Reviews for The Mystery of the Tankerville Leopard
Nearing Midnight chapter 22 . 1/5
This is such a good story. You truly have a talent for writing Canon-styled stories; this could've come from the pen of Sir Doyle himself! I'm still reeling at the ingenuity of this. Absolutely amazing.
GirlWithACurl chapter 20 . 8/23/2015
That scene between Holmes and Lestrade...
...was utterly awesome.

:D :D :D
PSW chapter 22 . 5/4/2015
Yay! The end of another really enjoyable story. I enjoyed this look into the trial-and-error, the mistakes, the learning experiences as Holmes gets started. As I've said before, I love the canon nods and the history bits. Interesting take on his relationship w Mycroft, and a good example of a case where it would have been good for him to have a colleague (friend, doctor, Boswell :-) who knew where he was and what he was up to, and could keep track when it seemed like something might be going amiss. :-P And the hints of Moriarty, so early! Interesting...

Thanks so much for writing! On to the next one... :-)
PSW chapter 16 . 5/4/2015
I *love* your Wiggins, he's just as I would imagine him. I also really enjoyed your historical notes during the chapter and at the end, always so fascinating to hear the origins of phrases and songs...
PSW chapter 11 . 5/2/2015
Oh no! Mycroft! Oops... :-P

Loved the explanation earlier too of how Wiggins can be around for years and years...
PSW chapter 7 . 5/1/2015
I love all these little hints forward to canon that have been sprinkled throughout these early stories so far. Enjoying! :-)
Carriewhowasreading chapter 1 . 5/21/2013
Ripping good yarn!
bcbdrums chapter 4 . 2/17/2012
Hello there (Sarah, right?),

This was the only way I could send you a message, as I lost your email address when my computer fell prey to viruses.

I'm sure this message seems random to you, but I never like leaving loose ends in my life. I wanted to let you know that I'm very sorry for cutting off communication so abruptly all those years ago, since we emailed back and forth in so much detail. Honestly, the reason I left this site myself was because the social aspects of it became too demanding, and I felt so obligated to write great reviews for everyone and read all of their work that it became too much. And with a real life to contend with as well, the internet of course must take a backseat.

I also wanted to let you know that before you left the site, I had gone back and read all of your new works (and they are as amazing as ever!). I simply didn't review any because I knew I didn't really have time to return to the site. You're the reason I joined in the first place though, and I read your works because you are and always will be the best Holmes writer on the planet!

If you don't mind, I'm curious why you chose to leave the site? And, if you're at all curious, my favorite of your stories is The Addleton Tragedy & the Ancient British Barrow. It ranks among the best literature I've ever read, and honestly, better than several of the canon stories.

Anyway, I just felt like I needed to say hello. I hope you're doing well, and I hope someday you'll return to writing S.H. stories. You will be greatly missed!


Brittany (bcbdrums)
minna.bird chapter 22 . 2/12/2011
If I don't leave a long review here, forgive me - it's because I'm eager to head on to the next fic in this series. This fic was so amazing and entertaining. You really had me lulled into a false sense of security over Major Handyman being the main villain here, and then - wham! It's not? What? I love that you linked this back to Moriarty - or I assume it's Moriarty, given that he goes by "the Professor."

There were a few spots where you seem to have left extra words in on editing the order of words in a sentence, but they didn't cause much confusion and otherwise I don't remember any glaring errors. And characterization, language used, plot, everything was as good as ever. I look forward to reading the next fic!
Guest chapter 1 . 11/25/2010
i love ur stories!
batfan chapter 22 . 5/15/2010
What a fabulous story. The set-up was intriguing and the solution completely satisfying. I loved the hard edge you gave Wiggins, and making "Wiggins" an entire family was a stroke of genius. Sherman thinking Sherlock was Holmes's last name was clever, and I found Holmes's relationship with Emily and his final reconciliation with Mycroft so touching.
Bixby the Footling Bat chapter 22 . 3/27/2010
Wow. That was an amazing story. So many wonderful moments. It was so typically selfless of Holmes to give the money he earned from the case to Emily Rush; it's just a shame she didn't have the courage to use it for the purpose he'd intended. And I loved reading about Holmes' first encounter with Sebastian Moran, as well as his introduction to Toby the sleuth-hound. :) And perhaps most of all, I am absolutely loving your characterization of Lestrade. It's very seldom that he's written in a favorable light, but your portrayal of him is flawless: not overly blessed with imagination, but very practical, dependable, and a good man to have on one's side. I also loved your interpretation of the origin of his rivalry with Gregson. It's going to be hard for me to think positively of Gregson after reading this! LOL

Anyway, I'm rambling. I can't wait to read the next story. And yet I also have this urge to kick Mycroft in the behind. He's quite the master manipulator, isn't he? Ah well. The Charming Chiromancer awaits!
Rahuratna chapter 22 . 3/3/2010
I absolutely love your writing style, the prose, the atmosphere, the informed nature of the story, the research and profound knowledge of canon behind it. The plot was faultless and exciting, the anticipation created in the reader better than that generated by many published novels I've read. Your characterization is superb; Sherlock Holmes is a character I've found very few to accurately depict and create adequate empathy with the reader in terms of their relation to the character. This can be witnessed in many of the second-rate spin-offs that were actually published or received literary credibility.

You, however, have a gift. I can call it nothing else. Not only have you taken the idea of the young Sherlock Holmes establishing himself in his chosen profession, you have created a blossoming personality, explained ties that are simply mentioned in canon and used your considerable imagination to conjure up plots for cases that remained tantalizingly 'untold' in Dr. Watson's memoirs.

I think what impresses me the most is the way in which Sherlock Holmes is depicted. There are so many ways in which he is visibly growing in terms of his experience, his knowledge of the world outside a priveleged young man's life, the honing of his formidable deductive skills, his confidence and relation to others. Since we are all familiar with the irascible, profound and entirely unique person he eventually becomes, there is a beauty to this that can only accompany exceptional writing skills.

Thank you for this wonderful reading experience. I'm now going to read everything of yours I can lay my hands on! With a huge smile on my face! :)
Mariagoner chapter 22 . 1/17/2010
Loved this! Another mystery that was wonderfully written and intricately constructed. And your Mycroft is always a hoot as well. Brilliant work!
Kiki Cabou chapter 22 . 12/31/2009
Okay, so it took me longer than I expected to be able to get back to the action, but at least I'm here. This story was, once again, terrific. Crazy majors and murder and mayhem among the staff of the club, ties to supposedly "supernatural" murders, and all kinds of good stuff. Lestrade and Holmes, whenever they interact throughout the tale, have this wonderful biting chemistry which I'm nonetheless really glad has been replaced by his healthier relationship with Watson. Good points that need mentioning:

Two words: Henry Holmes. Just the idea of Sherlock having to stoop because of ill-fitting clothes and greasing his hair back ... and the GLASSES! Awesome.

The repeated indignities. (The floor polishing, the possibly poisoned food, the sad little room, the horse from HELL ... ow!)

The kindly Miss Rush. (Yay!)

And this: "He’s Mr Harding’s dog," said the girl. "I mean, he was. His name’s Toby."

SQUE! Toby as a puppy! The timeline, of course, is perfect. And Toby is perfectly adorable. And the way Holmes reacts to him, I think it's even better proof than Watson's words of Holmes's "great heart."

And of course: "There are moments in every man’s life when the sheer pointlessness of existence strikes him with full force. Standing in the Tankerville’s kitchen, with my arm half drenched in stale urine, I realised that such a moment was upon me. Had anyone asked me what was the point of it all, I would have been lost for an answer." I lol'd. Poor Sherlock, much abused and with his hand in a vat of pee. Talk about the icing on the cake. Although actually, he probably did all right by himself. Urine is sterile, after all.

The beginning of Lestrade and Gregson's competitive issues. And poor Holmes, getting caught in the middle! Poor Lestrade, temporarily shoved off to the country for his trouble, although it comes out right in the end, thank goodness.

Wiggins! (Yay!) Here we have the very small burgeoning seeds of the Irregulars. What fun.

Mycroft! The scene between the two brothers in chapter 11 was dynamite. What a heck of a knock-down, drag-out fight, even though nobody was injured, technically. Holmes's painful decision to separate from Mycroft rather than do as he was bade makes complete sense and supports canon, but it's going to be tough on him without his brother's support. Mycroft's final act - sending him that envelope with a shilling - I'm sorry, but what a douche. I know he was just trying to make a point, but seriously. Ouch.

The chase and the dead dog in the gymnasium were spot-on, and the way Toby sacrificed himself for Holmes and Emily! Good dog. Very good dog. I'm glad that we get to meet Sherman, too, who takes Toby in, and I love your explanation of why he calls Sherlock Sherlock. Hee hee! Sherman seems to be a forerunner of the ASPCA or Humane Society, with his collection of critters - the live ones, not the stuffed ones.

The part when he pawned his Strad broke my heart.

The ending was explosive and terrific. Talk about a twisted net of murder and torture and craziness, and Holmes unravels it all, until of course someone nearly unravels him. Ow. Sucking chest wounds suck. Oh, and the dirty fingernails! Blech. He was definitely very lucky to survive, and while I commend him on his service to Emily and her little sister, he's right that the money probably won't help, and won't really put a dent in the misery.

And the final scene with Mycroft and Sherlock ... again, wow. I'm glad they managed to reconcile, sort of, especially since he's been paying Sherlock's bills, after all. And now I'm torn whether to read the Charming Chiromancer or the Addleton Tragedy. I think I'll go for Addleton next, because it looks like you've invented other Holmeses and I would so very much like to meet them before continuing. :D


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