Reviews for Planning Perfection
mrdarcylover chapter 2 . 8/25/2008
great i loved the nick name. although, i've never thought of edward as feminine, but it was still funny. i'm glad edward and bella are getting on so well.

thanks for the quick update.
rubiesandrain chapter 2 . 8/25/2008
Yay! This is good! Update soon! :)
Sheethkal Shahar chapter 2 . 8/25/2008
I liked this chapter alot. I just realized that lots of my reviews usually say the same thing, 'I love it, amazing, wonderfully written' but it's because I can't find anything bad to say. Which is good. I love how you incorporate everything about the characters from the books, yet still make everything original, atleast plot wise, if not couples, since we do want canon. Anyways, can't wait to see more.
Tennisgirl101 chapter 2 . 8/25/2008
Mdots chapter 2 . 8/25/2008
Cute. That was a cool chapter. Im liking the friendly atmosphere. Please keep it up and update soon :D
sli723 chapter 2 . 8/25/2008
Great chapter! PLEASE UPDATE ASAP!
Book.Luver.14 chapter 1 . 8/25/2008
omg plz add more to it son ;p
i' chapter 1 . 8/25/2008
ooh! im excited for this story )
BellaEdwardlover1991 chapter 1 . 8/25/2008
I can't wait to see how this turns out, Michelle! How can you find time for 4 stories? I'm amazed, truly. But you're a great writer, and you can handle it! You're doing great!
Oo Livia Cullen oO chapter 1 . 8/25/2008
I love it and I love the idea ! I absolutely LOVED the proposal, that was so sweet and original ! I can't wait to read more !
AllyR chapter 1 . 8/24/2008
I'm already excited for this story, mostly because it's written by you, so it's guaranteed to be amazing lol. Really though, I like the plot a lot and can't wait to see where it goes. Please update soon!
TwilightVampire92 chapter 1 . 8/24/2008
Great first chapter! this sounds extremely interesting and I can't wait till the ball really gets rolling with this story! also, the way Jasper proposed is just so perfect for Alice, i loved it x]

Hope you update again soon!

amorecolorfulmoniker chapter 1 . 8/24/2008
really good idea!

cant wait for more]

pleaase update soon!
mrdarcylover chapter 1 . 8/24/2008
love it. i really like it so far and i think it could be truly great. however, i think bella and edward are over there heads with the wedding planning, but i'm sure it will turn out great in the end.

update soon. can't wait for them to meet.
Vampire-Girl1992 chapter 1 . 8/24/2008
Can't wait for the nexzt chapter !

Awsome idea !

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