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insertuserhere chapter 31 . 6/14/2013
I started reading this and thought it would be the cliche unrequited love story. No. I am wrong, because this is perhaps one of the BEST fanfics I've ever read, as of now, my eyes are burning and my throat feels tight from crying so hard. This, is a work of art. Congratulations, because this story has been the best work I've come across on this entire website. You truly are a talented writer.
La Ann chapter 31 . 3/9/2012
I have never read a story this fast. Damn my curiosity.

I used my time at work to read this and I cried. Im so pathethic.

I don't think i've ever cried this hard while reading anything or in my whole life. 'cuz honestly, I'm an emotionless brick. Oh, the people who got traumatized by me crying.

uf, you killed Kenny. I could write 'you bastard.' But meh, it's not worth it.

And now I'm listening to Forever Young by Youth Group. I don't know why, but it seems to fit this story.

To your relief, I'ma stop raping the review button. Moving on and so on. Hope you keep on writing something as epic as this, even though it turned me into over emotional piece of fudge.

I think I need to cut off on reading stories. I can't keep on reading 'em when I'm supposed to work... But well

Have a nice day!
La Ann chapter 15 . 3/8/2012
Oh god poor Tweek waking up without Craig by his side. (Bursts into tears) I can just imagine it with my minds eye.

Imah rape ur review button. I usually review once and pretty politely. And that's it. I think I have lost my politeleness(Is that even a word?) This has to be a new record or something.

Plus side for u is that u get more reviews.

I need a break. This story is wearing me down emotionally. Brb to rape the button.
La Ann chapter 14 . 3/8/2012
Advice before you read: Don't take my emotional outburst too seriously.

Oh god, tell me again why am I reading this?

I'm fucking near bursting to tears. This sucks balls.

But in all honesty I still like this story even though it makes me wanna bawl and cry my eyes out.

(My english sucks, so please bear with me.)

U put Tweek in coma? You killed them all! (almost)Ima creek fan so that sucks dude.

I don't know if I should even continue reading this, I'm so emotionally retarded. Death isn't my forte in any case. I'm so stupid, I picked story with tragedy. Oh god I'm such an idiot. Do I even know myself anymore? (Add emotional breakdown here)

(Picks herself up) God, I guess I'll continue reading. I want so badly to know how this ends.

Btw, like the way you write. Don't need no dictionary. And so far I've liked to way the story goes. Even though I'm an idiot and picked this story knowing how badly I react to tragedies.
biribiri chapter 31 . 3/7/2011
Alright, so I read this about... what, a year ago? Two, even. Anyways, this story is just as amazing as I'd remembered it to be. Everything about it is just so... ugh, I don't know. It was so enjoyable to read, and it made me cry. A lot. I mean... ugh, Jesus dude. I am horrible when it comes to reviews. I wouldn't even call this a review, but, you get what I mean. Just, um, you know. I am really happy that this story exists, you know? I just... yeah. I mean, thank you so much for taking your time to write this. The pacing, the characters, the... everything, was just great. I really, really, really enjoyed it.
Tweek Tweekers chapter 16 . 9/29/2010
I know that this isn't going to happen BUTTTTTTT Kyle, Token and Tweek should kill themselves, go to their designated are (Heaven or hell) then if they were sent to heaven they should tell god they sell their souls to Satan. Then when they're sent to hell they can all hang out together again and be a bunch of best friends! Kenny could wish to stay, that way he'd be with them too :D

I'm hopeless...i'm so bad at tragedies...
Tweek Tweekers chapter 12 . 9/29/2010
Hey, i haven't reviewed your story before but i have to because of this thrilling chapter. I think it was an extremely good idea to write this specific chapter in Kenny's perspective because he isn't focusing on him and his own relationship like others would have but instead he is worried for the well being of his friends. I know this story will end up being sad...i can just tell but i am forcing myself to continue even though! I HATE tragedies...i didn't read the words tragedy when i started reading, so i thought it would be all fluff hahaha

I really did enjoy this chapter, though it was sad, it gave me a feeling in the pit of my story has done that to me before.


i HOPE and PRAY this gets more fluffy by the end.

*Fingers crossed*
loveonawire chapter 1 . 8/26/2010
Oh, I just adored this story!
disableaccount chapter 31 . 1/19/2010
oh, dude, you have no idea how epic this is and how much I enjoyed it. I saw the ending coming, but that's irrelevant.

During the first few chapters, I kept laughing to myself. I was thinking, "I wonder if the author knows that eighteen year old boys' 18th birthday parties tend to involve a lack of parentals and alcohol, not cake, presents, and guitar hero." But then I saw where you were going with that, and I was totally psyched. I was thinking, "This is going to be a fantastic story and there's like, 28 chapters of fluffy and- THE FUCK?" and then I also realized where the name of the fic came from, and I totally loved it.

and then I fell in love with you and your writing, because I have a love for angst, depression, and separation from loved ones. which is totally creepy but that's irrelevant. I thought your writing was beautiful, and it was an awesome story. I like how you never neglected any characters. If I had been writing this, for characters like Token that tend to just be a prop, I would've half-assed their chapters. But you stuck with it, and that's totally admirable! 3

You made me fall in love with my favorite characters, Kenny and Tophe, even more than I already was. And that's pretty impressive, because I freaking love them. It bothered me a little how little interaction Kyle and Stan had with the rest of the cast. They had their three chapters, but they weren't really involved with anyone else's lives. But then I thought, "Oh, dude, it's because they're meant to be. : " even though that may or may not be true at all. ;P ;P

This was a fantastic story. totally worth pulling an allnighter before a big test for. woohoo! 3 I can't wait to see you write more~ and once again. Kenny in this? LOVED HIM.
SmartAss chapter 2 . 1/14/2010
Hey just so you know,

'i want to know what love is' is actually

"je veux savoir c'est quoi l'amour"


je veux savoir quel amour est

and 'ce pourrait etre' means 'it could be' not 'could it be'

sorry i noticed that i know it's like two years after you posted this and you're probs like 'wtf i don't care...' but i thought you should know :P

& nice story btw ;)
scoottt chapter 31 . 11/16/2009
I can't believe it's over. D: I think you should write me a Stan and Kyle story. ;D Just a one-shot. But, knowing you, you probably have more important things to do. xD Well, yeah. This was amazing while it lasted! (:
linkmaste chapter 31 . 11/12/2009
Okay here is my final review.

I disliked it. To be honest I expected something more concrete from it. You have useless sentences, dialogue that could have been less...repitive. Your characters were very two dimensional and not surprising. You also have plot holes, many many plot holes.

Okay for useless sentenes. Take a break from this for a month then re read your WHOLE story. If you find yourself skipping lines, then you have crap that you can take out. Take it out. Just delete it. Sometimes being simple and to the point make a good story.

Dialogue has purposes: character development, plot development. Thats it. Was it necessary to include little parts that explained Craig's favourite T.V show? Probably not.

Your characters seemed so repetive. They all seemed head over heels over each other. Not being homophobic (im gay) but try doing StanxWendy or even KennyxBebe. Or someone else. A girl in the fanfictions would be nice one in awhile that way we have a real girl to understand her emoitional side..not just a emo Stan. Also your characters didnt learn anything. Ask yourself this: did you characters change or learn anything at the end of the book? Did people start believing in CartmanxButters? Did Clyde talk about his problem to Tolkien? Did Christophe ever accomplsh a mission?

Plot holes include: Butters ever got to see NY? Christophe with his mission (thats what sucked me in). Heaven and Hell what are they like? Did the hell group ever run from the smoke people? Like include SOME ACTION!

Well thats it. The only reason I'm so harsh is because it has so much potential. SO MUCH. Just on the next one keep in mind your characters should not be introduced so quickly. Take a few chapters and slowly introduce everyone. I would personally have included Kenny in the middle when everyone died.

I did like the ending but try a less cliched letter. This is supposed to be from a 18 yeard old teen boy. Not a sensei :P.

Good luck on the rest.
dangerahead chapter 31 . 11/12/2009
That was amazing.

I pretty much agree with everything that tweekers said...

I really, really, really enjoyed this fic. It was so amazing.

Oh, my god.

Their friendship; all 10 of them with eachother, I mean... even though some of them may all not be that close to eachother, they're still... friends. You know? I really admire that. I wish I had that.

And Kenny... is amazing. So amazing. I love him, so much, in this story. It's so heartbreaking, Kenny having to sacrifice himself for the others' happiness. He's perfect, as I've said before... I love him dearly. I really do.
mr. eames chapter 31 . 11/12/2009
Oh my god.

Okay, I'll go letter by letter, yeah?

Butters' letter, I love how Kenny calls him kiddo. Seriously, that is just...awesome. And amazing and. And. And. I just really love that. Butters needs to take him up on that advice, really. I almost get an inkling of Kenny/Butters here, but that's just me, I know, rofl.

Token's letter, aw, it really is the perfect lesson of not taking friends/people for granted, eh? Makes me sad. But I do love the mention of how Token needs to be there for Clyde, so true. And the mention of Kenny and Clyde's movie choices, haha, classic.

Cartman's letter, omg, perfect. Cartman has had a pretty shitty life, I mean, really, and he puts up that persona that...yeah, might kind of be him, but there's another side of him there, I totally believe that. Oh, Kenny, you're so insightful.

'Tophe's letter... 'Life alone…isn’t really living.' Agh that's true. And I love the analysis of 'Tophe's character there. It's so him. Okay, so he's not in canon much. But I totally see him as this guy that people assume is infallible, but he totally is, and it's kind of his fault that he never shows it. Oh, 'Tophe!

Craig's letter, haha, totally echoed my thoughts there, I wasn't happy Tweek died, but! Am I right? I like how you point out that Craig's group is closer than the main boys. Canon? Perhaps not. But the main boys aren't really a group of friends, when you consider how Cartman factors in and how Kenny isn't even particularly close to the others. So Craig's group could totally be closer...and here...they are. I like that.

Stan's letter, oh that one made me sad. Kenny/Stan friendship is one of my favorite things, because you don't see it often. I think they could actually be really good friends, they're both such...dudes, you know? GET ACCESS TO DREAMS, KENNY, DO IT, DO IT!

Clyde's letter, okay see, you MADE me a fan of Kenny/Clyde friendship, it's just so awesome. And Clyde. Lord that boy just needs so many hugs. I just...hugs.

Tweek's letter, omg. See I love how you have Kenny be so perceptive to them. He knows that Tweek will be blaming himself for this stuff, and so he says something to hopefully alleviate that, which is just so wonderfully Kenny. God.

Kyle's letter...AUGH, Kenny, lord. Kenny in this story, I can just seriously relate to him so much. Not the whole dying thing, sure, but how he feels about Kyle and everything, god I've been through that more times than I care to remember. And then he dies and. Ah. Man. Sometimes I wonder if Kenny really is my favorite character, just considering how obsessed I am with his psychological state due to his deaths and with how he's perceived in fic. I mean, seriously, I could go on...and on...and on...about how much I hate Kenny's fanon characteristics. But I love how he is here. I really do. I feel like this was a Kenny chapter even though it technically wasn't. Kenny is just...really selfless.

Okay, lame comparison here. But how he is in these letters really reminds me of Steve Yzerman, a hockey player. He's really famous and well-known for being a great player, but also for how humble he is. He really cares for everyone else before himself. And that's how Kenny is here. There's no oh woe is me, it's all about helping the rest of them cope with what happened. The only thing he asks for is a grave, and really, that's a lot less than he deserves.

I don't know.

I wish I could think of something really awesome to say in this review, but I can't.

I just loved this fic, from beginning to middle to end. So many twists and turns. The gay! Haha, oh, the gay.

I really enjoyed this fic, and I'm not just saying that because I'm your superbestfriend. Really, trust me on that.


Best birthday present ever~

Love ya, dude.

br0flove chapter 31 . 11/12/2009


the Kyle letter just broke my heart.


You're no ninja past me. :C


This was great.

Well done, and good luck with future stories. x
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