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Emyblue05 chapter 6 . 7/1/2016
This story is my favorite of your fanfictions !
I like the idea about this story (Max homeless, she spends more time by Logan's home, learns more about him, spends time and develops some habits with him...)
That's wonderful to read, and the characters are just like in DA. So, congratulations for your fic and thank you !
nathy.faithy chapter 6 . 11/24/2013
One of the best fics here! I love it so very much!
Long Live BRUCAS chapter 6 . 4/4/2012
I can so see OC going off in the show about there apartment like she did here.

Mrs. Moreno's and Max friends was so sweet. I had a feeling when that guy showed up she was going to get the apartment.

even sweaty, working out Logan managed to look stylish. So right.

Glad Logan and Max finally realized they both wanted each other. And their routine was nice. I loved the nighttime one the best. And MAx/Herbal was so right. she'd ended up just where she needed to be. With the person she should be with too.
BerryEbilBunny chapter 6 . 5/15/2011
AWH! I was literally going like this :D half the time. I loved how you wrote the last part. That was just right and I loved it! GREAT job!
Ica44 chapter 6 . 1/31/2010
Lovely story, really beautifully played out. I love how you wrote all their insanely-frustrating dancing around each other... so sweet, so lovely. There were some spelling mistakes that were a bit distracting, but overall a really great story!
Ica44 chapter 3 . 1/31/2010
Loving it. My favourite was the bit when Max fell asleep on the couch and Logan was feeling all protective. Totally made me melt.
Rast chapter 6 . 6/11/2009
Very sweet. And very well plotted. And I'm sad it's over. I think my favorite part was the new routine between them, and the gradual way they got closer. Very well done.
nattylovesu chapter 6 . 5/31/2009
sigh...every time i re read this i remember why i love fan fic

i really appreciate the character development and depht of this story and its "beleivable"- ness

thanks for that

Hsppy pulse day tomorrow!
anatolealice chapter 6 . 4/22/2009
That was amazingly awesome, I enjoyed it so much! You included everything I look for, perfect characterisation - and character development, you did an awesome job of breaking down their reserve bit by bit. And there was all the humour, affection and tenderness (and food!) I love in max and logan scenes but so much more of it than we get in an episode, a much appreciated embarrassment of riches :-)

I haven't checked out your other stories yet but I am hoping by the date on this one that you are still writing. Please!
metzy chapter 6 . 11/8/2008
Fan Fricken Tastic.

Please write again
Paillette chapter 6 . 10/16/2008
lol, I didn't realize it was finished. Very very nice; well done :)

Paillette chapter 5 . 10/16/2008
Really top-notch characterization. Best Original Cindy I've ever read, and the investigations into Valerie and Mrs. Moreno are perfect touches. I really love the way you are allowing Logan to be a "man" instead of a simpering dope and staying true to Max's character as she "unconsciously" seduces him :)

I also really admire the way you are moving the story and their relationship along. Anxiously awaiting the last chapter! -P
shywr1ter chapter 6 . 9/25/2008
Late again! (sorry... RL has me tied up in RL!)

Count me in as an other sap who hates to see *any*one die (another hardcore softie - is such a thing possible?) but Mrs. Moreno's death certainly works for your plot, so we'll just celebrate her long and joyous life... and then get to the M/L shippiness! ;}

"It was both a full-body search for comfort and a deep surrender for both of them. They weren’t just mourning for Mrs. Moreno, but for a host of other painful events that they normally were forced to ignore, not just to themselves, but in one another." This idea and the scene that went with it is a nice one, and very fitting for these two. It also fit with the building of their relationship over the previous weeks/chapters.

And it was fun, Max's catching on that Logan might feel he wasn't needed, so she decided to do dinner not so well- but Max doesn't plan to do THAT badly, yet *surprise!* It still turns out wrong! (Extra points for it being the dreaded risotto! ;}) I suspect that the effect was much better on Logan to see her genuine frustration with it not turning out better.

Another well-done resolution - Logan's catching on that Max had been in his journals. And the payoff lines were lovely:

“So? You still mad?” she cheekily asked.

“Yeah, but let’s just say I’m rapidly getting over it.”

Of course, the scenes with their "breaking points" and the final wrap-up into the "5 new patterns" are great! (and thanks for getting these in! I love those little "5 things" things; am waiting for a M/L 5 things challenge to answer- doesn't seem right to make up one myself then write them! :\ ) But really, these are such a good way to cap things off- all the little changes into their lives, as they move forward much like before, but their relationship permeating everything... perfect shippery goodness!

Thanks so much for Christmas and all the good stuff! Please say you have lots of ML left for us... :D
Mari83 chapter 6 . 9/10/2008
Even though it has a perfect, happy shipper ending, I almost don’t like to see this end, there were so many great, insightful scenes (which I’d like to quote all) and this amazing, deep Logan-characterization.

I’m a softie and kind of don’t like Mrs. Moreno dying but apart from that unjustified personal weirdness really enjoyed reading Max’s typical, overwhelmed reaction of running away, driving around and going to the Space Needle and the changes her being an apartment owner brings (including the resurrection of her old room-sharing routine with Cindy (yay!) and the ultimately funny end of the Chrisette episode with her being jealous over Sketchy of all people).

"He was there. She saw him, of course, her night vision picked him up immediately, but what she didn’t expect was that he would be able to sense her too.

Max flinched slightly. She wasn’t use to being the one discovered; when she hid, she stayed hidden. She wanted to ask him how he knew she was there, but didn’t."

Very strong and very DA-scene, just can see it - and even more perfect with the little variation of Logan sensing her presence (sigh).

"It was both a full-body search for comfort and a deep surrender for both of them. They weren’t just mourning for Mrs. Moreno, but for a host of other painful events that they normally were forced to ignore, not just to themselves, but in one another."

I really like the basic comfort in this scene, something they both need very much. It was so nice to see how they slowly got closer step by step and with back and forth with Logan’s worries about being useless now that Max has all his luxuries on her own. It seems like a very natural way for them to ease into a relationship...

“So I guess it wasn’t just the penthouse view you were after.”

“No, not totally. If you want, I’ll make your name untraceable to the apartment.”

Interesting detail.

“Yeah, it required so much time stirring I figured I break it up a little.” Max responded, actually pretty proud of herself for that one. The recipe had called for constant stirring, which of course was boring, and so rather than attempting to speed it up as she normally would, Max had gone in spurts."

The whole repeat of the cooking scene from 'Out' was amusing (especially Max’s complete turn of tactics) but even with knowing that she tries to fail on purpose this is just so absurdly funny.

"She saw the second he came to the only logical conclusion. She saw it in the way his eyes hardened and his pulse sped up in his agitation.

“Things are marked personal for a reason Max; not to serve for your personal amusement.” His voice was harsh, but measured, and Max felt the sting that was behind the words."

I think my favorite part is the confrontation about the diaries (maybe with the thought that if they get over such a breach of trust things just have to work out), the way it just slips out in their shared comfort, the sudden change of mood, how it takes an unexpected turn for Logan with Max’s insight into Valerie, showing more understanding of him than he has himself …

"Her cheeks were flushed red at this point, and it took Max all her well-trained focus to get the final part out. “Who and what you are… you’re just too much for someone like her. You make her ashamed of herself, not intentionally, but by comparison. You force her to see what she isn’t.”

I love your analysis of Valerie, her dynamics with Logan and how Max exposes herself by all the implications about herself in her description of how Valerie wasn’t an equal for Logan.

"The night had proven both wonderful and torturous. After their exchange the two had lay entwined in bed silent and completely still. Neither of them wished to upset the momentary calm or to deal with potentially awkward places that shifting could cause their hands to go".

This tension between dreaming of the other and feeling halfway safe in the dark but not when fully conscious, of wanting to be close and awkwardness is just so typically M/L:-)

The epilogue is so sweet, the mix of old and new in their new routines and this...

"Logan found himself struggling to concentrate as Max squirmed on his lap and played with his fingers. Finally needing to address the issue, he scolded her… “Max, stop it. This is important.”

… is how S2 should have been…

Hope you have a lot of DA inspiration left..
BlueAngel137 chapter 6 . 9/10/2008
Awesome ending to a great story. It's so well written again, and I really like that you close the circle and end it with "5 New Patterns of Max and Logan" (PERFECT!). And I like the idea of Logan needing coffee before he's able to deal with Max (especially when she shows up in that red bath robe), love that you use that during the whole story. :-)

THANKS so much for sharing!
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