Reviews for Harry Potter: Rise of the Technomancers
Bronze chapter 3 . 3/22
It's about damn time somebody wrote a story where Harry told everyone what was truly going on! Now good ol'Sitforbrains will have to find another way to fight. Or should that be finally fight his own battles? Had he actually done what he should've done twenty or even thirty years in the past and KILLED THE DEATH EATERS AS WELL AS TOMMY-BOY,HE WOULDN'T BE HAVING SO MUCH TROUBLE NOW! After all, it's rather hard to rape, torture and murder when your a twenty or thirty year old corpse.
rhizz17 chapter 36 . 2/24
update please
Omenglotzer chapter 3 . 2/15
Mah, It's really the same old, brash, 'f*ck-you-all' attitude. Sad.

Wouldn't it make more sense for Harry to just leave a letter saying that he hasn't forgotten the prophecy and be gone without more hints/dressdowns?
In it self that venting serves no purpose and felt like you - the author - speaking as opposed to your character. Along the lines of “Buhu look how they have mistreated Harry“ but than adding that cringy sarcasm to make Harry look tough at the same time.

And can we all agree that Lord Moldyshorts is as much cringy as it is childish? Wouldn't writing out Lord Voldemort be more badass?

Any way I will continue, if only for Harry/fleur
Gojin1990 chapter 36 . 2/2
you cant leave it there . please i like this story and want to read it to completion you MUST keep going :C
Gojin1990 chapter 12 . 2/1
I like this story. it shows harry losing everything but the rags on his back and working his way back up which shows he is quite a badass XD even if its not really him FIGHTING right now. money wise he makes a huge come back and obviously his tech would make huge changes.
Gojin1990 chapter 6 . 2/1
is this story abandoned? if not can you tell if you ever plan to get back to it eventually? i am enjoying the story so far.
MoleOfWar chapter 36 . 1/25
I liked this story. It's a shame you didn't finish it.
Weel written with a lot description which is good. Characterization if a bit over done is still plausible and I like to see for one a repentant Dumbledore. Not all good neither all bad. That's a refreshing change. Same for the revenge driven but still not dark Harry not playing by the rules anymore. I find it a bit disturbing for Gabrielle's age but for now nothing outragous was done (well partially in the uncut but it's hard to find it as it's not on your main page anymore).
I like the OCs they are true enough if maybe lacking a bit of exposure.
They biggest problem here is that it's not complete. I really hope you will find the interest to continue and finish this story which had a great potential.
knarf3 chapter 19 . 12/27/2016
I have zero interest in seeing Longbottom getting rich because Harry pities him. Ugh.
knarf3 chapter 18 . 12/27/2016
*Snort* Okay Josephine, keeping deluding yourself. Once Harry figures out how to shut down the mental intrusions from Gabrielle, he can easily slaughter the Delacours with his skills, which I wouldn't blame him for, because Gabrielle keeps being so goddamn stupid! Even her mother told him that she made a stupid decision in trying to control him, which she did AGAIN right after said event.

Jean needs to be taught a lesson if he thinks that he can intimidate Harry/Magius. That... man has some nerve trying to steal Magitek's corporate secrets in front of its boss no less! "...and I know Papa would like to know how it was that you became the richest man in the world." That bastard has no goddamn right to know any of Harry's secrets. Harry should have challenged him to an honour duel and killed him for calling him an imposter even after verifying his identity with a binding vow.

Your writing has so far been excellent, and I'm sure Gabbi and Harry will be happy together later on, but you are lucky that I already like HPxGD and HPxFD; otherwise I will not tolerate her mental violation of Harry. Once they get past the horrible first impressions though, they can consummate their bond, which will probably happen not too far into the future. I mean, with her mental age being near Harry's, "Do you want come inside of me?" was definitely asked with purposeful innuendo.

"You are NOT ready for this, and neither am I." Harry is ready for it, but Gabrielle definitely is, and she is going to keep seducing him until he takes her. It would be delicious to see Harry take her tiny cunt for himself.

Although the bond enclosed him without his permission, he can still profit from this situation because Gabrielle is already infatuated with him and would be very easy to shift her utmost loyalty to himself.

Harry, with his highly advanced mental powers, should ride roughshod over Riddle and lobotomise Snake-face, and if warranted, the Old Coot and his pet, The-DE-Who-Does-Not-Know-the-Existence-of-Shampoo.

"A little pathetic"? Harry should be whipping himself for restraining down his potential for the mudblood beaver and the weasel.

Harry does not the pity of other people. Honestly, all the hardships and horrors that he went through were trials by fire which had only made him stronger and into the visionary technomancy global tycoon that he is today.
knarf3 chapter 17 . 12/24/2016
Harry NEEDS to figure out how to severe Gabrielle's mental intrusions. If it was not for this non consensual bond, Harry would have easily wiped out the Delacours, none of whom I'm feeling charitable toward right now.

Why does Harry's Aegis shield have the technomancy emblem on it?
knarf3 chapter 16 . 12/24/2016
"...from their hated cousins from across the Atlantic." *Raised eyebrow* So Wizarding US and France are not buddy buddies? Interesting.

Ugh, why is Josephine defending Bill? She has to know that he is inadequate for her eldest.

Why the hell is HR going to be in charge of the European subsidiary? Shouldn't the company brass appoint a regional president to oversee the European operations?

Jean Delacour is a bastard. It is certainly unprofessional at the minimum for the foreign minister to meet a businessman critical to the future success of the former's country's economy in their home, therefore obviously trying to gain home advantage and off-balance Magius. Sorry to disappoint you Delacour, but Magius bows (figuratively speaking) to no one, not even the person controlling Magical France. And also, the Delacour manor's interior is certainly gaudy. Delacour is pathetic if he thought he could dictate business negotiations by gauging how knowledgeable Magius is regarding wine. At least he had enough sense to be impressed by Magius's vision.

Magius would be viewed jealously even more as Delcour is contemplating setting him up with Fleur, while his alter ego is already bonded to Gabrielle.

"...but she had been thrilled by it for some odd reason that she would divulge." Move over Bill, your days with someone out of your league is numbered.

I hope Harry didn't need Mika's input to start conditioning his body. He doesn't want to be known as a scrawny leetle boy does he?

Nice breaking it Gabrielle, didn't your parents to not invade other people's mind? Look where it got you stupid girl.
knarf3 chapter 15 . 12/24/2016
Yeah, I am interested in Neville's magical growth.
knarf3 chapter 14 . 12/24/2016
While the original contract gives the more fairer deal between the two companies, seeing as how Magitek has much more leverage than Integrated, I am disappointed Perry caved in with relatively little effort. I mean, he has been a businessman for several decades (presumably), so shouldn't he be much more adapt and dealing with and dishing out intimidation?

We have all read HP fanfics where Harry and co. use political maneuvering to neuter the purebloods and weed out corruption, but I've certainly not read one where Harry is planning an out out economic (okay, economics is political, but you know what I mean) warfare against the backwater cesspool that is Wizarding Britain. Indeed it seems a bit preposterous that Magitek has already entered the Japanese economy and dominated its technology sector all within a month, and they are already shifting targets and moving into North America as well. It would have been much better had you spent more letters document Magitek's growth and the strategies they used to achieve their financial might, but at the end of the day, this story is going to be about Harry's para bellum against the ignorant, arrogant, corrupt, and evil through his company, starting with Wizarding Britain.

It is going to be awesome to see Harry choke out Riddle's financial backing with his influence in Europe.
knarf3 chapter 13 . 12/24/2016
I want to see Luna getting onboard with Magitek. Luna is one of the most underdeveloped and underused characters of the canon HP universe, and she is one of the genuinely good people in it. Her obvious intelligence and odd but charming personality would be nice to have by Harry's side.

Good for Neville finally standing up for himself, but I have got no interest in him as a character nor his potential love life.
knarf3 chapter 12 . 12/24/2016
"Or to be willing to sell that patents?" Hahaha, Kenji, don't be naive. Why the hell would Harry part with control of his inventions under any scenario, especially when he had to sweat literal blood and tears to climb to where he is today.

Shari and Harry are good friends, in part because he doesn't look down on her squib status, and I hope they remain good friends with benefits.

Harry should give himself a pat on the back for correctly eyeballing his business partners' worth. He now have a crack team of upper manages, R&D people, and someone good with PR and drawing in investors. Mika is a distinctive heavyweight due to her prestigious and important title of CBO.

I'm now glad the corrupt British Ministry robbed Harry of his family's fortunes, because that action made him desperate and pushed him to even greater heights. With the new business empire that he is building, the Potter fortune will look meager compared to his future wealth. Of course, I still expect Harry to hunt down and make those who have stolen from him suffer, and I can't wait for the moment when Harry drops the bombshell on the wizarding world that he is Evan Magius.
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