Reviews for To Stand Against the Darkness
Bronze chapter 7 . 2/25
Harry and Hermione both said they'd be good students about the animagus transformation. Unfortunately that doesn't mean that Fate can't play a dirty joke on all of them. Wouldn't be the first time that she did and it won't be the last. Fate is like that! Yes she is!:)
Bronze chapter 6 . 2/21
Regardless of whether he knew the Dursley's were good, bad or indifferent, AD had the responsibility to check up on Harry once he assumed responsibility for him. And he assumed responsibility the moment he disregarded the Potters Will. Ad took LEGAL RESPONSIBILTY the night he ORDERED Harry taken from the scene of the crime before ANY INVESTIGATION WAS EVEN STARTED. The next question that was never asked nor answered is: WAS THEREEVEN AN INVESTIGATION OR DID OUR FAVORITE HEADMASTER QUASH THATAS WELL? I have always felt and still fell that Albus Dumbledore should be in Azkaban serving a life plus two to three hundred year sentence.
Bronze chapter 5 . 2/21
Regardless of whether they're old pure blood families or not, they were caught red handed at the scene of the crime. Therefor, freezing their accounts at the banks is perfectly fine. Though I think putting a nice high bounty on their heads would work even better. Make them afraid to show their faces anywhere for fear of someone collecting on it. Everytime a Death Eater is IDed, post a bounty on him/her. And don't be cheap about it either!
Beronze chapter 4 . 2/21
Dead is the only way to deal with Death Eaters. To become one you rape, torture and murder innocent people. Preferably young Muggle children with their parents and siblings their to watch and await their turn. with that as their way of becoming one, introducing them to Death personally is the only way to deal with their kind.
Bronze chapter 3 . 2/21
Rereading to find where I left off when my system updated about a week or maybe more ago. I like the story but disagree about Dumbledore. As I see him, he's a criminal. All his actions towards Harry have served to endanger ALL the students in his care. Had it been the real world, he'd see prison time for all of them. Not to mention civil suits from parents against himself and the school to the point of bankrupting the school. Dumbledore would never be allowed near another school never mind a child ever again in his life.
bronze chapter 2 . 2/21
This is great fun to read.
Bronze chapter 1 . 2/21
Very interesting turn of events this. harry returns with Peter who Sirius is supposed to've murdered and thus proved Sirius innocent. Fudge doing the right thing instead of denying and hiding the facts. Most out of the ordinary for him. Added to all that Harry and Hermione realizing they love each other. None of that was ever in cannon.
Bronze chapter 3 . 2/18
I think you're wrong about the cannon Dumbledore. At no time does he ever stop to think about any of his past decisions. He just keeps going in the same direction. He's less a leader then a dictator. You story shows him as he SHOULD'VE been.
Bronze chapter 2 . 2/18
Doesn't that fool know just how dangerous what he's doing to Muggles is?! If Voldie continues sooner or later the Muggle governments'll get fed up and start looking for where all this shit is coming from! After that every witch and wizard'll be looking for a super doper place to hide from all the bullets flying in their direction! And all because Voldemort couldn't keep control of himself.
Bronze chapter 1 . 2/18
Too easy. Harry's capturing Peter was much too easy. But now that they have him and he confessed things are as they should be. with the exception of Voldie. He should be dead.
Ron chapter 20 . 2/11
I am reasonably new to Harry Potter fanfiction and only recently came across this very good story. Given that the initial publication date was 6-7 years ago, I assume that Chapter 20 was the last one posted.

If so this is a great pity as I have thoroughly enjoyed the story to date

HairyLimey chapter 1 . 1/25
A Fudge with two brain cells to rub together? ...bloody hell !
SirenWrage chapter 1 . 12/27/2014
Not bad. I really like the slight turn of events with regards to Pettigrew being caught and Sirius being pardoned. :)
gambit1077 chapter 20 . 12/18/2014
Great story, I love your writing, the whole story is great but there are few battle scenes in FF that compare to the attack on Hogwarts in this story. I would love to see you revisit this world and face DemonicVoldie. I'm happy to see you've updated your author page recently, whatever you write next I'm looking forward to it (although I am partial to your HHr stories)!
CynthiaP chapter 14 . 12/15/2014
Truly enjoying this story! Hope that it will be updated!
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