Reviews for Harry Potter and the Warrior's Path
Guest chapter 42 . 9/17
This is 4th time I have read your story it is excellent ! I hope you write more .
harry and hermione 4 life chapter 49 . 8/3
thems is fighting words XD
Jim Red Hawk chapter 34 . 7/6
This is the FIRST story I can think of where Voldesnort had a dark mark. He always had to use one of his minions marks.

deetya11 chapter 40 . 6/21
Hey, what a coincidence, today is the Summer Solstice.
Antjex3 chapter 50 . 6/19
I loved it so much! Awesome story
PseudoWizard chapter 50 . 6/12
Good fic. The overall story line was good but a lot could be improved. In a lot of places felt a bit line of solo paragraphs for each character. It just felt you were doing it to increase word count. True it was a part of the storyline but I felt it could have been done different. Good job!
stacygrrl2002 chapter 34 . 6/11
Harry Potter and the Four Heirs for one. I have seen one or two more but can't really names. Heirs by Sinyk, an outstanding story teller.
Guest chapter 10 . 6/4
Hebrew? Why?
Deathcrow chapter 3 . 6/2
Ugh, this is so clichéed and stinks of Gary Stu / self-insertion. Not sure if it's worth it to read on from here, with such an unoriginal and uninteresting OC. Good job in robbing Harry of any agency of his own though. Dumbledore got replaced by another authority figure, who tells Harry what he should do. He didn't even get to save Dudley, but got rescued by the super awesome dementor-killing Patronus of his uncle... nope, sorry, not impressed at all.
Guest chapter 4 . 5/5
I curious did you get star the elf from another fic or is it yours i have read this a number of times I always enjoy it you want to answer my e mail is
Panda390 chapter 30 . 4/2
I figure its probably pointless to review after so long but I am really enjoying this story and there is something that is just bugging me.

Why would the Death Eaters bother wasting money on food? I'm not saying regular magical people would go around stealing but Riddle and his lot are already criminals. Seems to me it would be easy to send a few people to a distribution warehouse and nick a few pallets of food with magic. Or even just send a group with one person each going to a different town to raid a muggle pantry while they slept. Spread it out and no one would connect a single theft in a neighborhood with the other towns, at least not muggle law enforcement. Or they could raid farms for raw produce.
flight9 chapter 50 . 4/1
So lovely! I loved it! Thank you so much for writing and sharing it with us!
Guest chapter 40 . 3/20
I am going to say thank you for not making the Longbottoms be cured instantly after being looked at once by a person with common sense, so many people do that and it is incredibly unrealistic
Bronze chapter 7 . 3/13
Seeing as I read more then one story at a time, I know about Brown Coat, Green Eyes. Everytime I read more it cracks me up! Now about this one. I started reading it sometime ago but never even came close to finishing it. I can't even remember what I read it's been so long. But I intend to finish it this time. I enjoy the stories where Harry's not a doormat. Where he drops out of Dumblefutz's greater good plan.
Bronze chapter 6 . 3/13
I trust not that bearded old fool! Trust but verify! Dumnlefutz never does!
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