Reviews for When Darkness Turns to Light
pipinheart chapter 21 . 9/29
Loved this story...Dean had such a hard time but he has the love and support of them all.
Remember Ember chapter 21 . 8/22
...ccan I do that? Can I demand one?
Anyway, loved the story! It was amazing and brought me many tears and smiles!
A sequel would be very appreciated. Please?
Hi Cassie!
Tell her to take good care of Dean for me? Oh, and let her know that if she breaks his heart, I'm going to hunt her down.
-E. Winchester
Remember Ember chapter 20 . 8/20
*does a happy dance*
John's out! he dead? Please say he's dead. Please!
Nice dude! *high fives pizza-man*
No wait. Correction.
*high fives pizza-GUY*
I did not touch the pizza man. I swear.
Dean better not die. Jess better wake up soon too.
-E. Winchester
Remember Ember chapter 19 . 8/19
John, if you touch my boys
Oh no you did NOT. Did you just fucking shoot Dean's leg? Did you?
...and now your pointing it at them?
I will kill you. I will kill you and get my dogs to bring you downstairs where I will make you break. I will make you scream.
-E. Winchester
Remember Ember chapter 18 . 8/18
Aw! Dean is adorable!
And another example of John's A parenting.
-E. Winchester
Remember Ember chapter 17 . 8/16
Hi Cassie!
John, imma kill you.
I an going to get your soul and then I am going to tear. You. Apart.
piece by pathetic piece.
-E. Winchester
Remember Ember chapter 16 . 8/12
Oh Chuck, no...
John. I am going to put you on the rack. On MY special rack, just for you. And you are going to be begging for death by the end of the first day. Do you hear me?
-E. Winchester
Remember Ember chapter 15 . 8/11
Good on to this Sam.
Because bad is coming your way.
Your a Winchester. And Winchesters are cursed.
John is coming. Be careful.
-E. Winchester
Remember Ember chapter 14 . 8/11
*sigh of relief*
He's okay...
wait. John's put?
Dammit. He's after Sam now too...
-E. Winchester
Remember Ember chapter 13 . 8/10
*Ugly sobs*
Oh Dean. Dean. dammit. Dean...
I will kill you Azazel. I will kill you. No, better yet, I'll torture you so bad that you'll be begging for death. No one on the history of torture's been tortured with the torture like the torture you'll be tortured with.
-E. Winchester
Remember Ember chapter 12 . 8/9
*hands Dean a card*
It's not much, but, well I hope it's okay.
I'm glad he got over Sandy. Now we just need to find him a Lisa or a Cas or something...
Please tell me John gets either prison for life or death.
...or maybe he could sell his soul to my dad. Then I could rip him up nice and slow.
(My dad is Crowley. King if Hell. But I guess here he's still only King if the Crossroads.)
-E. Winchester
Remember Ember chapter 11 . 8/8
That did not just happen.
Oh Dean.
I'm so sorry.
-E. Winchester
Remember Ember chapter 10 . 8/8
I. Hate. John.
So freaking much.
but I love Jess' folks!
-E. Winchester
Remember Ember chapter 9 . 8/8
Oh thank Chuck. He's okay. There okay.
And John is gone. For now.
Oh thank Chuck...
*cradles Dean*
Hey, Sammy's okay. Your okay. John is gone. It's going to be just fine.
-E. Winchester
Remember Ember chapter 8 . 8/7
...I am going to freaking TEAR. JOHN. APART.
He's going to burn.
And he's going to regret what he's done.
-E. Winchester
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