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dragonlady222 chapter 32 . 3/17
At least, Joey is alive. Matt really is a lunatic. I keep forgetting Hirutani was only in the manga and the season zero not shown here. Kids like that do not comprehend what being in a gang can do and that death is not like a video game where you can reset and be alive again. Death is final.
QueenShadowclan chapter 25 . 3/12
I was rereading your story and just realized...My Davie Whittaker is imprisoned !
:( i barely got that part about "David"
(I say my Davie because though it is unfinished the story about David Whittaker is still special to me-thanks for writing it _ i feel like David is my special character)
Aaaaaannnnywaaaay poor David...
FangandIggyRule chapter 32 . 3/12
Iced Blood,
Personally, I love your work. I can never find any issue with any of your stories. I've read pretty much all of your Yu-Gi-Oh fics, and I love them all. You write so well, and your writing style keeps me intrigued and at the edge of my seat. Especially with these last Paved with Good Intentions chapters.
Write at your own pace. Don't stress out too much about writing. You're doing fine. You haven't abandoned your stories. I've followed your story for at least a year in a half, maybe more, and you've updated more than pretty much any other writer I've seen on FF recently. Keep your chin up, because you're the best writer I've seen on this site in a long while. You've inspired me, and your works are so amazing. I always wish you the best of luck.
Lord Darth Yoda chapter 32 . 3/12
Hoo boy. Now the stuffs hit the fan. Kaibas gonna be pissed even more, and I wish Atem was still around to deal his own justice too. Dint know which is scarier, Kaiba or Atem.
QueenShadowclan chapter 32 . 3/12
This was amazing and i want so much more!
I dont care if its a paragraph a day, you better update the next part tomorrow ! Aaaaaaaagh i want more it was AWESOME i want Kaiba to see what has I want him to be murderous !
Ruby Rosethorn chapter 31 . 1/21
Oh, S***.

Well, for next chapter's forecast, I'm predicting Hurricane Seto will make landfall on Matt Kerns Island, with a chance of Storm Front Joey bringing in some lighting.

(Don't give up on this!)
DragonSiren7 chapter 31 . 12/21/2014
That... I an evil cliffhanger. A really, REALLY cliffhanger to a really, REALLY good story. I haven't read the two companion pieces yet, but they're next. Please, PLEASE update! I hope to see Seto and Joey kicking Matt's sorry butt! Ciao for now,
StarLuna chapter 31 . 11/14/2014
This story is everything I didn't know I wanted/needed.
Thank you... Thank you
CaribbeanSakura chapter 31 . 10/11/2014
From all your stories this one and "Paved with Good Intentions: Blue Eyes, Violet Eyes" are my favourite ones.
You have a fascinating writing style and how you write the Kaiba brothers is really good. The dynamic between Mokuba and Seto is touching and I love Mokubass character design in your fanfictions (To put in a nut shell its so "Dont mistake my kindness for weakness, bitch. I will fuck you up")
The only thing that irks me sometimes how you let Mokuba suffer. There a chapters/stories where I sometimes doubt you really like him...but what kind of story would that be if everything went smooth? And isnt it great to see the protagonist/hero overcomes their problems?
Guest chapter 31 . 9/17/2014
Aaaaaand, cliffhanger. Can't wait for the next installment!
Morose chapter 31 . 9/7/2014
what will happen?! what will happen?! what will happen?! UPDATE! PLSSSSSSSSSS. This story got me spinning around already. just tell us what will happen! PLSSSSSSS!
LadyLinet chapter 31 . 9/6/2014
I have just discovered this story, and I have to say I am well swept off my feet and swooning. I always thought the Kaiba brothers had one of the most interesting backstories and character dynamic. Seto Kaiba is a fan favorite, but Mokuba is sometimes under-appreciated as his partner and foil, overlooked despite the shining loyalty and resilience in the face of his own darker experiences that establishes his character. This story is a provacative exploration of that bond.

Now, to avert further frustrated screams of agony at this absolutely delightful cliffhanger, I am going to peruse your other work.
Guest chapter 31 . 8/18/2014
I would just like to say that if there is anyone and I mean ANYONE on fanfiction who has managed to capture the true essence of Seto Kaiba's character, it's you. I'm so glad I rediscovered this story and I still cannot stop rereading every chapter.
7LightWings7 chapter 31 . 8/6/2014
Hell no... u didn't just point a gun to the forehead of the richest ,most powerful, Almighty arrogant,obsessively over protective Man's little brother who got away with shooting somebody dead n have no hesitation in doin so AGAIN!

this Matt dude is dead.. Literally DEAD.. Seto's soooo gonna shoot him in the head n then empty a total of 20 bullets in the dude's sorry skull just for spite...

Totally what he deserves for his stupendous stupidity and for putting Mokuba back into that psychologically damaging situation ..

I feel sorry for little Mokie X"C... I mean he was healing just fine n now he has to deal with this again...I hope it won't render him as badly injured emotionally as before.. T..T

Please update sooner ..
Lord Darth Yoda chapter 4 . 7/7/2014
I know this chapter is way old and is a primarily Kaiba story but man if Matt doesn't deserve a visit from Yugi and a certain pharaoh to really scare some sense into him I don't know who does. Would love for Atem to pretend to tap into his old season 0 self and really scare the crap out of Matt.
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