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xx.Meryl chapter 15 . 4/1/2009
This is a really good story! I really like it from Rosalie's sorta POV.

Haha yeah I would read it, i love storys from Emmett's POV. They usually give me a good laugh.

Love Alice
spacecake chapter 5 . 3/12/2009
thank you so much for this story - i am only on chapter 5; but, LOVING IT!

just read that Dark Eyes was, now, of course - i want to read it - are you still rewriting it?

thank you thank you!
Hidingsorealpeoplecantfindouta chapter 15 . 3/5/2009
Very Good job! I loved it, especially the part in the beginning with the conversation with Carlisle and them but at the same time hearing the coverastion of Bella and Esme...Great chapterness!
pottersweetie chapter 15 . 3/1/2009
I love the way you did this chapter- with Bella drinking the blood and the whole Jacob/Rosalie relationship. I loved it all. I think the reason I enjoy your story so much is because I really feel as if I'm seeing a different aspect of Breaking Dawn- a side of it that I think I like better than the book itself- and with it, I'm seeing things I missed when I read the book. And then on top of it, there are your original scenes- which are usually so realistic that I wonder where the novel ends and the fanfiction begins. I especially liked the conversation between Bella and Esme- I like how you incorporated that. All in all, an amazing chapter. Hope to see the next one soon!
BabelFish42 chapter 15 . 2/28/2009
Yay! They finally figured out how to help her! I mean, I knew it was coming, but after a nice up close and personal view of the enormous emotional toll this situation has been taking on all the characters, I’m honestly relieved they finally found a solution.

I really like the way dialogue from the canon is interwoven with the rest of the narrative. It’s really smooth, nicely done. Especially the way Bella is talking about how people never consider how the baby’s doing, the way she’s starting to get at the solution at the same time that Edward and Carlisle are starting to talk along those lines outside.

And I loved Esme’s brief appearance:

“Emmett was her soul mate, and there was no one who understood her better than he did, but Esme didn’t always, and loved her anyway.”

:-) That sounds exactly like Esme. It’s why she makes such a good mother, and why I like her character so much.

The part where Bella says she terrified, not of /dying/ but of being a mother, is simply adorable. It was one of those things that you read and your heart kind of melts a little. With a story this emotionally intense, it’s nice to see a few sweet moments like that one. Plus, I liked getting to hear a little more /from/ Bella, not just /about/ Bella. Poor Rosalie, though, worried that she might not be able to be a mother after all. The fact that she /is/ worrying about that, right now after hearing Bella, should help to answer that question. She wouldn’t be worried about her ability to be a mother if she didn’t care about the baby. And the whole discussion about being afraid, about motherhood changing your world… that really stuck with me. Probably because a friend just told me she’s pregnant. It’s… it is scary. Happy scary. And Esme’s right, it completely changes your world. Anyway, wonderful little discussion there.

Wow. I was kind of surprised by how intensely Rosalie seems to hate Jacob. I guess I kind of thought they were two conflicting personalities going out of their way to irritate each other, but not truly full-out hating each other. But then again, Jacob probably sees Rosalie as a threat to Bella’s life. That might ignite some real hatred. And it’s pretty easy, when someone hates you, to start hating them back.

Haha, I loved the mention of the unbreakable “Bella dishes” :-D This part was pretty funny too:

“That stupid bet. Rosalie was going to have to whack Emmett in the head when she was finally able to see him again. The whacking would shortly be followed by some serious kissing, though, and the gravity of the situation might be lost.”

That, and the way that Jacob can’t sleep in the bed since “she and Emmett needed it. Not for sleeping, obviously, but for… other things.” Haha, thanks for the little bits of comic relief :-)

As for your question about the Emmett piece, you know I’m interested in reading anything you write. Except for ‘Angela the serial killer falls for Aro the crossdresser.’ I draw the line there. ;-)
Consultant by Day chapter 15 . 2/25/2009
Yay! At long last ;D

One of the things I loved about this chapter is that there are actual clues - real clues - to the imprinting. Seeing things from a third person's point of view makes the odd interactions between Bella and Jacob stand out more. It makes more sense to me.

Well done, it didn't seem like it was hard for you at all.


Verolina chapter 15 . 2/21/2009

sometimes i like rosalie...sometimes i don't.

but even though you said you struggled, i didnt find any sign of it.

it flowed with ease so great job!

cant wait for the next chapter
Blood on a Rose chapter 15 . 2/21/2009
Aw, Rosalie is jealous of all the attention Bella is giving Jacob! I mean, she's jealous of anyone who gets more attention than her, but this is different. I'm also seeing the whole Rosalie/Jacob thing in a different light, now. Because their relationship is kind of like when little kids like each other, they'll show it by going out of their way to tease, and make fun of the other, ya know? Not that I'm saying Rose likes Jake romantically or anything, but that's what they remind me of. Your perspective on this is so interesting to read-I can't wait for an update! And, yes, I should've started reading this a LONG time ago! But this is a nice birthday surprise, no?
Blood on a Rose chapter 14 . 2/21/2009
Poor Bella. Poor Rosalie. I don't know who to feel more sorry for! And it's all because of your brilliant writing. If the next chapter is a cliffhanger, I'm going to personally murder you-just thought I'd let you know.
Blood on a Rose chapter 13 . 2/21/2009
Ahh, it's getting down to the wire, now! Everyone is so tense, and confused...I have to admit that I am, too, haha. But I like being able to read it all in one big chunk, because then I get the emotions one after another, instead of having a week(or however long until the next update) to think about other things, to feel other things. Did that sound weird? I don't know. Anyways...I'm gonna just go read the next chapter, lol.
Blood on a Rose chapter 12 . 2/21/2009
I kind of get what you were saying about hating Alice in this chapter. She is a lot like Edward sometimes, and all that negativity can really grate on a person. I DO understand where Alice is coming from, though, even if I vehemently disagree with it. They're just all so bent on the fact that they all think Bella is going to die, and that the baby will be a 'murderer'. It kind of makes me laugh, because they all love Nessie so much later! xD
Blood on a Rose chapter 11 . 2/21/2009
Aw, Rose DOES have feelings! She's not just a cold-hearted...erm, /witch/. She really does care about Bella, whether she admits it or not. I'm gonna be really hypocritical for a second, and say that Edward just needs to see the glass as half-full, for once in his life. I mean, how is being all emo helping Bella get through this at all? Answer: it isn't. Not that Bella would ever show him how much he's hurting her by not being as supportive as he should be, but still. You would think after a century of being able to read people's minds, he would have a little bit more knowledge as to what humans really need sometimes.
Blood on a Rose chapter 10 . 2/21/2009
Ahaha, I love how your 'innuendo' was like 5 sentences about a MARRIED couple. I guess some people might get worked up about that, but there are far worse things in other fics...We just won't talk about those ones, shall we? I'm beginning to feel more and more comfortable with the relationship Rose and Bella have going on. They're in the same boat, in a lot of ways, and I think it really would bring them closer. I know I still have a few chapters to read, but if you don't go that far, I would like to see maybe an epilogue of Bella and Rose after BD, like after Bella turning, and the anti-climatic battle. I know you say you're not very good at it(to which I scoff), but maybe a little fluff?
Blood on a Rose chapter 9 . 2/21/2009
Even though I know how this whole situation turns out, it's still making me tense. Especially the dialogue between Edward and Rosalie. This chapter did make me like Rose a little more, though, because I /do/ understand why she's doing what she is, but it still makes me mad, and Bella is doing a little bit of the same thing, so I can't really be mad at one without being mad at the other. I never really liked Bella anyways, though, haha.
Blood on a Rose chapter 8 . 2/21/2009
You go, Edward! /Someone/ sure needed to yell at Rose and get her to snap out of her 'it's all about me' mentality, even if it's only for a few minutes. I know it's part of her personality, but it's getting quite irksome. I know that's how she was written, but, grr! I just want to /strangle/ her!
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