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inuyashamunkey chapter 111 . 8/28
sapphire80 chapter 62 . 7/2
oh good! thank you, he's finally thinking that he overeacted a LOT! my rant before is now useless but it felt good to rant, hope you don't mind xD
sapphire80 chapter 53 . 7/2
also sighs annoyed, I wasn't going to mention it cause there were other parts in the story that really annoyed me too but I just can't help it this time xD this is concerning the last chapter cause I reviewed already and couldn't a second time... Naruto needs to grow up some. Sasuke for all his faults in the past did not do anything majorly wrong here, for fucks sake he was caught up in the moment like anyone would be when you are at this stage in the relationship, its not like Naruto wasn't going full speed ahead and showing him he was more than ok with how things were going.. and he didn't fucking rape him! you would swear the way Naruto was acting like he held him down and shoved his fingers up his ass..coughs sorry xD I just felt like while his fear/nervousness was justified somewhat cause Sasuke didn't immediately stop, it shouldn't have gone to the extreme of running off..again! and the way he is feeling throughout this chapter not wanting to get close to Sasuke with kisses etc, it makes no sense to me idk cx ends rant goes back to reading cx
sapphire80 chapter 52 . 7/2
reading this story so many ups and downs and a LOT I don't agree with and understand but I continue to read anyway lol you are a great writer! I think its just the culture too, I am from the western side so to speak so a LOT of things just from watching and or reading amine/manga is either weird or just feel plain stupid from my point of view xD
Yuuki-chan24 chapter 111 . 7/1
This is one of the greatest stories I have read in the realm of Naruto fanfiction. I don't usually try to read long fanfics but I tried this one and I don't regret it at all. This story is filled with emotions. It's like you can actually feel the emotions just from reading the words. Everything was brimming with love and sadness.

I can see the effort you have put in the story and I really appreciate it. Naruto's relationship with Sasukr also gave me a sense of tingly happiness. (Fangirl too! ) I really do hope you make something like an epilogue to this story. I just want to know the complete ending of this masterpiece .

Thank you very much for making this story. You have evoked so many emotions from me. :)
aakankshamtu chapter 111 . 6/30
only one word.. AMAZING!
Guest chapter 111 . 6/21
You awesome
Guest chapter 65 . 6/15
Sex is special after time. I think you made the right choice, even though it was hell to wait for.
animelover1905 chapter 111 . 6/12
You are an amazing writer. All the feelings poured in here are amazing. I finally finished and I'm crying buckets.
Guest chapter 26 . 4/22
Maybe you should make all the Japanese words in English because a lot of people won't know what they mean
BreakMyHeartALittleMore chapter 1 . 4/14
"It can't be thatbad, can it?" Should be "It can't be that bad, can it?"
nolastname chapter 7 . 3/18
dear lord, this fanfic is longer harry potter books. and am on chapter 6.
Dbzgirl1011 chapter 1 . 3/18
I can't stop smiling. Naruto deserves all the love and happiness ever. Sasuie :3
Pie 555 chapter 111 . 3/1
Thank you
Guest chapter 52 . 2/21
I'm sorry I just don't find this realistic for several reasons:
1- Naruto is mad as Sasuke because he wanted more, so Naruto goes and makes out with three people without thinking they would also want more and trusting them more than Sasuke
2- He blew it way out of proportion I get that he doesn't want to have sex but does he have to react so badly. IF HE WAS SO LONELY WHY DIDNT HE FIND SASUKE he would rather find other people to make out with rather than forgive his boyfriend that he "loved"
3- If he loved Sasuke so damn much than why was he so eager to look for comfort elsewhere
4- How can Sasuke trust Naruto not to cheat in college when he could barely last the time Sasuke was on the trip

Don't get me wrong ur writing is flawless and I love ur plot up until now I was loving i great writer I don't mean to hate just to educate
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