Reviews for Wishful Thinking
Rababaz chapter 6 . 10/12/2017
Great story! I really enjoyed it! ::)
Charly chapter 6 . 3/26/2015
Fi Suki Saki chapter 6 . 1/7/2015
Wow... the last part was kind of surprised me... xD
itisfinished12062015 chapter 6 . 8/3/2014
This was a fun read. I almost liked it better than the episode. Almost. I wish the Dean's could meet now. Anyways thanks for posting and I look forward to reading more. Also I really enjoyed reading Life with Dean. Thanks for posting both of them.

pinklatent chapter 6 . 12/31/2012
I kinda liked his reaction to Mary. He wouldn't instantly accept someone mothering him who isn't Dean, and it's someone who he doesn't even know. I enjoyed this very much.
Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1 chapter 6 . 9/24/2012
Thank you for this great story. I really enjoyed reading it and watching the characters move.

I liked how Sam decided to go hunt the djinn. I did feel sadness for him not having that life. I think maybe he and Wish!Dean could've patched things up between them given some time. But then again, since it was all in a djinn induced dream, maybe not. I didn't find Wish!Mary annoying. But then, I'm a mom.
Jess was the one I didn't care for. After that last chapter with her taunting Wish!Dean, I couldn't help but wonder if she kept Wish!Sam stirred up over his brother to keep a wedge driven between them. Maybe she felt like he'd see through her crap and wise up Wish!Sam about how she really was.
Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1 chapter 5 . 9/24/2012
Yes! The boil is lanced and we're getting down to brass tacks. I think the boys got some air cleared in the room but they still have a lot of work to do. I think Wish!Dean is starting to believe him. And how sad it was when Sam couldn't answer his question about where mom was. They were starting to connect up to that point. But really? Who could blame him? Who would want to lay that on someone who's never lived that kind of life?

And Jess taunting Dean is too much. She crossed a line she shouldn't have. I was understanding her dislike of Dean up to this point because of whatever bad history the brothers had. But this is something she should've stayed totally out of and told Sam to work it out.
Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1 chapter 4 . 9/23/2012
And the walls came crumbling down... sorry, John Cougar Mellancamp moment there. I think at this point Sammy's feeling like he fell down a rabbit hole. Everything's falling apart and he still doesn't know what's going on or why.

I like that even though all this is happening he knows he needs to connect with Dean. It may not be the Dean he grew up with but he knows if he can get past Wish!Dean's defenses, Wish!Dean can help him figure it out.

Keep tightening the tension why dont'cha? Crank it!
*enjoys story even more*
Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1 chapter 3 . 9/23/2012
This was a painful chapter to read. But in a good way.
I think this Dean is just as damaged as the original Dean, just in a different way. Seems like he thinks Sam was the 'good son' in daddy's eyes compared to Wish!Dean. That would definitely make any child feel inferior to their sibling. How sad that some things never changed for Dean in either reality. It's hard to fight the feeling of never measuring up.

I love how you're showing Wish!Dean as someone who made have made some mistakes in life but has cleaned up his act and keeping his promises. To me, that shows how solid and true he really is inside.

Sam sleeping on the couch is perfectly understandable. With all the turmoil he's feeling and trying to connect with this Dean and not really making it has to have his mind churning. I'm thinking he should start connecting the dots about that ghost Dean he keeps seeing out of the corner of his eye.
Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1 chapter 2 . 9/23/2012
Poor confused Sammy. I like how he's trying to put it all together and looking forward to meeting an undamaged by life Dean. I seriously doubt that well will be well in Paradise. Isn't there always a serpent there?

I do wish we could've seen how Sam's relationship was with his Wish!Verse dad was in this dream. So much angst to be savored and enjoyed. Would he have gotten along with him here? Would be they be buttin' heads again like always? Or would Sam be coming from a different place and be more understanding of where John was coming from as the boys grew up?

And what kind of relationship would Dean have had with his Wish!Verse dad? Would he have daddy issues like he's always had? Or would that all be a non-issue?

In what ways would Wish!Verse John be different? Sorry, rambling out loud here.

I'm gonna enjoy seeing how Sam copes with all of this. I'm sure it would be confusing as Hell. He's never known his mom at all. I wonder how he's gonna handle all of that scene.
Ok, something happened with this review. It was supposed to go on the first review but it wound up here. Here's the review for this chapter.
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So far Sammy seems to be handling himself well. His mom would've picked up on something if he'd been a little off. Dean seems to be a closed book. And I'm worried about that dirty look Jess gave Dean there at the last. And how is Sam gonna handle the bad blood that seems to exist between Jess and Dean?
Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1 chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
This story had to be written. I haven't seen anyone else do "What if it had been Sam?" plot. It's gonna be great to see what Sam's dream life would've been. And to see if it's really all it's cracked up to be or not. I can't help but wonder if he's in for some disappointment. I also want to see what a non-hunter Dean is gonna be like without all his brokenness.
CC-R2000 chapter 6 . 7/6/2012
Nice, it's pretty good.
Roxie Zephyr Jocelyn chapter 6 . 8/24/2011
I really, really love this fic. WIAWSNB is hands down one of my all-time favourite Supernatural episode to date. It really got me thinking about Dean; about him as a person, what is important to him and how he views himself. And, it got me wondering about what the episode would be like if Sam had been the one sent to the Djinn world. Your fic fills in the blanks really beautifully.

The biggest reason that I loved it so much is because of how Sam it is. Yes, it reflects Dean's Djinn world in canon, but at the same time, the little changes just scream Sam. Like how, despite knowing that this Dean wasn't his Dean, he still kept reaching back to him because in his mind, Dean is the only person he could always count on. And, how, when Sam wakes up, he's already in the hospital and not still in the Djinn's lair because we all know how over-protective and efficient Dean can be when Sam's in danger. xD

I'm really delighted in how you addressed the "you're the perfect son, not me" issue that both boys have in canon by keeping in the whole "Dean is worthless" scenario. Dean has always blamed it on himself and his perceived faults; how he is never good enough. But, Sam has always gone the opposite way; he tries to make up for his perceived faults by covering them up and proving, to himself and in his own way, that he is good enough. I always believed that that was one of the reasons why he left for Stanford: he didn't think he would ever measure up to John's eyes as a hunter, especially compared with Dean his "perfect soldier", so he wanted to prove that he was good enough by playing on his academic strengths. I also think that you've very cleverly reflected Sam's version of self-defense in his issues with his self-esteem against Dean's. Sam has a very healthy respect and admiration for his brother, but at the same time, I think he resents Dean's strength because he always thinks that he's not as strong as his brother, and that's why he puts Dean down to make himself feel better about it and to convince himself that he does measure up to the brother he has placed on a pedestal. And, I love how, despite it all, he truly believes that Dean is the strongest person he knows, and expects that from Dean (the whole "since when does Dean Winchester run away" thing is 333).

The portrayals of Mary and Jess in Sam's mind, I feel, is really spot on. I like how you made Mary a part of this in a parallel reflection of Dean's dream world in that they both wanted their mother to be alive, but instead of the gentle, kind, firm and all-round perfect mother figure, I love how Sam's "Mary" had an authoritative vibe to her that annoyed Sam, which echoed his own relationship with John in canon, but at the same time, there is a little bit of Dean influence in there, like how her smile is the same as Dean's and the vibe that she has when she's welcoming him home and showing Sam his room. And, Jess. I'm not sure if you meant it this way, but it seemed like Sam's sub-concious was trying to tell him something; his fear of Jess not accepting Dean because Dean was part of his past that wasn't "normal" and how Jess could react if she ever knew about the past that Dean represented (I also love how protective Sam was when Jess started insulting Dean ). I love how you reflected the divide in Sam's life by throwing in a lot of moments where he had to choose between Jess and Dean.

And, finally Dean. I love your portrayal of Sam's "Dean". I love how you kept all the traits we know and love, like the protective big brotherly concern and his willingness to oblige Sam when he tries to connect with his older brother and repair their relationship even if it was Sam (well, the Djinn's "Sam") who rejected him first. And, your last line just killed me.

"Who needed that annoying woman for a mother when he had a brother like Dean?"

Thanks for an awesome fic~
azerjaban chapter 6 . 6/23/2011
Amazing! Loved how Sam missed being called Sammy. But Dean was whipped! And Jess a bit of a bitch, Sam held out longer than I thought. I love his confusion with Mary- are mothers supposed to act like that. Lol

Thnx for the awesome read
ccase13 chapter 6 . 6/6/2011
SAmmy really didn't like this one as much as Dean did, he lost too much of his brother for it to be a real temptation like it was for Dean.
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