Reviews for Things Left Unsaid
lunascorpio chapter 1 . 8/11/2008
It makes me very sad to think of all the things he might have said and didn't. To me, he's the very image of self sacrifice and dedication. But I can say I've loved his character for his perseverance. I'm sure we wouldn't be able to find such a man in real life. I mean, to wait for Oscar for twenty years without saying a word, and even so, to think he's being selfish! He's too much.

Keep writing.

loulou.k chapter 1 . 8/11/2008
I'm reading slowly tonight, To enjoy with your 'fic -

I stared at the lines too long that I spilled the jam from my sandwich on my pyjamas_Cherry Jam_so it's mess.

Do you remember that episode..When Oscar changing her uniform to the red one?Just in one second you could see her dropping her white uniform on the chair, as if she throw up her teenager years and get into adult world, in one second, in one decision...that shot makes me sad, even if Nanny and Andre made it funny, And splendor..

"Things Left Unsaid" You are really know how to chose a title.

(...and he wanted to rip the bottle from her hand, throw her glass on the floor and shout at her that no, he would not drink with her, and no, things were not falling into place, and no, he was not happy for her even the slightest bit.)God, if he did that!

(She’d become rather accomplished at wearing a mask, he noted almost bitterly)That teasing me too, for both of them.

(, but I can’t help but want those days back! The days where it was only you and me and our freedom. Two fencing swords, a few apples, and the feeling that we still had our whole lives ahead of us.)she'll say something like that

later, But it'll be too late then ):

I liked the way you shifted the answers, and put it in Andre's voice.I like all his thoughts.

And ..what the matter with you tonight_making them get drunk _ Again _ saying the unsaid, Feeling despair, Temptation, suddenly kiss...Is there something in the air?


Xirysa chapter 1 . 8/11/2008
Dang... They all drink quite a lot, don't they? :D Hehe.

Wow, you're right... There's a ton of stuff that Andre would have liked to tell her but didn't.

I really like the places where you interjected Andre's thoughts... It puts in like... Well, I don't know how to explain it, but I like it. Ehehe.

And oh look! Apples! Bwahahahaa...

I really don't have much critique to give this, actually. It was very nice.