negate all currently face-up card effects without cost? That’s Really strong for this era. The anti-metas would become a high tier deck with this card around. This would be ultra rare and limited to 2 in GX era.
Joshua chapter 1 . 4/7
I'm mostly here to see how the cards are and will be likely judge them for fun. :3

Forked Magic: Another MST? Awesome, bring on the back row hate.

Soul Transfer: Bring out any lvl4? That’s a nasty combo starter right there. Amazing consistency for a card.

M.B. Cyclops: Heavy beater support for M.B. with a whopping 2100, seems alright. Reminds me of Lightsworn Wulf.

M.B. Lamia: Brionac’s daughter with Lady Change of heart as how i see it from the story. Just DANG, making the GG rain with her. XD

Repayment of losses: As long as it hits the grave, you get a free draw. Magical hats and a milling/discard deck would love this guy with them. Run at least 2 for the best results :)

Forbidden Trespassing: Should’ve played threatening roar instead. :P

M.B. Golem: 2700 def, holy cow, and the drawback isn’t really a drawback.

Mythical Barrier: Custom negate attack for M.B.. Sounds fun.

M.B. Phoenix: 2900 hitter that can self revive limitlessly by banishing an M.B. monster and is great for continuos tributes. I’d imagine this as a secret rare from a set and limited to 1 after one format in GX era. XD

Point to Point: A full on Riryoku sounds amazing.
MrSainty chapter 121 . 4/7
Great couple of chapters. It seems like Sayamas got some strong and unique heralds. Unlucky for Lynx, first a sand worm then an amazoness. Excited to see what this Hide being a cambion business is about. Cant wait for the next chapter, update soon.
Hawkeye007 chapter 120 . 3/31
This chapter was great. I cannot wait for next chapter because Lynx is so screwed and apparently in more ways than one. I just had to write that!
Agent of the Divine One chapter 120 . 3/31
Oh no! He's a Hapless Lynx! xD Women attached to worms and now a burlesque. He really knows how to put his foot in it. xD

And it looks like life in Osore is pretty lively too. Nice. :D

And if Hiro really wants to get along with Highwind maybe it's a matter of painting himself green and doing a Scottish accent. xD

So many good puns in this chapter! Thank you! :D
DoD chapter 120 . 3/31
Since you gave great personality to her heralds I won't mind seeing some flashback chapters about how she recruited them or their back stories. Also I find it strange that they went to the same school, and with how loud and open Eve 'seems' Lynx does know anything about them.
Guest chapter 119 . 3/27
I cannot wait for next chapter!

Also has Hayato and Kira ever interacted with Sayama? It's been so long since I read the older chapters. I wonder how their interaction would go at this stage in the story.
Agent of the Divine One chapter 119 . 3/26
Wow. Looks like things are off on the wrong foot once again. xD

And it looks like things are going to get even worse as time goes on! I love it! :D
Guest chapter 118 . 3/23
Very excited for chapter 119. Can't wait! :D
Agent of the Divine One chapter 118 . 3/23
Well it's about time that Sakura got the closure she wanted. Her and Kai will be a great match. :)

But it looks like Duel Academy is being taken for another ride in a different dimension. And with the current cast it looks like it will be and even greater source of sweat drops and face palms than the last trip. xD
Solphage chapter 117 . 3/19
great story, and i compliment you on your making a new archetype in the style of the timelords
Agent of the Divine One chapter 117 . 3/18
So it wasn't just Sakura and the other women, but Kurayami himself who was a victim. And as bad as things are it looks like they will only get worse.

And oh boy will they! Edgar Knight sees a spotlight and he's going to chase it like a cat chases a laser pointer. xD God have mercy on the reporters.
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