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IZZY chapter 2 . 10/8
why the fuck does he keep say da instead of dad
HarryPotterGirl chapter 53 . 9/30
I think this is a great story by how about if Ginny came back 3 months later and Harry was dating someone new
Rebeca Hernandez chapter 46 . 9/30
Yasss Sirius is alive! He survived! They're getting married! This is the best things ever!
HarryPotterGirl chapter 15 . 9/29
I had a total fan girl moment at the end with squealing and everything
georgemathew336 chapter 1 . 9/23
the person below me: Woah, woah, calm down there. No need to get so angry! Chill out.
Guest chapter 11 . 8/29
you made harry a sexist and it's noticeable that you write long ass dialogs to make up for the fact that you didn't explain previous stuff. Sad. You turned this into a much more adilt story, when it isn't... but it's a fanfic i get it but TURN HARRY INTO A SEXIST? "He didn't want to sound sexist but... she was a girl" SO WHAT? THEIR BRAIN WORKS THE SAME WAY. PLUS HERMIONE NOT KNOWING SOMETHING THAT RON KNOWS? SHE READ 100 BOOKS A MONTH AND SHE WOULDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE FIDELIUS CHARM? OH PLEASE
Guest chapter 13 . 7/23
Surprised that James didn't end up killing Sirius. And in the pervious part, it mentioned that Lily is paralyzed!? I thought she died!
Guest chapter 6 . 7/22
I laughed, cried and felt bittersweet at the same time. I hope Lily really isn't dead:(
Guest chapter 4 . 7/22
I'm interested to see where this goes. Will Snape still be around and be a dick(although James can straighten him out).
Guest chapter 3 . 7/22
Thank god James got Harry back! Vernon is an asshole. It's sad that Lily is gone:(
Guest chapter 17 . 6/12
I like it
TheWateringWizard chapter 47 . 6/1
Both sides have good reasons to have done what they did or to be angry but in the end I side with James. Harry is being a little spoiled brat throwing a tantrum. His anger with James is extremely misplaced. He should that angry with Dumbledore!

"It doesn't matter if you wanted to or not!", sorry Harry but even if for you/from your point of view this statement is true, if you want to understand why James and Dumbledore did what they did then yes it matters.

The important fact that Harry doesn't seem to understand is that James and Dumbledore honestly thought that they were doing what's best for Harry. They didn't withhold the propehcy because of ill or malicious intent. But they shouldn't have withheld the prophecy! Yeah but that's beside the point, both of them couldn't know that what they were doing was not the best for Harry.

And about telling Harry the prophecy earlier: year 1, euhhh no. He was a freaking 11 years old. No matter what you say and how important the prophecy is, he was too young. He only had one year of magic education so what good could come out of knowing that Voldy would continue coming after you until you kill him or he kills you? Absolutely none!
Year 4, it indeed would've been THE MOMENT to tell him, especially after the graveyard. But I can understand why they didn't. He already had nightmares and felt like shit because Cedric died so telling him the prophecy would simply have added more guilt on to him. "Cedric died because he was associated with me, blablabla.."

Harry can't seem to understand that everyone makes mistakes. He always talks of how he's isn't a kid anymore, he's been through more than even a lot of adults, he's more mature than other 15 years old. Well Harry with that nasty attitude you're showing and the stupid anger you're holding against your dad proves you wrong on the maturity idea. You can't select when you want to behave as an adult. You want to be treated like a grown up, well behave like one ALL the time, not just when it suits you. Be an adult even when you don't want to to and it's hard. Be a grown-up and realise that James and Dumbledore made a mistake but they're sorry and forgive them and move on towards more training...

But then Harry uses the "I never want to talk you again" and he loses absolutely credibility. Way to go Mr Maturity. In the end, he says all that just because they didn't tell him the prophecy?! You simply can't side with Harry on this one.

And even if I said "blame Dumbledore", it's only Harry's fault if he walked into the trap and put his friends in danger. If any of them had died, he would've been responsible because even if it's a dick move from Dumbledore, Harry didn't have a "right" to know the prophecy, Dumby not telling him didn't give him justification to do what he did. So yeah, Voldy keeps coming after you, knowing why won't change shit, he's still coming after you. Knowing from the prophecy that you need to kill him or he will kill you is nothing ground breaking or game changing because it's already the fucking case! Voldy has been trying to kill you for quite a while and if you don't want to die, you obviously have to kill him first.

So yeah, I'm pissed with Harry and I don't condone his behaviour or support it at all.
TheWateringWizard chapter 45 . 5/29
This chapter makes me soooo angry! First Dumbledore cocks up BIG TIME! Harry has a lot of blame on him but I believe Dumbledore is responsible for this whole situation. In canon, Harry never had this conversation with Dumbledore but here Dumbledore knows that Harry knows that something is in the Department of Mysteries and he tells him what? Forget about it?! So he basically told Harry: there's indeed something really important that concerns you and why Voldemort is after you but I don't find you worthy of knowing and I'll just tell you to forget it. That's just asking to be disobeyed! Doesn't Dumbledore know Harry a little better? Did he really think Harry was gonna listen to him? For fucks sake, Dumby, wake the fuck up! And even if you don't tell him the content of the prophecy, why didn't you add: Harry it's Voldy that's speaking in your head but don't listen to him because he's trying to lure you to the Department because he himself doesn't know what the hidden thing is and he's trying to use you to get it.

But the biggest problem with Dumby is that he has NO RIGHT to decide if Harry can know or not something that concerns Harry so much. Maybe it could be James' decision and I believe Harry should've been told when he started his elemental training.

But then, as if things went bad enough, Harry's sheer stupidity made me want to hit him. If I had been Ginny I would've slapped him. I understand Harry's anger, especially when Dumby is holding this secret right under your nose and still treats you like a freaking 10 years old. But you see an image of all THREE marauders being tortured by Voldy and you don't try to contact them first?! Honestly what is the probability that all THREE of them were captured?!

But the worst offender is Harry telling them they can't come! As if Ginny and the others will let you, you fucking little idiot, go in this alone which would end up being your death. Harry even knows and admits it's a trap! How much more arrogant and conceited can one be?! What do you honestly expect to achieve Harry, apart from giving that secret thing to Voldy and dying? I honestly really believe it's arrogance on his part or Harry has suicidal tendencies. Arrogance to believe that Voldy is only your problem and it's yours alone to deal with or arrogance to believe that he can go to the Ministry alone and achieve something.

I believe the prophecy is important but not that dramatic either. Harry needs to completely realise how important his training is but there's no real reason to get so bent out of shape by the "neither can survive" part. I wouldn't say it was expected but it's not a surprise either. Voldy has been bent on killing Harry since he was a toddler, did you really believe he would ever stop until Harry or himself is dead?! The prophecy just means that if Harry wants a little bit of peace than he has to kill Voldy before he kills him. And the prophecy doesn't say "Harry you are doomed to die when Voldy does". But of course, calm down, I understand that learning you have to kill the most powerful Dark wizard in a long time can be pretty scary but that's all there's to it.

Now sorry for the long rant but I had to vent my frustrations at Harry and Dumbledore, not the writer.
TheWateringWizard chapter 44 . 5/29
The moment between Harry and Ginny was just so... unbelievably hot. I'm glad that it seems you'll write some more intimate scenes and hopefully some lemons too
alexaemd1997 chapter 87 . 5/4
I am not sure if I have reviewed this story or the others, but this is by far the best Harry Potter fanfiction I have ever read! The series is beyond brilliant and I love it so freaking much! Thank you so much for writing this story and the new twists and turns! And my number one comment, THANK YOU FOR KEEPING SIRIUS ALIVE! He is my all time favorite character! So anyways, end of rant. I loved this story and I will love reading the rest of the series! On to the next part! :)
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