Reviews for Getting it Right
PERF chapter 18 . 3/28
THAT WAS PERFECT YOU ARE SO GOOD AT ROMANCE that was like a roller coaster i think i might like your writing better than some published authors
its a lot different reading a book than a screen
josephina chapter 14 . 3/28
asdfghjkl i cant waitttt when are they gonna get togetherrr
the one thing i dont like though is rosie's horrible temper like everything riles her up...she need to calm down but i still am in FREAKING LOVE with this storyy im like a huge fan Moon!
(insert kissy face)
Guest chapter 35 . 3/25
Yay! Good for them!
Guest chapter 28 . 3/25
Guest chapter 24 . 3/25
Guest chapter 22 . 3/25
Look at Rosie, so innocent and oblivious to her own feelings! I pity her.
Guest chapter 19 . 3/25
Rose could use a colour-changing charm! Make 'em emerald or something.
Guest chapter 18 . 3/25
I could last farther, Rose. Actually, that'd just be because I want to see how far Scorpy'd go to get a rise out of me. -wink- If you know what I mean!
Guest chapter 13 . 3/25
Guest chapter 2 . 3/24
I don't think dear Scorpy would be so harsh. His name is Scorpius Hyperion. It's supposed to signify 'High One'. That means that he's gonna change the Malfoy name.
pooh706hw chapter 8 . 2/26
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Smiley face chapter 38 . 2/20
WOW! I just read the whole story and I LOVE it! You could be a professional author! I laughed more reading this story than I did while reading a jhon green book! Amazing !
Guest chapter 33 . 1/31
If there is anything I want to say about that chapter, thankyou for finally getting to it. Oh and the swearing is awful I skip sections that swear okay. Really good fanfiction though.
Guest chapter 28 . 1/30
Why won't you just get them together already it is driving me crazy. You keep hinting that Scorpius likes Rose, but it just bugs me that she hasn't figured it out yet.
Datfangirll chapter 37 . 1/3
Today i re read this story and rembered how much i loved this story. I must of spent around 5 hours reading this today lol but anyway i just wanted to thank you for writing this story. Hopefully you see this, which you may not becuase this story is a few years old, but you are an amazing writing and i really enjoyed reading this story again :)
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