Reviews for YuGiOh GX: The End of Eternity
Guest chapter 50 . 7/11
Awesome story so far kinda mad that the protagonist of the story Hiro doesn't get much play he isn't even in the tournament
SHONENX chapter 126 . 7/10
Interesting! Update! I want to know if Hiro can lead everyone to the way to peace!
F4 chapter 125 . 6/6
Oops, meant to say "Keep up the good work!".

Anyway, your story is great!
F4 chapter 125 . 6/6
Keep up the work!
dbz chapter 124 . 5/16
Whoa! When Atems shows up, you know things are going to get real.
B2KatxCurtis chapter 124 . 5/16
I like the story so far and it seems kinda like you referenced a little bit to Fire Emblem Awakening when you introduced 'Atem' a few chapters back. :3
dbz chapter 123 . 5/8
I think Rei is still on Hiro's side but I wonder what her goals are?
Agent of the Divine One chapter 123 . 5/8
Wow. Never a dull moment huh? :D

And it looks like it's going to get even more wild as time goes on. :)
Guest chapter 122 . 4/20
This is getting even more exciting and interesting.
Joshua chapter 3 . 4/7
Another list of judging! :)

Treasure of Slashing Life: 5 draw and discard 5 turns later?! Some draw back... but that draw power though. Darkworld's could love the 2nd effect if they’re patient. It would most likely be a promo with, “Can’t be used in a duel” on the bottom left. XD I’d play it in traditional though. It sounds to fun to ignore!

De-fusion: Actually, you either summon all of the fusion materials or you don’t. He miss-read a card! Disqualify him now! :3
Guest chapter 121 . 4/7
This story just gets better and better with each new chapter!
Joshua chapter 2 . 4/7
Instead of every new card, I’ll just judge the ones that really interested me. :)


Hidden Treasure (normal spell): It’s situational but man, that 3 is so worth it. Gold Sarc this buddy for a safer Shard of greed. It’s a dead card in hand but it can be used by good cost cards like Summoner Monk at least. Also, Exodia decks would make this card AMAZING. I see it as an Ultra rare and limited to 1 in GX era.

Magic Purge (normal spell): Safely (most likely) perma-negate all currently face-up card effects without cost? That’s Really strong for this era. The anti-metas would become a high tier deck with this card around. This would be ultra rare and limited to 2 in GX era.
Joshua chapter 1 . 4/7
I'm mostly here to see how the cards are and will be likely judge them for fun. :3

Forked Magic: Another MST? Awesome, bring on the back row hate.

Soul Transfer: Bring out any lvl4? That’s a nasty combo starter right there. Amazing consistency for a card.

M.B. Cyclops: Heavy beater support for M.B. with a whopping 2100, seems alright. Reminds me of Lightsworn Wulf.

M.B. Lamia: Brionac’s daughter with Lady Change of heart as how i see it from the story. Just DANG, making the GG rain with her. XD

Repayment of losses: As long as it hits the grave, you get a free draw. Magical hats and a milling/discard deck would love this guy with them. Run at least 2 for the best results :)

Forbidden Trespassing: Should’ve played threatening roar instead. :P

M.B. Golem: 2700 def, holy cow, and the drawback isn’t really a drawback.

Mythical Barrier: Custom negate attack for M.B.. Sounds fun.

M.B. Phoenix: 2900 hitter that can self revive limitlessly by banishing an M.B. monster and is great for continuos tributes. I’d imagine this as a secret rare from a set and limited to 1 after one format in GX era. XD

Point to Point: A full on Riryoku sounds amazing.
MrSainty chapter 121 . 4/7
Great couple of chapters. It seems like Sayamas got some strong and unique heralds. Unlucky for Lynx, first a sand worm then an amazoness. Excited to see what this Hide being a cambion business is about. Cant wait for the next chapter, update soon.
Hawkeye007 chapter 120 . 3/31
This chapter was great. I cannot wait for next chapter because Lynx is so screwed and apparently in more ways than one. I just had to write that!
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