Reviews for Lean on Me
WhiteTigerLilly chapter 1 . 9/5/2008
aww cuteness!

I love onesies
lunascorpio chapter 1 . 8/11/2008
This is so lovely! I loved the image of André holding Oscar's hand to his face. He has to be the most tender man in anime if he can provoke these images in the writers' minds and cause this warm feeling in the readers (I mean me, hehehe). I can see this perfectly happening. I feel the need to complete this image in my head with his understanding green eyes, too.


loulou.k chapter 1 . 8/11/2008
First.. you have to know that I was chatting with my friend when I reserved your alarm, And I had to shut her up by saying talk to u later, I busy!

Second...I don't drink, But I feel dizzy in my head while reading this one, So I had to wait a litte bet to focus again o_O

And thirdly...HE KISSED HER?you really made him kissed her?That kiss astonished me more than that on the Manga( After the bar's fight)But to be honest...It's more reasonable to me here, It came in her time.

So, in 1779 :/ I guess it was when Fersen went to the war..right?That's way she did this to her self?

(...he was torn between feeling sorry for her, smacking her in the back of the head, and just giving her what she wanted )Yes I think he will say that, that's how Andre is.

I love those lines(Charms…hah! He knew better than this! He could resist her pleading eyes and that little pout that only showed itself when she was drunk and couldn’t control her emotions like she normally did. He would never tell her that she did it, though. Lord Almighty, if she knew she had charms like most women did, she’d probably hate herself for it!

He could never hate her for it, though. He found it rather appealing, actually…

But he could resist. He could. But…why was he walking up to her and handing her the bottle, and…oh dammit all, she was drinking straight from the bottle!) Just love it, CHARMING!

Hahah...he caused her a choke!.

And then what..? the boot off, And the backward nightshirt, Ah.. (He saw her, though. “No, you’re not getting it,” he told her.

She sighed and untucked her shirt.

André flushed. “W-wait until I leave first, Oscar!” he admonished, fleeing the room. He could hear her chuckling even on the other side of her closed bedroom door)I too chuckled on that - But how could he managed to help her later?

(before ruffling her hair playfully. “Is that better?”

“Don’t do that,” she said. She always had hated it when he messed her hair up)I like that 2

(“Goodnight, André.” The way she said his name sent a shiver down his spine. Long, slow, and very drawn-out. He wished she wouldn’t do that. She had no idea what she was doing to him, did she? Because if she did, she wouldn’t do it. Right?)I'll have a dream about that tonight“Goodnight, André.”*sight*

(“Yes you—argh! Why am I even bothering?”

She grinned.

If only she would do that when she was sober) that's...cut..very, And(“Yes? You’re not getting a bedtime story if that’s what you wanted to know. You’re 23 years old and—” )

(He moved to sit beside her on the bed, and he took her hand in his own, pressing it against the side of his face.

“Don’t do that,” she said, but he ignored her, and she made no move to pull away.)Oh Andre! soo tender. (He ran his fingers through her hair a little...)My favorite:)

Ah..Lean to Me..very nice choice.

I'm still feeling dizziness, that's why my thoughts are in .


Xirysa chapter 1 . 8/11/2008
Isn't there a song called "Lean on Me"? My friends and I sang it for their cousin's wedding during Thanksgiving. Eww... There's onions on my pizza. Sorry for the random thought.

SO MUCH FLUFF AND CUTE I THINK I MIGHT JUST PASS OUT! ...Alright. I think I'm better now. Yeah, I am.

[He looked at her tenderly, and bent over to kiss her temple lightly.] I can totally picture this happening. B'aw...

Dude, I love the little arguements they have with each other. And poor Andre... He really loves her so much...

Looking forward to more!