Reviews for Avatar: Son of Fire
Kristoshi Warrior chapter 22 . 8/2/2009
When are you going to continue this? I really want to read more... ;(

Plot Bunnies Rule chapter 25 . 3/14/2009
Holy cow...

was this honestly updated back in november? I miss so much...XD

But, I liked it...
Plot Bunnies Rule chapter 24 . 11/17/2008
UPDATES? WHy was I not informed? XP

ANywho, ayiyiyiyi ROku, can't you just lay off. :-( And poor Shann...I hope she isn't going to be depressed too much...
Kristoshi Warrior chapter 24 . 11/17/2008
YAY! If you keep writing like this, I don't know how I'm going to contain myself... It was so real! The characters just seem to come alive, and it's almost as if I could do a fanfic, on YOUR fanfic, it's definately good enough, and I'm sure I'm not the only one...

Kristoshi Warrior chapter 23 . 11/16/2008
YAY! You wrote another chapter! Thanks for the bit at the beginning, that was really funny... I'm gonna have to send that to some of my friends. About Kairi's secret: I still haven't figued it out, but does she have a cruch on Osen? Or is that just a frienship? Although I'm pretty certain that's not what it is... Any clues? (And in another month, I'm gonna start bugging you again...but you've got a month.):)

Kristoshi Warrior
Sifu Blind Bandit chapter 23 . 11/15/2008
Finally! You updated! Ooh, I wonder what the secret's are? You should do more from Kairi's POV, because she's one of the most interesting characters. I can tell the plot will thicken very soon, I can't wait! As usual,I love this story. Keep up the good work!
Kristoshi Warrior chapter 1 . 11/2/2008
Great story, but I've been waiting almost three months for you to continue it! PLEASE will you update soon?

(Oh, and when Roku feels the inner fire, does that mean he'll become a firebender? That would be cool. I can just imagine Kairi's reaction...)
Christopher16 chapter 13 . 9/12/2008
Apparently there was a misunderstanding about this. I am not saying that I expected you to die *keeps a straight face* I just thought that maybe you’d just say that you diffused them and leave it at that, but since you went ahead and made an assumption about Daigadas and the way the (Shukukaini is what I will call it- pronounced Shu– ku– kai- knee) Future Society works, I now have to better explain things. Especially since I have figured out how it will operate, and no I did not come up with this just after I read your review response …. I came up with it before I read it. Anyway Daigadas are a better explanation of Daigadas is that they are futuristic TOP OF THE LINE Androids that are RARELY ever released from there holding cell. They are built to take care of galactic threats, return VERY important information or equipment *hint hint* no matter what the cost. So there. Due to the fact that I am tired (plus I no longer really care that you laughed at me during that … incident) and I pretty much used up a great deal of my imagination tanks trying to keep myself entertained through the worst class in my day *shudders at the mere thought of ….. said thing* *shudders once more* Alright focus … En *feels queeze* Uh … Engl *almost throws up* how about we just forget about for now! Is that okay?

Now on to the review! English *hurls all over the place* CRAP! I got to clean that up!

I’ll review after I clean up here

.…. Alright finally done the smell is gone and so is the mess. Now I just need to make a mental note not to say that word again. Ha thought I was actually going to say it this time didn’t ya? Well you were wrong! Now to time to review.

I find it very sad that everyone thinks Aang is going to lose to Zuko, but I guess the difference between this and an actual fight is that Aang’s mastery over all the elements is completely irrelevant to this board game, since it would be cheating if he used it. Or rather it would be cheating if he used it and got caught *There is a moral here – anything is legal as long as you don’t get caught!* : ) I also noticed you have several spelling errors. Also this part, “Sometimes they won, sometimes we did” I think “we did” needs to be changed to “we won”. Sounds better that way. Another thing, “We got up and ate breakfast and they started playing. They didn't finish until dinner. They didn't stop for lunch either,” since you already mentioned that it took them all day I think it maybe unneeded to say that they missed out on lunch, but you can exaggerate about how the Pai Sho game went, whether there were any intense glares or attempts at cheating. Also at the end of that paragraph I think Aang should have been all upset or grumpy or even just yelled and that is how everyone knew that Aang lost. When everyone was showing of their skills on the beach, you should have had Shann wear the full battledress (warrior outfit has a better ring to it) that would have been funny. I’ll tell you how a noble’s daughter got interested in knives, because she had nothing better to do plus she may have thought about being a ninja and this is as close as she could get to being one and still not upset her parents, but its not like she is too different from another person I know who wishes she was a ninja but sadly getting a big Oh hold on I didn’t stress that enough *clears throat* a BIG HEAVY sword is as close as she could get. I think you should get rid of this part, “Despite the threat hanging over us, we were determined to do everything in our power to keep that summer from being any different from the rest,” it just seems to make that great time they just had a little depressing. Kozin’s father needs a name. Hm pretty interesting twist! : ) But it won’t fill the good guy the starting the whole entire problem in the past which has now come back to bite him/her void. I finally understand why this story makes me feel so off, because it’s not focused in on Aang and his friends but rather on their kids, which is something I just can’t seem to get used to. I got a question, did you type this in Microsoft Word before putting it on fanfiction, because the spelling errors you’ve made would be detected by spell check? Hm ….… tired.

Will I am tired and don’t feel like talking about much. So before I go I’ll ask you 2 mind numbing questions that my friend Chris has asked me. I have figured them out, but he’d always cast some doubt on me when ever I was trying to figure them out.

1st question is…..

Which is smarter, a rock with a computer chip inside or a stone?

Think about the answer very carefully. A computer chip, for the most part, is made plastic. Think about it, but try and figure out if what I just said is even going to help you figure out the answer. *laughs inwardly*. The next question is….

In a race, which is better second or next to last?

Now, like my friend did for me, I too will give you a hint. There are less than 5 people in this race. Which position is better, 2nd place or next to last. Try and see if your brother can figure it out. And since you and your little pain are good with riddles or whatever they were that you and your family kept asking my family that one time, I will leave it at that. If you give up then ask me for the answer, but I will tell you this it helped me to talk myself through it.

Now while you figure those out I am going to give Rifalion another lesson since he thinks that he is the master of cool, when the slightest thing out of place drives him mad. *evil grin comes back and eyes glow red*

I have set up a couple traps for him on his mission to gather some of Kaizers’ diamonds (Kai-zer). Very easy mission, totally legal, and very beneficial. Or it would be for anyone else. You see I have planted some explosives where he will be excavating, put some star leaves on his rental ship (star leaves aren’t the worst drug to be busted with but it will make for an interesting scene), and better than all of that it won’t look like I did it. *Smiles evilly from ear to ear* . This is going to be amaz…

*video transmitter rings*

*ID appears*


*I answer* “Rifalion?”

He responds, “Alright listen punk! I know you were behind blowing up my ship and dumping all that [Beep] garbage on me. So I have called …. to apologize for the laxative incedint. The guys said it was the right thing to do.”

In utter disbelief I reply ”Uh …. Ya … I’m sorry too?”

“I also wanted to say …. [Beep] you! Right now there are three bombs attached to your ship and now …. (BOM!) you are without a ship! Ha!”

*Rifalion ends transition*

Ha! Loser! I suspected he would do that and have replaced my ship with a police ship. He is such an idiot he makes this so painfully easy! My ship was actually in the shop because he blew it up the same day as the laxative incident, idiot! So about now some cops ought to be coming to his house. The best part is tomorrow not only will he get busted for those Star Leaves and hauled off to jail, but he will also be on live Intergalactic television a few seconds before the explosions go off. So enjoy the show, I know I am! *Smiles deviously* *eyes glow purple* Oops! wrong contacts ….. there we go *eyes glow red* *lights dim* *lights stop dimming* Crap! Stupid lights *lights cut off* uugh! hopefully things will go better next time I do this.
Christopher16 chapter 12 . 9/7/2008
You are such a jerk! Laughing at me in my time of distress! You could’ve at least helped me out or got them back for that! So for your act of cruelty and because I can do this to you and know I can escape whatever torture you throw at me! So there! One day soon revenge will be taken! *huge evil grin* Revenge is sweet! *LIGHTENING STIRKES OUTSIDE* for the record God was not aiming at me, but just you wait I shall extract complete and total revenge. You better hope you’re a light sleep. *everything fades to black* *my eyes glow red in the dark and then fades to black*

Now on to what I was going to say

*Phew* I managed to make it to the doctor, in between … well you know, and got that whole laxative thing taken care of. However, for some reason everyone began to laugh at me when they saw me, even my doctor, and one of them called me Duddy Pants. I talked to those two guys about this and about what they did to me and they apologized and I forgave them, then we went on an adventure to save the moon from drowning… didn’t believe that did you alright alright I will tell you what really happened. Well as I went to meet them in the docking bay (place where spaceships are kept, don’t know if that’s the right word for it but anyway) I was firmly holding a detonation device but decided to use it only in emergency situations. When I talked to them about the laxative event they simply laughed at me, but being the great guy I was I told them I will forgive in just a few minutes. As I walked away they were still making jokes and coming up with very interesting nicknames for me, and it felt like this was an emergency situation since not only my pride was being injured by their comments but I want some sweet sweet revenge so I simply pressed the button and …. BOOM! I blew up both of their ships and not only that but the button also activated the trash dump button so trash just piiled on them, all that sewer scum, toilet flushings (hint hint), and other stuff that would make me just vomit thinking about it, covered both of them. DON’T EVER LET ANYBODY TELL YOU THAT VENGENCE IS NOT SWEET, because those that do are only trying to cover up for the fact that they too were bullies all the way up until that person they picked on turned the tables on ‘em and burned them a million times better than the bully did and now that big bad bully is now an etty bitty baby! Anyway, needless to say I got revenge and feel exceedingly happy.

By the way there is no need for me to check my tracker since I have not violated any rules. And no dumping the garbage on others is not a crime just something that the officials don’t want you doing. However, blowing up other peoples crafts is but those two can’t afford to have the officials help them due to all their bad deeds. There is a lesson here Orange Ninja and that is take advantage of those who can’t get you into trouble because it will get them into trouble. ; )

Now before I begin reviewing your story I’d like to talk about some of the things I read on your home page. No matter what! Both Wolves and Dragons are in fact the coolest creatures ever! : ) Also my friend in Georgia loves wolves too. You being a Dr. Pepper addict is very true! I can’t imagine you ever drinking anything besides Dr. Pepper. You think Zutara should die? ….. don’t you think Chaobunny12 would be just a little bit offended by this ; ) I didn’t think Abercombie and Finch were that popular to even have an affect even close to having people suffocate just because they said not to. I understand this is just an exaggeration but even so I didn’t think they were that popular. hm the things you didn’t know.

Now on to reviewing your story!

When Roku was imagining how their parents would react to them being gone for …. a week maybe three days, you should’ve actually talked about what he was imagining. Maybe with something along this line, when they landed their parents welcomed Kairi but when they saw us they just looked right through us or they glared at us and gave us the silent treatment or something like that. Shann either lives in her own fantasy world were everything is just peace and happiness and love, or her parents are very nice to her. Also, when you said “I [Roku] shrugged” you need to say that Roku shrugged because I didn’t really understand at first whether Shann shrugged or Roku shrugged ….Oh crap I AM learning from English class AH CRAP! *sigh* Anyway, I believe you should have added “come home” in between “them” and “faster” in what Zuko said here “They would be back when they got back, and no amount of worrying would make them any faster.” Hm, now that I think about it you could have talked about what the parents were doing while the children were gone at the same time you talked about the children’s trip to and from Ba Sing Se. I don’t know if that made any since but if it didn’t than just text me for an explanation or wait until Wednesday or Sunday. Excellent emotion for Mai, but might I suggest you do some sort of indication that she was fighting off her tears, now don’t have her crying but just have her close to having a tear go down her face. For the flame still you need a better name than that and since he’s aiming to be the new leader of the Fire Nation shouldn’t he wear a dark red cloak, I mean since your trying to not be cliché and all wouldn’t this be an original idea? I find it rather interesting that Mushi’s scar is bigger than Zuko’s. Also that whole thing with Mushi and Kairi seems a little unrealistic I guess because we [reader] doesn’t know a lot about Mushi, and because of that I think he was just a little too quick to forgive Kairi. Now don’t get me wrong, the way it ended between Kairi and Mushi was the way it should be, but with how they got to that point seemed a bit fake, as in Mushi is actually working with the Flame’s Organization. Lastly, are you going to have the parents question the teenagers about there adventure in the next chapter?

So you like to hear some reader’s predictions on what will happen soon? Well from the animes and tv shows I have seen, I would expect:

1.) Firestorm (I am sorry! : ( I just really don’t like the flame its so overused, I am sorry!) is not the actual leader but is receiving orders from someone else but that information gets revealed suddenly and is someone we would never expect or never seen or heard of before, not even suggested by anyone.

2.) I believe Mushi is in on Firestorm’s plan and is going to betray Kairi, taking out the strongest ones first, but then dies at the hands of her father or is killed by his own teammate for whatever the reason maybe, could even be because he/she didn’t even like him. NowI am not talking about Kairi dying but rather that she either suffers a permanent wound, like a scar- something that will never be taken away unless by supernatural forces like the healing water, or a temporary injury, like a broken arm, leg, or emotional or mental damage, because if she dies then that would screw things up for a happy ending, maybe. However if your not shooting for a happy ending than Kairi has to could at least die sacrificially which would then increase the others’ determination to utterly wipe out this uprising, but I seriously doubt that you would kill off one of your own Original Characters.

3.) (Inspiration) Zuko organized the entire army after he found out that he left his uncle for a short time to … do whatever it was and during that time he put together an organization composed of other firebenders with the objective of causing a total change in government (don’t know what kind of change but a change). And Zuko got very far with the organization’s plans to take over the Fire Nation, and all that was left was to take care of Azula. Zuko’s perfect opportunity arrived in "The Crossroads of Destiny", but rather than fight along side Aang he fights against him. So of course when his organization (Organization Inferno) heard of this they rejected him as leader and planned to have him assassinated, but they had to first focus on defeating the Fire Lord before Sozin’s Comet. Well they finally came up with a plan when unbeknown to them, Zuko had joined the Avatar and Team Avatar ; ) had just beat the Fire Lord. So after an overwhelming shock from this information Inferno splits, one side (Organization named Pure Flames) seeing Zuko as a traitor and only corrupting the Fire Nation more than his father (with a successful and smart leader with organization’s 6871 members), while the other (Organization named Ballistic Firestorm) saw that Zuko had changed and want to help him in anyway possible, but they are concerned with how Zuko might act towards them, so they aim their sights on Kairi by determination of Enee Menee Minee Mo (No sure if that’s spelled right how about I just say they did a coin toss and Kairi won- it was either her or Roku) and are going to ask her for her help in getting her dad to trust them (this organization is small- about 13 members- does not have an all to bright leader- she is determined though, yes it’s a she- and they goof around a lot) Also the best part is they have three ninjas:

1.) Ones unbelievably talented and is not the oldest nor the youngest but he’s not too bright though he always knows what’s right and wrong. He is the leader of the three.

2.) The other is a sad excuse for a ninja but she is absolutely serious about becoming the best there ever was and has the most indestructible courage ever for example, she will go and fight with the belief that she can win in a fight against a legion of ninjas (about 10) that have been through intense ninja training ever since they were born (of course she’d lose but this is just to get the point across). By the way she is the co-leader when the other guy is unsure of what to do.

3.) Lastly this guy is the fastest ninja in history (fastest runner and attacker). But he is very unsure of himself and has a little confidence problem.

Tonight you will receive a package. Take it! If you don’t things will only get worse. Inside are two laser cannons, two VERY expensive laser cannons. Next simply deactivate the two lasers. By the way in 5 hours three Daigadas will be searching around your house for those very special cannons. Oh don’t be laughing know to disable both of these weapons is a VERY DANGEROUS procedure. If you fail to disable them before the Daigadas arrive you will go to jail for a LONG time. To locate the instructions to deactivate these lasers go to . at that website you will see the instructions there, also the time it takes to disable one of these is 4 hours. And just in case you forgot it doesn’t really bother me whether you finish this story or not so…..Good luck! *evil grin spreads across face* *everything fades to black* *eyes glow red with evil intent as they fade to black* Oh wait hold on *light comes back on and eyes stop glowing* I did not get into trouble when my brother complained to my parents about me wrestling with my brother asking him about the two dogs. Okay now everything can start looking sinister *evil grin spreads across face followed by a sinister laugh* *everything fades to black* *eyes glow red with evil intent as they fade to black* *evil laugh echoes into the night* …. *in a grinding voice* ”know my power”
Christopher16 chapter 11 . 9/5/2008
Before I begin, what's the deal? Why does the submit review thing say you won't accept reviews from anonmyous people? I am just curious and want to know, alright?

Now on to the review! Just so you know this is a long read and don't laugh! I know you are going to! Promise me now that you won't even smile as your reading this! Hey stop that smiling! Fine just for that I have suprise for you. you'll find out what it is later. Now I will continue with the review, and NO LAUGHING!

Jesus has decided that I was worth his forgiveness and broke my creativity block and ….. ITS BACK! YES! Now I can talk about the future a lot better or at least a lot more funnier and gooder things than I have been. Or was Ijust providing detail for something later? You’ll never know. *Devious smile creeps on face* *Jesus says “I say that! Do that a again and you won’t go to heaven”* I am sorry Jesus forgive me! *He replies “very well then I better not catch you doing that again”*. Okay now where was I? Oh yes, finally I have been so bored now to let the creativity flood this Word Document. Dumping in 3…Turn back now if you scared….2….I am serious I am going to go all out…1…Time is almost up you bet..0….It’s Already Over ; ) On the last review I sent you did you actually look up those websites? Because I just completely made those up alright don’t blame me if it sent you somewhere bad. Speaking of which I better check the area.

By the way I got the new upgraded one Tracker you should get some time. Its name for futuristic ninjas changed to Ninja-F and Present-day ninja changed to just plain Ninja.

*Glances at Advance Super Deluxe Ninja Tracker 63479.0465 series 7895 edition 59 version 4078 by Namikaze*

Ninja-F (Futuristic ninja)- 26

Ninja (Present-day ninja)- 67


Shokutai- 4

Daimon Kato Moles- 0

Hm security is tight I better check my spy radar. It is always important to keep a level head under these dangerous situations. Also you can get this at the White World (WW), there is a change in laws so it is not as strict to get into the White Market (WM) and White Page (WP) in fact they are merging to make the WW bigger. However, it’s rather odd that this happened right when I had over heard the store manager talking about the Purity (You know goody goody two shoes purity spirits) rebellion. Hm … it maybe nothing more than a coincidence.

*Looks at spy radar*

*My thoughts*...….. … [BEEP!]

*Pants suddenly become wet*

CRAP! There is a ninja and ninja-F behind me, but far worse than that …. I just wet myself! Quickly call “Theodore” you should remember him. Ah crap…

*odd feeling in pants calms me down … and grosses me out*

There is still a lot I need to talk to you about but all I will be able to do is review for now.

Since I have already talked to you about most of the things at church Wednesday night I will just bring up only the things that I have not mentioned.

Towards the end of your story,”Soon we were flying over it, and then we were past it.” that part needs to change because it goes along with the stuff before that it has a feeling of the calmness and relaxation its…uh….its…….peaceful. Though you can get rid of the sentence and everything will still be just fine but I think you should only get rid of it if you can’t make it sound better. Also remember you hav a lot to change in here

“I told them everything I knew. I also expressed my theory that they might try and win Kairi over. She didn't seem too shocked by that. They all said nothing the whole time, just let me talk. Shann, of course, knew the whole thing. All she was listening for were the details. Hakoda had seen it coming to some extent. Kairi seemed to know something, but she didn't offer to share it. The other three were fairly shocked. They, like Shann, hadn't known it was that bad. Osan's eyes were huge. He had no idea. Uncle Iroh just calmly sipped his tea the way he always did.”

Remember: remove Shann, the “they just let me talk”, Hakoda, and everyone’s besides Kairi’s, Iroh’s, and Osan’s reactions to this. Other than those two parts great chapter!

*Quick side glance at Advance Super Deluxe Ninja Tracker 63479.0465 series 7895 edition 59 version 4078 by Namikaze*

Ninja-F- 3

Ninja- 1

Daigada- 0

Shokutai- 0

Daimon Kato Moles- 3

*checks spy radar*

hm looks like a war went on. Anyway as long as I am out of danger I will not be too concerned with this for now. Now that those idiots are gone. I can continue on my criticism diet, now where are my lemon cakes.

*gets up am goes to fridge*

*suddenly there is a loud yell (Men don’t scream)*

All my deserts were right where I left them not one missing! Ha you thought that they’d be gone but your wrong! Now to enjoy my delicious cake yum!

*sticks fork into cake*

Ha once again you thought it was a hologram or that there was some sort of bomb in there but once again you thought wrong!

*takes bite out cake*

Bet by now you stopped guessing but as you may already have guessed it tastes delicious and unchanged

*sticks tongue out at you*

for the record nothing bad has or will happen HA!

*sticks tongue out again*

*Devours to cakes to 3 minutes (OH YA! NEW RECORD BABY!)*

Will nothing bad happens this time so I will see you la…..

*stomach churns*

Ah…..ah…crap…whats wrong with me?

*burps up a small video device*

*video lands on the sofa*

*video begins to play*

Dear DragonX 24, we decided to put 152 pounds of laxative in each of you cakes so in for the next few weeks you will be going to the bathroom like there is no tomorrow. By now you wondering why I, Blitzkrieg 78 the awesome leader of the Vander fleet 9, has done this to you and that is simple because I was absolutely bored. However, my friend, Rifalion, here did this because, as he put it, I just straight up [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] DON’T LIKE YOU! So we both would like to wish you Happy Crapping!

*Message ends*

That sounds like ….ah….something … gah!...Rifalion would say. Oh crap!

*Screams while running to the bathroom*

*Video clicks back on*

Oh by the way we put cameras all around your house so your on intergalactic T.V. right now! Hahahahahaha! WHOSE THE LOSER NOW!

*whole galaxy laughs uncontrollably*

*I come back out of the bathroom*

*deep sigh* Have you ever gotten the feeling that you are being watched?...Oh well, anyway that’s all I could come up with to mention to you about your chapter alright see ya I have to go to the doctor and get this taken care of.

*Stomach churns again*

Hey I know your laughing over there! You better stop it! Stop it! Stop it! I am so going to…ah!…..but first I need to make a trip to the bathroom first!

*Galaxy laughs even louder than before*

*Jesus joins in with laughing at me*

*I still don’t know that the universe is watching this, or do I? and this is all apart of some complex idea you’ll never kno….ah crap! I got to go!
I get the last laugh chapter 22 . 9/4/2008
hm. cool
Plot Bunnies Rule chapter 22 . 9/3/2008
Plot Bunnies Rule chapter 21 . 9/3/2008
I just had the most random thought...Aang and all those other parents and such should be in the most strangest place, like...the cave of two lovers or...underwater! Yeah don't know how that would work though...

Anyway, my other idea is that Aang and them should hide somewhere really obvious, like the Fire Lord's palace, and then the kids will be all like "*forehead slap* Duh, why didn't we think of that?" XD, I am so weird.
Kristoshi Warrior chapter 21 . 9/3/2008
This is a great story with alot of potential, just whatever happens, I really think that the previous generation (Aang, Toph, Zuko...) should survive and fight.

Keep writing!
Christopher16 chapter 10 . 8/31/2008
*finishes reading chapter*

*picks up jaw that fell when I read where Osan took Kairi*

This was the shortest chapter ever. So possibly Kairi’s cousins should be arriving there in the next chapter. This chapter wasn’t bad I just don’t have much to say. WOW! That’s a first, wait second I just remembered. When you went from Kairi and Osan wondering what to do now to sitting on the roof looking at the night sky, I think you should have some sort of indication to when it went from daytime to nighttime. That was a very nice place you had Osan bring Kairi to.

*glances at ninja tracker*

Alright cost is clear. I did not really talk about daigada, shokutai, daimon kato moles, and present-day ninjas.

Daigada- the most dangerous and destructive robot warriors in the universe, second only to these guys are after you than you have a microscopic chance of avoiding them and on top of that no one and I do mean NO ONE will help unless they are mentally insane. You can talk to the people in the Dark Net online at to hear about the last guy who did that. Poor fool, I feel bad for her. Anyway, these guys are rarely called out since they are mainly needed to stop an international crisis.

Shokutai- they monitor all members of the Dark organization which includes the Dark Net and the Dark Market along with others that are WAY to dangerous to mention. Basically don’t worry about them and don’t depend on them for help, but watch out if they disappear because that means something bad will happen.

Daimon Kato Moles- will help you escape from almost all situations, except for God’s fury and Daigada. That lightening bolt hurt a lot. *puts out smoke rising from butt* These guys will be your best friends at dangerous times, except for mine. Now I must warn you they have a big appearance and vary in emotions, but otherwise they act no different than a dog. And if you go to the White Market you can buy and raise one of your own. Just be careful think pure thoughts, don’t think about how much fun it is to toture squeaky/little lamb, don’t think about Mrs. Herberger, or Seth’s wife I mean car. But rather than go to the actual market you can purchase them at Holy Site which is an online website, , and you can avoid those hassles of not getting in due to impureness of heart.

Present-Day Ninjas- they are the ones that attacked me and that’s why they were easily beaten. Not much to really say about them. Oh, some can be bribed. But that about it.

Will it’s getting late and I am going to go to bed, hopefully that hasn’t been smited too. Anyway I am tired, I need more sugar, and my creativity is running low so I am going to call it a night. Bye.
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