Reviews for Of Stripping and Poker
itachi13080 chapter 1 . 8/27/2016
That was FUNNY! Thank you very much for sharing this Oneshot! It had me laughing all the way though to the end. ;D
Guest chapter 1 . 2/13/2016
Poor Sasuke...

Well they all paid.
bazzpop00 chapter 1 . 10/18/2014
helenaphant chapter 1 . 8/30/2013
this oneshot was so funny! I loved how you made jiraiya tease orochimaru about tsunade xD
Thanks for posting!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/1/2013
Komo Pineconeseed chapter 1 . 2/10/2013
I read this a long time ago, and I loved it.

But I spent hours searching for this fic to tell you that I think you single-handedly turned me into a Lightis shipper with your A/N.


I LOVE Lightis, so thank you.
fuego azul chapter 1 . 12/11/2012
O M G that was awesome! Poor Sasuke-kun xDDD
AdotD chapter 1 . 9/28/2012
Haha. Entertaining read! Thanks!
TheNewSarcastic chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
...(Sips Tea)...(Bites Cookie)...(Takes a deep breath)
This is so darn funny. Genius! Sasuke going "HERE YOU GO!" and just putting..everything..out there.
When they were talking about the pee-pee part and everything, well, let's just say I thought you were downright crazy. That's a compliment. A huge one.
I love the switches between scenes of the past and present. You could really see the identical pervertedness of Naruto and Jiraiya! Ahh, those lovable dimwits.

Love this story soo much! I don't really have anything but compliments right now..
So. I should really stop right now.

feisu-chan chapter 1 . 10/11/2011
hahahaha! funny funny! I wish you write more often, though... and update Gods of Vindication already!
inu-babygirl1 chapter 1 . 8/18/2011
hehehheheheh oohhhh yea letting all hang out hehehehehe
zunaira ghazal chapter 1 . 3/17/2011
lol! :D
Eat Them chapter 1 . 11/25/2010
Lol this is great! Love it! Many you could do an akatsuki one? Could be strip or Truth or dare... Of course with maddie-kun!
Lala chapter 1 . 4/16/2010
That was quiet funny. Oh, this might be late but I did check out Storm and yes I do agree with you. However, it seems that they changed his name to Noctis Lucis.
noonono chapter 1 . 4/15/2010
Heh, that was very funny (_)
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