Reviews for Seeking
Tranquil Girl chapter 1 . 12/3/2010

This was totaly, totaly, totaly awesomeeeeeeee

Thank God I found this treasure.
WhiteTigerLilly chapter 1 . 9/5/2008
I dunno if you remember me but i was likea faithful eader of your inu fics and now i'm gonna be a faithful reader of your rose of versailles...

I kept getting all these update cuz your on my alerts and i kept seeing rose of versaille so i started watching it and i am so addicted! I'mgoing to watch the last 5 episodes today!

Hee Andre and Oscar are so cooL! Keh I feel like a lil school girl all happy lol
Riyuna and Ryu-Chan chapter 1 . 8/28/2008
Wow, beautifully written. I love Andre, and happy birthday to him.
loulou.k chapter 1 . 8/27/2008
Hi ! Again !

You know I staid wake up till 2 am yesterday knowing that someone will write for Andre's birthday? bad bad bad different timing…

Manna….I really don't know what to say this time…it's…Ah…full of emotions…from them both! How could you do this?

You wrote as if you were there, with them, monitoring every single move.

I started to mark every line I wanted to give a comment on it while reading it . But At the and I noticed that I marked must of the 'fic, and it'll be a long, long review to write…

(Actually, all of his plans had worked out without them getting busted, and almost all of hers had ended up with them getting in , with her getting in trouble. Since they were her plans. But she couldn’t deny that André had been punished right alongside her enough to make her feel guilty to the point of being angry with him for days afterward.“I told you; it was my idea so it was my responsibility!”) I like those lines.

(Though she wasn’t quite sure why. Was he worried about her? ‘Cause she’d be fine, just fine. She always was, wasn’t she? When had she ever failed to miss work due to not being fine? Never. But if he didn’t show up soon, she’d just spend her time flopped on her bed until she fell asleep.) Ah…really oscar?Well if I had Andre to check on me before going to bed I wouldn't have thoses sleepless nights ;)

(Mentally. Because it wasn’t as if he could actually scold the Queen of France for keeping Oscar up too late. Even though he sorely wanted to.) not just this wrote other just like this one …you know like" I wouldn't do this..but may be I'll".And I love them all.

(If she wanted him for anything, he’d be there. Unless, of course, she wanted to use him as a shooting target, because then he wouldn’t agree. But he sincerely doubted that she would be so angry with him that she’d suggest such a thing.) hahaha…I did laugh at this..really!

(until Oscar grinned and gave a laugh that sounded terribly GIRLY, giving André was could be considered momentary heart failure) Man ! Just a girly laugh would cause you that?

(She loved messing with him, sometimes. He was so cute when he was confused,..) Ha...I used to like doing this to other boys around me when I was a kid…Wait I still like to doing that to the men around me ;)

(“I’d never find you, Oscar. Especially not in the dark. You’d be out here all night and you’d probably get sick and go to Versailles and then infect everyone there. Don’t you think we should get to sleep for the night?”) very convincing reason Andre.

NOW THIS (It was still echoing in his ears. He closed his eyes. The truth was, he was still hiding from her. Though he was doing it to protect them both, it would make him the happiest man alive if she could truly find would. He knew she he would wait for her to seek him out.) it's just took my breath a way… I need to be more sober, and less fever to give a comment…All I could say that I agree with lunascorpio off all she had said about the symbolism.

very good job...really.

Happy birth day my Dear Guarding Angel!


lunascorpio chapter 1 . 8/27/2008
This is really lovely. I'm not sure about symbolism but what became clear to me was that Oscar, barefoot, tipsy and free from the military uniform restricting her to act like a man (out with those uncomfortable boots!), went out and play hide and seek with André. She found him in the place he always used to hide. She knew where to look for. He's always been there for her to find, he's so easy for her to find, she just needs to try some more and she'll find André as a whole person.

Keep writing.


Xirysa chapter 1 . 8/27/2008
Time for another lackluster review from the one and only Xirysa!11one

...I hyped that up a bit. Oops.

Aww this was too cute! Tipsy!Oscar is like... The epitome of awesomeness. Srsly.

Wish I could say more, but... I've got a crapload of summer homework to complete before midnight on Friday. And I'm freaking out because of it. Anyway, I really liked the part where Oscar goes "I found you!" Aw... And she admits that Andre is cute!11one That made me very happy indeed.

Anyway, awesome job again. Keep the 'fics coming!