Reviews for The Commitment: An Alternate Direction
maltron66 chapter 27 . 6/23
I’ve read hundreds of fanfics in my life. But very, very, very few were as touching as this one. By “touching”, I mean that, for the rest of the night (and the night after that, because I decided to read the whole story again to pick up on details I missed out on the first time), all I could think of was this story and nothing else. Actually, there is only one other fanfic that ever made me feel the same way I feel now (it’s a Jimmy Neutron fanfic called TOSOT). And now I can’t decide on which one is my favorite. Great… xD

I love the vivid descriptions of the environments and the characters’ thoughts, as well as the excellent-written computer and robot lines (such as the ones where the computers list WALL-E’s malfunctions and propose solutions, or the ones where EVE dictates and overrides her Primary systems). I also love how you made use of other characters that had minor parts in the movie (such as the Typing bot and the malfunctioning robots, even the other WALL-Es and EVEs)! But this story’s strongest point, by far, is the mix of emotions it puts you through. You know, the part where EVE is about to give up on her search for WALL-E’s old processor (and feels sorrow), only to find it in the most unlikely of all places (toy Rex’ mouth, to be exact), which fills EVE with hope, but the she feels horrible because she almost gave up on him… The most emotional chapters, for me at least, were chapters 21-23: Not only is the operation on WALL-E a failure, but it has also caused the little robot to completely lose control over itself, causing it to get torn apart (almost). And EVE, in her desperation, attempts to ultimately kill both WALL-E and herself so that they can rest in peace, only to be stopped by Mary… Or the final chapter, where WALL-E and EVE get married in a tearful ceremony, becoming shining examples of love and devotion to all humans (and the other robots as well)… These parts, in my opinion, were the best parts in the whole story.

A couple of things I didn’t like… they’re mostly insignificant and can’t deduct points from the story, but anyway… I believe that, during the part where EVE attempted to blow herself up, Mary should have arrived a little later, so that the timer was already down to, say, 30 seconds. And have EVE’s self-destruction be aborted at the very last second. You know, to add more suspense. Or maybe it should have been done not by talking EVE out of it, but by using force. EVE would not stop her self-destruct sequence herself no matter what Mary would say to convince her to stop, so McCrea arrives and shuts EVE down himself before she harms Mary, WALL-E and herself. Then she is taken to the Diagnostics Lab, where she finds out that she has one last chance of reviving the old WALL-E. Speaking of which… I understand you had to find some way to bring WALL-E back, but the Typing-bot missing on the vital information about restoring WALL-E by pressing and holding his power button? It kinda makes the Typing-bot look like a complete idiot. But, like I said, you had to find a way to bring WALL-E back, so…

The extra chapters made me a little sad, because I realized that, even though WALL-E and EVE could be there for a thousand years, their human friends couldn’t (McCrea, John, Mary and the others). But this is the cycle of life as we know it, so I can’t really complain. The future you gave to WALL-E and EVE seemed awkward at first (EVE becoming a minister of robotics and WALL-E becoming a philosopher and an author), but on second thought, these paths suit them perfectly and are not out of character at all. Not to mention that it’s been 500 years since they got back together, so it's only logical that they've changed… It also felt a little weird at first when I saw WALL-E communicating in perfect English, but I believe you covered that one part perfectly as well.

At any rate, I’m grateful I came across this story. Even though it’s a little too late, since this fic will be turning 7 years old in just 4 days… so I guess, HAPPY 7th ANNIVERSARY, COMMITMENT! AND LOVG LIVE WALL-E AND EVE!
Krasavitsa chapter 25 . 3/6/2015
This story is amazing. It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, and I've only read one other story on this site that made me feel that way. The ending is perfect, and I really felt connected with the characters as I read it. Thank you so much for this wonderful story!
Guest chapter 16 . 9/25/2014
Ha ha, toy story crossover a little bit. Good twist.
GregtheGuest chapter 27 . 5/22/2014
The feels are real man!

I read the whole thing, and it was awesome! Just what I wanted for some kind of post film/alternative ending to Wall•E. You did great.
Reverend I'm a Jesus Freak chapter 27 . 10/18/2012
Well. First off, This story was so long that I had to plug in my laptop to read it all. Secondly, this is a really good story. I enjoyed the reading of this, which should be evident in the fact that I plugged in my laptop to continue reading. Thirdly, I will read part two later as I am tired now, I have been listening to seventies music most of today, and I have stuff to be doing tomorrow, or, today I guess I should say, as it is 12:40. Fourthly, there is no fourth thing. I just wanted to ramble a bit for no apparent reason. Could just be because I'm tired. Well, good night whoever you are.
tamba243 chapter 27 . 8/11/2012
It’s 3 a.m., and I’m spent. So…much…techno babble…so…much…emotion…
It was at the “Yoo-hoo” I realized everything was all right.
All scientists and engineers researching A.I. should read this. If WALL-E hadn’t been restricted to a G-rated, 90-minute film, this could well have been how it continued. But My God…year 3305…I need to go dormant for a while.
Gelado Pocket-mouse chapter 25 . 7/12/2012
"Lovve your Eee-vaahs!" gave me a good laugh.
Gelado Pocket-mouse chapter 23 . 7/12/2012
Yeah, finally! I know there is a a high chance WALL•E is still screwed up considering there's still four chapters left, but for the most part it seems normal. I feel so weird that there's only one WALL•E. I can't picture new WALL•E and old WALL•E as the same conscience. But why didn't they do a Class System Reset Protocol earlier? I know Typey said he was sorry for not bringing it up sooner... how come? Did he just forget about it somehow?
Gelado Pocket-mouse chapter 21 . 7/12/2012
I'm kind of sick of EVE crying, but I guess she deserves to.
Gelado Pocket-mouse chapter 18 . 7/12/2012
Typing-bot is my favorite character. And maybe the Wall•As.
Gelado Pocket-mouse chapter 16 . 7/12/2012
Wow, I love the last sentence!
Guest chapter 24 . 7/5/2012
Such a sweet story of EVE's unconditional love to WALL.E. Definitely one of the best Wall.E fanfic!
Gelado Pocket-mouse chapter 8 . 7/11/2012
We're getting closer. . .
Gelado Pocket-mouse chapter 6 . 7/11/2012
Well, so far it seems a lot more realistic than the real ending, which was touching, granted, but he basically got a new brain, and yet was still able to remember everything (although I guess I'm pretty happy the movie didn't end so sadly). I love all these technical terms... I could never write this.
pokefan95 chapter 27 . 7/6/2012
Such a sweet display EVE"S unconditional love to WALL.E. Definitely one of the best WALL.E fanfic out there!
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