Reviews for Daughter Of A Hero
Anime93 chapter 72 . 4/11
Awesome. You updated! It's been a while
icewolf chapter 72 . 4/3
Yay, you updated. I feel so bad for Goku I wish he didn't have to die but I guess it would of had to been either Goku or Gonyhe being killed to set him off though I like them both equally. I feel bad for Gonyhe since she had to make that hard decision. I honestly don't know which one I would of chosen, though her's does make more since. Also Awww man I wish Gonyhe would of been the one to become a super saiyan 2 I agree with her logic she loves to fight more she should be stronger. Can't wait to hear a conversation between Bardock and Vegeta this should be interesting. Great chapter keep up the good work
Anony chapter 72 . 4/3
Love it.
I love how she had a life altering desicion to make... Save her dad, or try and save her friends.
It didn't work out too well but in the end, with goku dying, it got gohan to release his energy.
I wonder how you handle the end of this battle with gohan and the fate of cell.

Great chapter once again and can't wait to read the rest of this saga
silverhawk88 chapter 72 . 4/1
Yeah! Go Gohan!
chibichibi98 chapter 72 . 4/1
Damn that was crazy. I was actually hoping for a moment that gonyhe would end up showing some hidden power and kick ass. Will she ever catch up to Gohan? Got to admit I just love reading trunks and gonyhe scenes and I'm still hoping they might be paired together. I really enjoy your twist on everything and can't wait to see more of your variations on the story. Take care and update soon!
kidneysrgood chapter 72 . 4/1
Absolutely awesome. Way to go.
kitsunelover300 chapter 72 . 4/1
Holy crap-baskets! I am so loving where this is going. Gohan became a badass, just as he always was meant to. I bet Bardock and Fasha, not to mention Goku will be so proud.

The scene with the Cell junior beating down on everyone was intense. A majorly detailed bloodbath as you called it. You really are changing the way DBZ is, and it is all because of Gonyhe.

Why do I have a feeling that something is going to happen when Cell decides to be a sore loser? Now that Goku is gone, why do I have a feeling that Gonyhe is going to learn exactly how her brother felt on Ultrop when she died against Cooler.
Oh man, I can't wait to see how this all plays out.

Update soon!
Accel Extreme chapter 68 . 3/31
Love this chapter
Anime93 chapter 71 . 3/30
Wow you haven't updated in a long time! Nice story!
icewolf chapter 71 . 3/15
Yeah what N said though I know you post big chapters soo it would take time.
N chapter 71 . 3/12
Please Please update soon! this is sooo good!
N chapter 71 . 3/8
PLEASE UPDATE SOON! This is sooooo good!
Senjuto chapter 69 . 1/26
You used fathers instead of father's (the correct use) in this chapter and the other chapters. Please fix those ASAP.
Anony chapter 71 . 1/22
Wowwww I had to reread that part with goku getting hurt bc I couldn't believe that happened! You are def straying from the show now and I loooove it. But I wonder how gonyhe is gonna get out of there and help her dad. And I wonder how gohan fares out, I would've thought that gonyhe was the one who got hurt but she already died once and we all know that gohan got mad and tapped into his power afterwards, so can't have history repeat itself. So I just wonder what her role is gonna be in the rest of this cell saga. And with goku hurt too, gohan will definitely step up to the plate but ahhhhh what else!
I'm soooo excited for the next chapter! Can't wait for the next! Great job yet again!
Wandering Reader chapter 71 . 1/20
Talk about an intense chapter. You called this small changes? Girl you revolutionized the plot! And I for one am not gonna be the one to complain. XD
I really did love this chapter! But you sure love to torment us with these cliffhanger huh? Can't wait for the next chapter.
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