Reviews for Harry Potter and the Warrior's Path
Tony McNucklz chapter 2 . 11/23
hate the snake breath thing and won't be surprised if you do something similar for the D.E. using monikers like that destroys your antagonists' credibility to the point that they come off as weak and completely nonthreatening, which makes for very poor villains, which makes for a rather dull story. I leave a note like this for a lot of potter stories. proper villains MAKE the story worth reading, which many aspiring writers seem to forget.
I'm still reading but just a tip that you might want to consider in the future.
Sweet Singer chapter 50 . 11/10
This story was very interesting and fun to read. I like that it was more than just a story about the war with Voldemort, it was about Harry and his friends and family and the stuff they wne through together. I also like that ron and ginny stayed likeable and part of the story, and I also liked your OCs, the Stormchasers, you took the time to flesh them out and make them realistic, and I also like what you did with Snape.I also loved little Tango, little dogs are so cute.
Lidia chapter 34 . 10/27
Great story but in Chapter 34 you keep changing between Madame Pomfrey and Pompy with Madame Pomfrey being the correct name. I just wanted to let you know so you could address this problem.
Anyways I'm really enjoying your story. Keep writing!
PoseidonPrince chapter 50 . 10/18
not bad
DaveC chapter 50 . 10/6
Yea good story
DaveC chapter 33 . 10/5
The Native American language bites are great keep them in, they are good to try and say.

AlexiCyn chapter 50 . 10/3
This was... *twirls around in circles laughing and then falls over on the grass, laughing.*

Truly, and wonderfully epic. Certainly one of my new favorite Harry Potter fics, as well as one of my favorite Harry/Hermione fics!

Just to let you know, my Muses have decided that Charlie and Scorpius will of course become friends, which will go a long way towards mending past hurts, not letting old prejudices fester, or allowing new ones to take hold. Yeah, I am a bit of a Pollyanna. Sometime. :)

I'm going to read the bits and pieces you have listed as well. This was a wonderful, wonderful fic you created. I do hope you're proud of this, it is more than worthy of the kudos and positive comments it's gotten thus far. :)
AlexiCyn chapter 37 . 10/2
Poor Umbitch. #sorry, not sorry.

And Fudge. Paid for your stupidity with your life. Alas, steep learning curve, that.
AlexiCyn chapter 27 . 10/2
Oh, Albus. Just can't help yourself, can ya? Ignore the angry old man, kids. You did a GREAT JOB! Not your fault he seems to still think he can reason with a bunch of lunatics hell bent on your destruction.

OH, and WHAT is Luna that it made the inner wolves cringe?!

Right, enough chit-chat! Must go READ!
AlexiCyn chapter 26 . 10/2
How do you peaceful negotiate with a lunatic? "See! There's your problem!"

Glad to see that Fumbles if finally figuring out that sticking flower crowns on Voldie's head is not going to get him to behave. HOPEFULLY after the dust settles, the majority will be able to live in peace.

KUDOS for a fantastic ass kicking scene! And the line about the last thing he said on this side of the veil just made me laugh!

Pizza, beer, and a beautiful woman. Go ahead, Sirius, you've earned a bit of alright. :)
AlexiCyn chapter 20 . 10/2
Oh my Thor! Padfoot is ADORABLE and I love your Star and Dobby and WOOT WOOT WOOT! About time they admit it to each other! HURRAY! :)
AlexiCyn chapter 17 . 10/2
If you can't win it yourself, bet on who is going to win it! LOL

Cute. :)
Katty chapter 50 . 9/30
I just found your story yesterday and I have to tell you I wish My husband could have read it. He would have loved this story since he is half Cherokee. But unfortunately he passed away 2 years ago.
AlexiCyn chapter 10 . 10/1
While I'm perfectly happy to read my fair share, and then some of Dumbledore and Weasley bashing, I'm glad to see that if you are going to redeem them in this story, you're making it plausible. :)

And HURRAY! Harry is going to go for the young woman he wants. GOOD! If it's not slash, then Harry/Hermione is my next favorite pairing. :) Actually, Harry with just about anyone that isn't Ginny is my favorite pairing. LOL
AlexiCyn chapter 6 . 10/1
I swear every time I see the term "The Greater Good" it sets my teeth on edge. What it seems to translate to in HP is "Hey, you had a shit life... but you should be happy so the rest of us can live in peace. We'll even put up a statue for you and everything."

The fact that so many adults seem to be willing to let Harry die for them, while spending have their time making him out to be some crazy, arrogant little toe rag, makes me think there are a hell of a lot of people in the wizarding world not worth dying for.

I'm loving your Harry, and Harry's uncle and Star is ADORABLE! :)
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