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C3LLO chapter 1 . 7/28/2010
This story made my chest tighten, giggle, awww'd, and laughed silently.

The beginning was very intense. The irritations, persistencies, neglectings; everything. Haha. It kind of broke my heart when Axel realized that he forgot their anniversary, because he knew he screwed up.

I love how you stayed within the character's personality: Roxas's stubborness and Axel's attitude. Haha.

Axel is such a sweetheart, I need a boyfriend like that. Haha.

It all seemed very natural and realistic.

Good job.(: I'll be reading more of your work!

And I loved how you made Kairi Axel's little sister. Never occurred to me that they could. Haha. Clever.(:
Peaceful Dragon Rose chapter 1 . 6/3/2010
good story
Atomic-Clover chapter 1 . 6/21/2009

ugh, you wrote that so well, and the little things that Axel did were awesome, and so creative, and cute, and AW IT WAS SO SWEET! just what i needed, after being filled with so many angsty akurokus lately, THIS ONE MADE EVERYTHING BETTER, LIKE, A THOUSAND TIMES OVER 8D

OH! and it's totally coincidnce, and probably not that obvious at all BUT I SQUEALED SO HARD when i read the part about the park bench axel-leaning-over-putting-his-hand-on-roxas'-shoulder part cause it was just like the Park picture i made for 8/13 last year, WEIRD.

our brainwaves. they mingled.

basically... i love you. and this made my day, and i absolutely love your writing, it is so great AND OMFG THOSE WORDS! I LOVED THEM! I LEARNED SO MANY NEW WORDS TODAY! like Hirsute? srsly. wtf. that's such a weird word xD



songbirdjo chapter 1 . 6/15/2009
God, I love your stories. I love your writing. I love you! I'd ask you to marry me if you weren't engaged already! lol jk, but seriously, you are amazing. This story was so beautifully written, and I was really happy that I had read Boy Meets Boy already because it totally reminded me of it. They were both so sweet and similar but different in their own special ways. I just loved everything.

...And now I break myself from the addiction of your writing (atleast for tonight) and do my summer school homework.

3 Jo
Pahoyhoy chapter 1 . 4/4/2009
Oh my goodness! I absolutely loved this! it was so heartbreaking in the begining and then Axel was so sweet trying to make up for being an Asshole.

You have a real talent
Mello7 chapter 1 . 2/8/2009
Seems like I've really developed a flare for review-while-reading, I'm going to keep doing that.

Anniversary thing. Now this is an interesting cultural difference that I've noticed. I don't think Finns (I am Finnish) really celebrate anniversaries. Maybe after they've been married for, say, five, ten, twenty, twenty five and so on years. But dating couples.. nah, I don't think so. Some might.

And much love to you for making 8/13 their anniversary.

Oh no, relationship on the rocks. But they'll patch things up, right? Right?

Man, that was below the belt, Roxas. Drugged up sloth. I have to remind myself to laugh because for some reason, reading about these two having a rough time with each other is upsetting to me. But really. A drugged up sloth, that is kind of funny.

"And Axel’s whole world, was gone." Now only the drugged up sloth kept me from sobbing at that. It is a very simple sentence but it holds a lot of meaning as to how important Roxas is to Axel even if he's been a bit aloof.

Somehow introducing Kairi as Axel's sister makes me like her more. It is kind of hard to really characterize her since she spent most of the first game comatose and the second.. wearing that pink thing. I'm really liking Kairi in this fic.

Once Axel puts some effort into it, he really is a great boyfriend. I would keel over from sheer joy if I got a lovey-dovey scrapbook. He should put his writing skills to good use here. Just a few words here and there, nothing elaborate.

And a little later he actually does just that. I am a mind-reader. And I'm seeing some song lyrics a little further down... let's search it up and listen. It's kind of cute. Not exactly something I would listen, but it's nice. It's not too sugary. "You're the sweet to my mean." I have to admit, that's wonderful.

Demyx, you truly are a great friend. But that's something I would do as well if needed.

"So he ended up just folding them between his knees." Aw. x3

Oathkeeper shop. A name like that makes me think it would be pretty awesome(?) for a place that sold wedding rings.

Seasalt milkshake. Now that's cooler than.. the Eiffel Tower covered in.. cream and roses.

Ooh... Roxas proposed to Axel..? That's lovely. Dreamy. Perfect. The reserved, pissy blonde popping the question.

And of course, it ended well. I would've spontaneously combusted otherwise. So another lovely oneshot from you. I had fun reading it.
intricatelysimple chapter 1 . 1/9/2009



cutest thing ever ~
Astolat Maiden chapter 1 . 12/31/2008
D'Aw, I love fics like this; Long, sweet, and totally in time for my birthday! Which... Was... Four months ago BUT STILL. No real critical things to say, just a tip of advice: Never, ever EVER mix cold raspberry green tea and hot chocolate. Trust me, the outcome is not desirable.

Love the song and adore David Levithan.

I might send you Joker!Axel on DA, but I warn you, its done in sharpies. The only advantage of doing small pictures in sharpies is that no matter how crappy the picture is, you always feel good about it because of the fumes.
poison-maestro chapter 1 . 12/29/2008
oh, crap! i was GIGGLING! this was really nice, good job!
dangocrown chapter 1 . 10/25/2008
XD So cute!
libaka chapter 1 . 10/21/2008
so cute! but very sappy, as Roxas says.
KENZI-CHI chapter 1 . 10/20/2008
i finally read this after, what, 3 months of it nagging me on my computer. all i have to say is that it was adorable. i lik how you kept it so and yet still added the funny comments, angst, and all but kept it flowing well and it didn't confuse me one bit! i couldn't stop reading in the doctor's office earlier today! lol first i really thought you were gonna leave him to his 'will ya marry me' crap and was about to pout for some reason because that SO doesn't seem lik him but smiled again when you made roxas stop him. nice save, though i still would have faved the story no matter what cause it was awesome. um... you kinda made roxas seem too much lik a girl though lol though i thought it was funny to some extent when i remember all those pictures of roxas being the house wife and axel being the working business man and, blah, blah, blah...

i'm blabbering now so... yeah, good job!
Rutina chapter 1 . 10/6/2008
-squeals and kicks legs in the air-



How lol.
Night Xiniall chapter 1 . 9/24/2008
E hee hee! So cute... and kinda fluffy... Heh...

terra hotaru chapter 1 . 9/19/2008
Axel forgot and Roxas is forgetting. hm... Is this going to be a non-AU-ish fic? Let's find out! XD Wow, typing at the speed of light. I hope I can get like that someday. I love typing but I make a lot of mistakes when I try to concentrate and type faster. :D I wanna type faster! (and actually LEARN how to type using ten of my fingers. LOL) anyway, I'm trailing in this review. XD

So, Axel is a writer? And I think.. Roxas and Axel aren't on good terms these days, huh? Nu~ *screams and pulls hair* eheh, I'm weird sometimes. Aw... I get like Axel too when someone's bothering me when I'm doing my homework. heh...

Nu~ Axel forgot their anniversary day... Uhh, I can feel this feeling in my stomach too. XD huh? They're going to break up in their anniversry day? This is-sad! :( Yeah, I'd act like Roxas too if Axel simply forgot and concentrating more on his job. Forget about it, Ax. Go back to your novel. XD

packing. Oh no~ Aww, my eyes are watering too! Nu~ well, another side of me wants Roxas to just go and leave Axel. ehehe. No really, it's AXel fault for ignoring Roxas but I definitely don't want Hayner's appearance though. heh. I have my strange reason for not really liking Hayner in stories.

Aww, Axel's whole world, was gone! I can so imagine everything burdening down on Axel... Poor Axel but it's his fault though. he deserved it in a way. XD Aw, ROxas! Come back! Nu~ It can't end like this! It simply can't!

O.o eh, what. It's not ending yet. ahaha, my bad. it seemed like a good ending though and I'd be haunted for the rest of my life if it just ended there. Lol. xD Alright, I'm getting off track, I'll be back to reading.

Ah, Kairi is the saving grace? ehehe. sappy romantic details (that didn't happen) oh! Me love the parentheses in there. XD Lol. XD Poor Axel. Now he got to tell his sappy little story of him being alone on the cold bed in his anniversary day! :)

ahaha, that was the main reason why Axel's gay! XD oh yeah! Axel finally put his brain into work! Though there's still that pervert part of him. XD And yay for the plan. I wonder what though! XD

Laptop-evil device that had caused AkuRoku's demise! Gotta take a mental note of that. LOL. XD It's really Axel's fault to begin with. hehe. Photo Album! So, I'm still curious about Axel's plan. "If he had to sacrifice his life for Roxas because she mutilated him, so be it." That's awesome! Always love the mutilated word. but of course, Axel'd better be alive after this confrontation with Larxene.

Aww, fiance... and aw, I love the letter Axel wrote. It was totally cute and fluffy! Aww, Roxas smiled! Axel's singing-well, not really but yeah~

Aww, it feels like they're starting it all over again. Oh! That's the title! "Bringing it Back to Life"! XD this is awesome! Wow, months have passed and it's winter already? hehe. XD

ehehe, I would love to read Axel's story about all of this! XD This is awesome! Fabulous job! Wow! I love the whole feeling of all this! XD Thank you for writing this! Thank you!
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