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Pokemonlover1583 chapter 1 . 12/8/2015
I love your guide! I was looking for a way to draw a oc when I found this and I'm glad I found it! Thank you for making it!
Hexitall chapter 1 . 10/11/2015
Wow reallyy good info I may start over
Cyannel chapter 1 . 7/29/2015
Plot bunnies have recently been slapping me in the face and you have no idea how much this helps. I'm a bit new to this whole writing thing, and I would like to make my characters likable. This was incredible. Thank you for writing this!
fanficchica123 chapter 1 . 7/21/2015
You- what- I- HOLY HEPHAESTUS! Where the ever loving fuck have you been in my life? This is bloody amazing! Thank you for writing this!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/4/2015
Percy Jackson himself is a Gary Stu. Come on he is the favorite son. The Gods had so many illegitimate kids so what makes Percy so special?
Guest chapter 1 . 6/25/2015
I'm a member of this website but i just read, all my work is on this thing called wattpad, But this...this speech you made is amazing. It's really inspirational and you just blew my heart away
S.A chapter 1 . 4/13/2015
This was SUPER helpful! Thank you SO much!
icerebel chapter 1 . 3/17/2015
PREACH! I loved your lecture and let's be real, most of authors on FF need to read this .. (Indluding and especially me). :P
peacefulinvasion chapter 1 . 3/15/2015
Rating of 1/10 Anybody that reads this should probably move on to another guid, reread the books, or visit the wiki.

Now then first how bout I give you a guide on how to properly do a Fan character guide. You must idk...PROVIDE INFERMATION ABOUT THE ACTUAL SERIES! There is no information about the actual Percy Jackson series. What are the houses like? What about things that happened in the Percy Jackson timeline. How about some REAL information about the world and how things are set up? Things people need to consider. Details some readers might have missed. And no mention of "oh if you make an oc that doesn't follow my standards your uncreative." If your going to make a rant LABEL IT AS A RANT! Guide means something with USEFUL information.

First of all I'm going to be honest. Fan ocs are not MEANT to be perfect. They are precursors. You cannot even write a novel until you advance to stand alone characters. YES that's the truth. So let them make their marry sues eventually they'll find they hate the characters and toss them aside keeping them only as learning experience. Its a phase. Guess what I used to be a MAJOR soother. I look back at my marry sues and I point and laugh and learn not to make that again.

Also you got some stuff wrong. I can bet all my money you've ONLY watched the movie since in the book Percy Jackson is anything but an asshole. Yah I'll admit he's sarcastic. He can be a jerk at times. But if thats the formula for an asshole well hate to burst your bubbles but I doubt anybody on this planet isn't an asshole. An asshole maintains the jerk status ALL the time not just some times. Also why can't a child of the goddess of LOVE AND BEAUTY be beautiful? Also I guess Aphrodite is a marry sue based on how Percy described her in the books that you probably didn't read.

Also nothing is wrong with self inserts. People deem it a "red flag" I'm going to say this about it. Its an invisible red flag. If you cannot tell its a self insert without going onto the author's page and researching the author themselves, ITS PERFECTLY FINE and is not disrespectful.

Perhaps instead of whine bitching and moaning about people making ocs you don't like provide ACTUAL information upon the series...assuming you've actually read the books which by the way I highly doubt.

All this guide is going to do is stop people from being creative and adding their own touch to their ocs. And no its not disrespectful to the author unless you know they beg for you not to do self inserts. Its not going to help make a proper Percy Jackson oc. You know what makes good ocs? Information about the universe they live in.

You mentioned NOTHING about the following.
Greek and Roman mythology. THE VERY BACKBONE of the Percy Jackson Series.
How the cabins work.
The skills that cabins tend to have (aphrodite has beauty, apollo healing archery sometimes muisic)
How sorting works.
The time difference.
Gods in general. Their personalities
how the god's attitudes reflect attitudes on demigods.
The common creatures such as saytrs
Fatal Flaws (oh this one was a VERY big part of the series)
And little tips for all the groups.

Nope this is just a marry sue garry stue self insert boo hoo rant.
Warmonger chapter 1 . 11/22/2014
I thought self-inserts were people who already knew the plot, such as someone who has read PJO and is launched into the universe of PJO, and must live as a immortal or some shit like that.
Lily Maid chapter 1 . 11/22/2014
HetaliaLover; I personally would think that your charater is a MS. I would just find her a little too *special*. However, A daughter of a magician mistaken for a daughter of Hecate (goddess of magic) or Apollo and taken to Chb would be interesting (I would read that story) or visa versa (haughter of Hecate or Apollo mistaken for a magician).
Another good way to recognise a Ms is if the universe twists around them, so suddenly their at the centre of said universe.
But lets face it; the biggest Mary Sue in Pjo is TOTALLY Percy Jackson. Just think about it.

Lily Maid Of London
Guest chapter 1 . 11/3/2014
Such a great guide XD
amporasexuaI chapter 1 . 7/9/2014
Would an Egyptian-Greek OC, daughter of an Egyptian woman and Apollo, believes in both Greek and Egyptian myths, be a Mary-Sue? uvu Her mother came from Egypt, to America, and they live in NY, the OC, Dalila, could be protected in Camp-Half-Blood?
Guest chapter 1 . 6/15/2014
Really good/helpful and good for kicking the people who need it up the backside ;)
TimTam chapter 1 . 5/20/2014
This guide made me realise something terrible... Most of my characters have elements of the dreaded Mary Sue. Gosh. I do think I am a better writer than from Back Then... but I was so proud of those guys. *sighs and chucks various screaming characters out the window* Ok. Can you guys have a look at this girlie?
Name: Gemma-Louise Harrison (She will introduce herself as 'Gemma' though. People have a strange obsession with saying the full version.)
Age: In years, 13. In maturity... Older.
Physical appearance: Brown hair and hazel eyes. Fat (Used to eat for comfort.) Round face that does not let on how serious she is sometimes- This leads to pwople thinking she is quite light-hearted when she isn't. Long eyelashes that are the envy of several Venuses but are the bain of her life- they fall off like leaves in autumn. She uses the excuse 'eyelash in my eye' to cover up tears. People fall for it. Hair is wavy and reaches middle of back- she has been growing it down to her waist for several months. She will usually tie it back into a high ponytail and maybe then braid it. Puts up into a bun when trying to look/feel confident. Bites nails- Started as a nervous thing but now she isn't bothered enough to stop. Wears tee-shirts and harem pants or jeans. Never dresses or skirts. Wears a brown,heavy leather jacket in winter/autumn. Has a few freckles but mostly tans. Has ears piereced by does not wear rings/necklaces/earrings usually. Wears four bracelets always- she even sleeps wit then on. The first two are rubber-band-ish. They read 'Mostache is king. Movember and ...…..-SC. The rest has worn away. She will tell somebody who is interested what it means if asked. The third is a simple thing of string that came for free with one of her tee-shirts. The last is a penguin-silver-charm bracelet from her gran. The stomachs of the penguins are puwa.
Back story- Was boen in America, but whole family moved to NZ when she was 1. Had an extremely happy 7 years- was an annoying brat but didn't know it, and was exceedingly popular at school. Wasn't particularly special but was happy. Moved to England when seven. At first regarded it as an adventure (With the mentalityvthat they would stay for a bit before going back to her friends) and though she did throw up at the airport (Who knew air could be so disgustong? First encounter with polluted air, though her step mother to this day believes it was some form of rebellion against moving) she enjoyed it for a few months. Started a new school and was accepted by the 'populars' though they were utter brats. Now wished she had befriended the outsiders because they were nicer people. Writes to her old friends regularly. First encounter with a monster at 8- A boy/manticore who holds a wooden knife/sword to her throat. Gets saved by teacher (Who she will later find out was a satyr. Made sense because -By Gods- his teaching was rubbish.) Leaves that school at 9 and is home-educated by her teacher-stepmom. Keeps in touch with the head of the 'populars' for a while. Looses touch with all friends one-by-one as a new girl called Sarah turns up- Knows nothing about her but hates her for severing her connection with her friends. Stops seeing head of the 'populars too- becomes bitter about not having friends for the first time in her life. Is really being a bit petty. She will try making friends over the next few years but fails for a variety of reasons. Will eventually become tentative friend/tutor to a new girl in the club shes in ("Freedom Rescuers LSC"- Life Saving Club-) after spending her first months wishing somebody would show her what to do or brefriend her she does not wish to inflict the same onto somebody else. She and Laura are an study in opposites but don't care (Thin and fat, short and tall, hot and cold, new and old, frowny and smiley),but she leaves for camp half-bloodefore a real friendship is born. Will arrive it CHB after her fourteenth birthday- no longer quite as fat from training but still pudgy. Dislikes being there.
Family- Father is Kennith Harrison, Stepsister is Tazmin harrison, whom she adores, She lovesher stepmother (Miranda Harrison) despite their differences and the occassional wish to punch her in the face. Mother is Athena who met her father through his love of technology (Is a project manager who works with computers)
Talents- Is a good long-distance swimmer (often does 2 km) but dislikes running. Does pilates (others laught at her for it until she challenges them to a 10 minute of holding a particular pose. Many do not survive it) horse rides as well butdoes not see the point of ball games. Paints watercolours and is a self-taught artist (kinda. There isn't a word for someone who does pottery and sketches but hates painting/charcoal/chalks and pens with a passion) but tends to only draw females and thin ones at that- is still kinda fat but is touchy about it but is slowly slimming down after weeks ar camo. Doesn't eat breakfast often- this habit started out as 'Omgs I have to go I have piano lessons in five minutes" or "I have half an hour. I am going to finish this book. To hades with food" but just turned into not bothering. Plays piano grade three. Speaks french and can finger-sign (when you spell out the word with letters but is extremely amateur at proper sign-language. Likes to write but doesn't do it ofte. Adores animals and biology. Hates Geography with a passion.
Faults: Is an insomniac. Is slow to trust that somebody wants to be friwnds with her, and scorns her younger self ("She used to wander around hoping that somebody would like her! It was kinda sad really. When she did find somebody who showed the slightest bit of interest she stuck to them like a bloody limpet!) Tries to pretend she doesn't want friends anymore ("Books and pencils are Much better than people") and is extremely slow to let go od grudges. It is her fatal flaw. Would probably be suicidal if not for the fact Hades sounds worst than the mortal world. Is still relatively unhappy, just hides it better. If frustrated with a particular project she will most likely destroy it- She did this with a model crocodile once.
Non-faults: Is extremely protective of the friends she does have (A penpal called Lizzie and Laura) and would go to the end of the earth to please them (In this she is deserately trying to get them to like her). She is incredibly devoted to what she does (She helps out at the stables and once got up at 3.00 in the morning to tend to a pegasi with a infected wound). She has a thing for sticking up with the underdogs- Her favourite animal is the honey badgers "because noone else likes them. For good reason, actually" and is the only one to ride Piper, the most hated horse in the stable. Piper is headstrong, but most campers want a "Boring machine horse who does everthing you tell them" while Gemma likes him for it. He has currently thrown her off11 times. On time 6 she broke her ulna. She claims this is her fault ("Never try to make Piper jump a jump he doesn't want to. It doesn't work"). She dislikes the seven just for being popular. Don't ask about the logic in this.
Future: In the future her life will get better. She will take her GCSEs when she is 15 with flying colours, and will strike up a friendship withHelena, a legacy of Hippona through the stables. They will become firm friends, and while she will never completely open up again, she will learn to trust people a bit more. She will be part of her first quest when she is fifteen. It will be with Camp Jupiter to recover a magical sceptre in Brooklyn. This will (Eventually) Lead to the discovery of the egyptians by her quest-mate, Lynn. Her small circle of friends will grow, and while there are snickers that she and Gregory, son of Hecate are dating, they are total crap. Actually she dates Helena a year later (Yes. She is gay. She will have to punch a few people later for their utter bitchiness because of that fact). It's a bit like a bickership (A bit like close friends, with added bickering) but with more smooches, and Then she'll gallop wildly of into the sunset on Pipwr (because while he willnever be a pure white charger -He is old now, and always has been a small, piebald scruff- she would never trade him for anything else) and shes happy.
…OK. I just gave you a full-out story didn't I? Sorry. So. What did ya think of her? I gave her elements of me (I am the only person who can stand - and utterly adore- Piper the pony. He's only thrown me off 6 times though. A boy in my school really did hold a swooden kinfe to my throat. I kicked him. Hard. I really did throw up when I had my first taste of glorious pollution. I am part of the Fredom Rescuers LSC and Laura and Lizzie really are my only friends... But Gemma is much, much more unhappy than me. I am quite a happy person :D) but please give me your thoughts on her! I loved this guide
:- TimTam out ;D
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