Reviews for The Hostage
JASPERxHALE-YES chapter 5 . 10/6/2009
Samboroo chapter 5 . 6/19/2009
If vampires could, I bet that Emmett and Jasper would have crapped thier pants when they found out that Bella was missing.
Snickerz610 chapter 4 . 2/16/2009
Just finished chapter 4 cant wait for 5 but I wanted to post that I really liked this story very cute twist and so Emmet.
girl chapter 5 . 2/13/2009
good job
The Titan Shapeshifter chapter 5 . 12/26/2008
so r u done with the story? it was great
Anonymous chapter 5 . 12/14/2008
this awesome although i wished it had a different ending.
skulblaka222 chapter 5 . 12/13/2008
aw! i wanted it to go on for a bit longer... :(

OH WELL! It was so cute at the end. I love Edward.

pinkcrazytwilightlover chapter 5 . 12/12/2008
renalrocks chapter 5 . 12/2/2008
I have enjoyed your story, wish it was longer but I understand time limitations
Gretel chapter 5 . 12/1/2008
OK, I guess... kind of random, pointless, and dry, but not terrible
Diana Holland chapter 5 . 12/1/2008
I loved it! I am so adding you to m author alert!

goawaynow chapter 4 . 11/30/2008
I wish I was Bella sounds like fun in this story... especailly having someone like Edward so worried about me. I would like to see Edward suffer! MWAHAHAHA!
Euphoriaoverhappiness chapter 4 . 11/29/2008
Hey this great! love it!
Girtrude chapter 4 . 11/15/2008
I loved this.

Saphibella chapter 4 . 11/1/2008
Please come up with a new chapter soon I can't wait to know what happens next plz put up a new chapter plz now?
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