Reviews for In the Blink of an Eye
Cullenosopy chapter 68 . 3/25
I found this quite by accident, boy am I glad I did. I could not stop reading it, by that I mean, I put off doing chores and grocery shopping I had planned to do. Your characters were so vividly described. Too bad Esme didn't shoot Brady in the torso or head, as one of my cop friends once told me, shoot to kill, dead men tell no tales. Bella's suffering and torture at the hands of that bastard had me in tears. I hope the Volturi wives exact Bella's revenge. It would make a satisfying outtake. At least for me, being a man. One of the best stories I've read, and I have read a lot.

Thank you!
abbyweyr chapter 68 . 3/4
Good ending. Esme's thought had Bella being gifted, but you don't say how. Thank you for sharing this story.
abbyweyr chapter 67 . 3/4
Nice twist with the wives showing up and being interested.
abbyweyr chapter 66 . 3/4
a cow? questions answered, now to find out more details of her recovery
abbyweyr chapter 61 . 3/4
Like the quiet forcefulness of Martha. And yes she was a good connection for Charlie as he learned so much new info. Now to find Bella before more damage done to her.
abbyweyr chapter 60 . 3/4
glad it is completed story and I can keep reading.
abbyweyr chapter 59 . 3/4
some progress in finding her
abbyweyr chapter 55 . 3/3
Looks like Alice's vision is closer than thought.
abbyweyr chapter 53 . 3/3
a nice ceremony
abbyweyr chapter 52 . 3/3
a locket or pocket watch with a snip of her hair could be another possible gift.
abbyweyr chapter 50 . 3/3
Good for Esme!
abbyweyr chapter 49 . 3/3
yes a reasonable price handyman service for older adults and single ladies is much needed.
Fleur50 chapter 68 . 1/2
Superbe histoire!
Fleur50 chapter 65 . 1/2
Fleur50 chapter 60 . 1/1
j’aime votre écriture.
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