Reviews for Ghosts in the Closet
Pokeshipper4life chapter 54 . 12/6
Awh man! I was hoping that Sam was going to end up being Dani's mother.
And I think both Danny and Sam were disappointed that it wasnt her.
Pokeshipper4life chapter 60 . 12/6
Wow! I really enjoyed reading this story.
In the beginning of this chapter though, when Tucker and Sam were talking about a vigil, I thought that Danny didnt make it from being poisoned, but he did, and I am glad you didnt kill him off.

This was a really amazing story, and I hope you will write more Danny Phantom stories in the future. I havent read all of your other DP stories, but I have read some. Keep on writing, you are an amazing writer.
Guest chapter 54 . 12/6
Wow! So Danny and Valerie are Dani's parents.
I was kind of hoping that Sam was Dani's mother, and I think both Danny and Sam were disappointed that it wasnt her.
Pokeshipper4life chapter 51 . 12/5
This was really good.
I am glad that the Flu vaccine bill failed.
But I am confused by the last line when Tucker says "After all, she's her mother's daughter, too". Who is he talking about? Who is Dani's mother? I know Danny is her father, but who is her mother?
Pokeshipper4life chapter 47 . 12/5
Yay! Danny is home.
At first I thought that maybe Sam was dreaming or something, but nope.
Pokeshipper4life chapter 46 . 12/5
Wow! So Danielle is Danny's daughter.
Is that what she was on the show itself?
Pokeshipper4life chapter 45 . 12/5
Wow! Now I understand why Dani hates Sam and doesnt want to talk to her.
But Sam is right. She would be betraying Danny if she had tried to stop The Guys In White from taking him away.
This was a very good, and very intense chapter. I loved it.
Pokeshipper4life chapter 39 . 12/5
Okay, reading this chapter has really got me thinking that Danny might not be gone after all. But then again, I could be wrong.
Poor Sam.
Pokeshipper4life chapter 38 . 12/5
Um okay, I am a little confused by the last line Valerie said "Until you've got your best man back". How can Tucker have his best man back if Danny is gone? It doesnt make sense, unless Danny is not really gone. I still dont know what exactly it is that happened to him, but I guess I need to read on to find out.
Pokeshipper4life chapter 33 . 12/5
Aww, that was very sweet and romantic of Danny to arrange the wedding that Sam really wanted to have, with the dress she actually wanted instead of the traditional white dress. He really does love her.
Anyway, this chapter was really good. Keep up the amazing writing.
Pokeshipper4life chapter 31 . 12/4
Aww, that was so romantic.
And I love how he said at the end "So, whaddaya say? Wanna get married?"
It is just like what he said at the end of Phantom Planet, but different.
I love Danny and Sam together. And I can so see Danny proposing to Sam like this. Well, maybe not exactly like this, but something similar to this. If only the show didnt get cancelled.
Pokeshipper4life chapter 28 . 12/4
Oh man, poor Tucker.
Valerie should have said something to him before he ran for Congress.
Pokeshipper4life chapter 27 . 12/4
Wow! So this is when Danny and Sam finally slept together. I love it, and I love them together.
And you are an amazing writer. I love your stories.
Pokeshipper4life chapter 26 . 12/4
Wow! I am glad they were able to save Danny without the Guys In White knowing it was them.
This was good. I like it.
Pokeshipper4life chapter 25 . 12/4
Wow! Alex was such a jerk.
Valerie deserves better than him.
I always liked the idea of Tucker and Valerie together, but I dont understand why they never went with that pairing in the show.
Anyway, this was good. And the way you described Sam's prom dress, I can totally imagine it on her.
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