Reviews for Pieces of Me
ThisKittyHasClaws94 chapter 1 . 7/13
Aww I wish you would finish this it was really good!
MonaTHeGreat chapter 34 . 6/9
I loved it thank you, though I must admit, the M rating is what pulled me in and kept me!
MonaTheGreat chapter 11 . 6/9
HAH thought that was hilarious! Even L tries to fight it, he has those moments of clarity but it's gets overwhelmed by the drugs. Poor Matt and Mello, this truly must be 'hard' for hem.
MonaTHeGreat chapter 9 . 6/9
Quick throw me the ice! HOly crap, I hate it was a dream, but so cute how clumsy he got when she did awake.
MonaTheGreat chapter 7 . 6/9
Too sweet, I love how he pushes off tiffany's 'advances'. Wow, she really has no shame. I like how he keeps on trying to keep his little friend under wraps.
MonaTHeGreat chapter 5 . 6/9
Hahah, Ah mello, you always have the oddest of luck.
Monathegreat chapter 3 . 6/9
Haha, I loved it, how funny, a shared orgasm unknown by either. Lol
MonaTheGreat chapter 2 . 6/9
Haha, I love how well he researched everything, he seems to be pretty much in character. I love this so far!
garnet86 chapter 34 . 4/10
I spent two days reading this and I simply couldn't stop! Not only is this one of the hottest and funniest fics I've ever read - the storyline is really great as well! I love Melody and the way her relationship with L changes over time! The other characters are amazingly portrayed as well and really make this story unique! I hope that you're going to continue this one day - after all, you did say something about a sequel ;)
CaptainTsukiko chapter 5 . 1/8

Apparently L, doesn't know that female undergarments (a.k.a Bras) are only optional in terms of scinece XD
FireIceandPoison chapter 34 . 1/6

RedTears14 chapter 34 . 9/18/2014
Update soon plz I like it
Darcy18 chapter 34 . 9/1/2014
I know it's been 5 years since your last update, but please update soon? :)
This is one of the best fanfictions ever!
IronSidhe chapter 34 . 7/19/2014
Please don't let this series end. I loved reading this. The plot is original and entertaining, and the characters are believable and relatable. I really want to see more of this story and I am very eager to read the sequel.
Also, about the art challenge, that is something I would love to participate in.
Rue-thless Ryuzaki chapter 34 . 7/17/2014
You know... Nothing has ever pained me more than realizing after three days of reading a story that was not only funny and brilliantly written, but also had an enticing storyline and scenes to made my nose bleed does not have the sequel that I was looking forward to! I can't express the pain I feel. So now...I come to you on my knees...please finish this story. Please! It is brilliant and captivating. The storyline is not only original but believable too. The characters stay true and the plot never falters. As a now devoted fan to a brilliant set of writers...please finish this story. You're too good to leave us hanging! ;)
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