Reviews for Breaking Dawn: The Unwritten Scenes
Narges chapter 2 . 4/3/2016
A really beautiful chapter
Narges chapter 1 . 4/3/2016
It was greatly written. I felt his very pain.
MoonlightDancer995 chapter 1 . 12/17/2012
I am not a massive twilight fan, but i am loving this story it's really well written and I love how you write Alice and Jasper x
grace chapter 4 . 1/12/2011
Hi that was amaZing , please make more?
Fleur24 chapter 2 . 10/13/2009
That was so totally awesome!
Taylor chapter 1 . 5/7/2009
OH MY GOSH! I can't believe that you wont write another book have such a gift. i have read all of your boks twice an this little glimpse of midnight sun andi am 100 % posative that no matter what happened with the publishing thing and the leaks you could write another one please for me and my whole entire class write another. i am literally begging. i hope yo utake this into consideration and do what is right.
jswham chapter 4 . 2/26/2009
missrat chapter 4 . 2/20/2009
w-o-w! I enjoyed this!

Looking for an EPOV of Bella's change (immediately after, not during the burning). Interested?
PrincessFerdinand chapter 2 . 2/16/2009
Huh. Apparently, I put this on story alert a while back, and, while thumbing through my sories, I found this. Apparently though, I never actually read this chapter, because I don't recall it.

Anyway, it's perfectly awesome, awesomely perfect, and also amazingly wonderful, and wonderfully amazing :-). In short, it rocks my socks off.

Actually, it's like this other fic I'm writing (and this is NOT a hint for you to go read it :-)) but it gave me an idea of an idea I should put in the next chapter. Thanks!

When are you going to update? You haven't updated since October :-(.
hahahotpink chapter 1 . 1/4/2009
please,please,please write more!
HermoineGirl03 chapter 4 . 10/27/2008
Literally speechless...I'm trying to think of something good enough to say but I can't. I can only come up with this: I thought I was Edward in the last chapter. Honestly, when I read the last word, I blacked out for a minute and had to try and understand where in the heck I was and then I realized that I'm not a fictional character. SO beyond brilliant work for literally making me think I was Edward.

Keep writing, anything, please, because your talent is far too great not to share.
wilsontoyourhouse chapter 4 . 10/11/2008
*is completley speechless*


Uh...*lost for words*

*still can't find a compliment good enough*


IveGotNoIdeaToBeHonest chapter 4 . 10/7/2008
A naked, water dwelling Edward? I'll take one :P

Love the chapters! They're all really good, and totally in character!

therisingharvestmoon chapter 4 . 10/7/2008

Go my Beta-ing. I liked it :D
therisingharvestmoon chapter 3 . 10/7/2008
I reviewed, now, where's my Alice? Not saying I want to snog her (not that it'd be unpleasent but..) I want her to cheat in tests. :D

It's good, keep going! :D
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