Reviews for Meetings with fate
The Doctor Rose chapter 1 . 9/30/2009
love it
pam halliwell chapter 4 . 3/1/2009
oh a shout-out. you know how fond i am of those :p but seriously hunny, i barely said anything. you did everything :D

august 2009 (the part where esme hugs bella) sounded particularly edward-like. like edward twilight-verse like :)

you know when i know for sure it's good. when i'm reading and stop and realise that while i was reading i forgot this was your story. i was enjoying it not because it's you, but because i got involved, drawn in and forgot everything. it's lik when you'ree watching a very famous actor on screen and you forget all the stories and all the things about his real life and get involved in the character :)

fave part: nov. 2008. because despite wht i said, edward smitten inner thoughts are the bestest :D

"Tomorrow, people will wipe their dog's butt with it" correct me if i'm being pompous, but do i distinctly remember saying something similar?

“There's nothing wrong with being polite... and thorough,” - for soem reason this really struck me, gotta rem it :)

KUDOS dear :D x
sherbertlemon111 chapter 4 . 2/27/2009
Aw this one's my favourite, loved it. I liked how it was structured, nicely written. Looking forward to more :)
EternalConfusion chapter 1 . 12/29/2008
:O I loved this one! Why didn't I read this sooner? Oh well - I found it now :) This one shot was awesome, and the end was adorable :)
pam halliwell chapter 3 . 12/3/2008
the epic (me)/ emmett-like (you) review ;) :

(as you will notice i wrote this as i was reading):

I love the first paragraph. I always did. Seeing it as an official part of the W makes me love it more.

Ok i’ll be honest i skipped over the parts i had already read, i’m just so curious about what’s gonna happen :P

I love the love radiating off of Edward before he’s even spoken more than a handful of words to bella. It’s how everyone imagines true love to be.

DYNAMIC: the great lost treasure of meyer is her :D i mean the dynamic between the others besides alice and jasper. You know me and my ‘if you have a good supporting cast, it’ll be great’ theory ;)

I’ll be honest i’m surprised you chose the ‘edward was in love before’ route. I’m even more surprised the girls’ name isn’t hela :P (that last was just me teasing you a bit) the first one was honest. I don’t mean it’s bad. I’m just surprised. But it’s well worth it for this line: Sarah was the one who died but I was the one who let go of life. I was the one causing so much pain and worry around me.

You know it’s funny. In this one it seems like that Edward is inspired not only by the love for bella but a general appreciation for the others’ love. Not to be over-emphasise the book (this is Au after all) but i always thought that might be part of the reason why edward falls in love with bella in the book. Of course you need to fall in love with the actual person and not the idea, but witnessing so much love on a daily basis, opens you to idea you know?

You handled the ‘revealing of baggage’ beautifully :P i’m a mess when it comes to that. I alays make it too dramatic. It was subtle yet potent you know. Time has passed and that’s obvious but pain is pain and it never truly goes away, unfortunately.

“It was wonderful to be able to laugh without feeling the usual weight of guilt bringing me down. I was so used to only half feeling, to always holding back. It was refreshing to be whole again.” – and that my friend is the most accurate description of what I would like love to be i have ever encountered. I’m sure i’ve said it in a roundabout way at some point. But to have it so neatly stated right there for me i actually consider it a gift. I’m saving this somewhere as a reference point.

You know when i first got into fanfic i would copy and paste so many inspiring little sentences that i read. I was mesmerised by the little metaphors people managed to include and the accurate spot-on descriptions in the mass of words that just described actions sometimes. I’m sure somewhere there’s a young girl who’s just getting into twilight, probably 15 (same age i got into it) and discovering how great fanfic can be and i’m sure she copied and pasted this. 15 is an influential age after all :)

Jasper and the bat. God have mercy on my poor engorged cheekbones as they were stretched to the limit when i grinned :P :P

quote, unquote and eye roll, sexy piano teacher. – LOL i don’t know how you come up with these things... but i’m glad you do :D

I actually pitied those unknowing housewives and teenage girls and I considered myself lucky to be one of the rare persons to know the real Edward. – if only, IF ONLY, i wasn’t going through a writing rut i would so take up the initiative of writing a ‘babette-style’ drabble from the housewives pov :P :P

You know those paragraphs about Edward being all perfect... yeah... well let’s just say i did a lot of sighing and ‘i wish’ –ing

“It’s better here with you than at home with Emmett’s big hands looming like doom.” – that’s my favourite too :D GO Team Wit RA RA RA :p

I love the book a day idea. You left so much out that it’s torture not knowing :P

I don’t know what happened. Maybe you were really inspired but or maybe it’s because i have read a couple of your works now. But as i’m approaching the end ( :( ) I’m realising your writing has really grown. I mena don’t get me wrong it was always good but it’s really grown. There’s just such an easy flow to it.

Oh crap cue the puddle of mush moments. Hela i will get you for this :P :P :P (x)

Form all those last paragraphs of perfection you want to know what sticks out, the fact that you called a kiss ‘thorough’. It’s my new favourite word. I look to have a thorough kiss at least once in my life. I know what you mean by it and it really is an original and lovely word to use with regard to a kiss.

Rosalie hold her hand out and Jasper putting a twenty dollar bill in it. I rolled my eyes. I should have known – SEE that’s what i’m talking about the lost treasures of dynamic. All it takes is a simple sentence and meyer THREW AWAY the golden pot of opportunity! I hate people who waste! HMPH

It’s a lovely one-shot hun. I’m glad it took on a life of its own. As it is i read it when i was feeling a little down, and somehow it had so many little touches of hope it gave me the right kind of boost. Kudos doesn’t really cover it but i’ll say it anyway :)

... i wrote this last paragraph BEFORE i read the final line. I was convinced i wanted to end the review with it. But SE, SE how what you write and what the reader’s thinking are in sync! OMG this is perfect proof to a writer that mission accomplished don’t you think. Well i wrote you that long review i promised though i swear i didn’t set out with the plan that i HAD to write a long review. It really all came natural. It was a pleasure reading it hun and i’m very glad i read it as a whole. A 2 page long review ! Wow can you imagine if i hadn’t read the first part as well :P :P

Thanks for this :) i needed it.

Ps: one tiny small question i always mean to ask you... where does it say Edward had green eyes before he became a vampire? I can never remember
austen1775 chapter 3 . 12/3/2008
I like these one-shots. Well written and each chapter tells a good story. I love the last one best.

hpfanme chapter 3 . 12/2/2008
m...jackson and the baseball scene! definitely one of my favorites!
pam halliwell chapter 2 . 11/4/2008
the title! and the story! and the chick lit reference! and JAZ! where do i begin? it was perfect darling evry single word. wish it was longer ... wink wink nudge nudge (as in what happens after) but i'll suffice myself with re-reading the first chapter.

fave line: why my stomach was both being quivering under the invasion of giant wigged butterflies and fighting knots.

thankyou so much for the kind words at the beginning. i was truly touched. hopefully i can make it up to you by writing something meself :P

ps found kristen and rob fics... they are a riot! in more than one way
agadoo chapter 2 . 11/3/2008
That was cute!

Update soon :)
pam halliwell chapter 1 . 10/27/2008
Ok it’s in numbered form because i have an OCD that way :P

sounds like bella

2. See? SEE? Would it have been that difficult for meyer to pull her head from the sand and write something along the lines of this for the more intimate parts. Not so raunchy that she may have felt going overboard (as I tend to think she has a fear of) but definitely not those ridiculous short sentences that barely graze the imagination and situations that end WAY too soon

the alice and jasper setting. I HEART JAZZ :P

and i say this with all the love in the world. You sound more like hela than bella (hey it rhymes :p) in this one tiny little moment: well simply enjoyed the view for as long as I could : :P i KNOW bella says something like that all the time in the books but i can’t read it and think bella’s saying it :P it could be because i know you but still :P:P

All in all love, adore... you know those statues i’m getting made... they’ll have snippets of this emblazoned in gold around the edges :D
agadoo chapter 1 . 10/15/2008
This is amazing!

I read it on the livejournal thing and decided that i really wanted to let you know how much i liked it, because i only have a fanfiction acount, so i couldn't comment on that.

Keep it up! you're awesome.
Angelius Cullen chapter 1 . 8/22/2008
OMG this is some of the best stuff I’ve read in a while plz you gotta update. I’m serious this is just awesome. Feel free to check out my fics anyone you want but please drop something for me so I can improve my skills and hopefully be as good as you are.

And plz review my stories The Fourth Son and Blood Ties Those are my current ones and i would really appreciate it