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Annie Park chapter 1 . 7/18/2016
OH GOD! So good! Seriously, seriously SO good! I loved this! I LOVED it, loved, loved, loved it. Seriously you have done a very good job here! I love the interaction between Raph and Mikey, and Raphael's point of view is so wise, I dare say seriously would conform to the movie! You did a very good job of writing this. Really. This fascinates me. The idea, the way Raph thinks, Mike... both were so good in the character! Really. And it was amazing that Mikey already knew that Raphael was the Nightwatcher, it is the first fic I read with that theme, but actually works well! It is very interesting! And credible, which is important. I also like very much how you handled the using of the scrapbook, it's incredibly cute in fraternal matter. Actually you did a greaaaat job, thumbs up! I wish there were more like these. Oh, the last line got me! It's so... powerful, somehow. And the last Mime's dialog was so emotional! "... I meant all of it, you know. When I said I was impressed." Great, great great job. Keep writing! Have a nice day! :D
Unseen Watcher chapter 1 . 8/26/2014
Nice. Love the visuals you conjured up. Great view of Mikey too.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/19/2014
I never see any brotherly bonding with those two and I loved that'
, thanks
StixOfCinnamon chapter 1 . 8/17/2012
Wow great story!
LenniluvsBrian chapter 1 . 4/12/2012
Yes, the Nightwatcher can go down a hero. He was always a hero to me...and apparently Mikey too, all for the same reasons basically. ('cept he ain't my brother-lol)

Hannio chapter 1 . 10/7/2010
What a great story!

There's not enough good Mikey/Raph brotherly fluff stories out there but this one certainly made me smile :)
Mikell chapter 1 . 12/5/2009
Oh my goodness... Found this in a friend's favs list and... just wow. I absolutely love this little window into what happened before Raph turned his helmet over to Splinter. Awesome job.

Loving this.

Rejoicing in the day,

Michael J Angelo chapter 1 . 11/10/2009
That was awesome. :D

I love how Mikey knew all along that Raph was teh Nightwatcher. 3 And I love how you did the ending. :3

Great job~ P
Winnychan chapter 1 . 8/31/2008
Cute! I love that it's so very movieverse, even referencing the live action films that came before the CGI one.

Okay, please forgive me for a moment but it's time to lecture you. Because once again I find the quality of the writing itself top notch... and yet there are basic proofreading problems (punctuation and structural errors, mostly) all through it! Maybe this doesn't matter to some readers, but I find it terribly jarring. It drags me right up out of the story and throws me into editor mode against my will, making it much harder for me to get absorbed and truly enjoy what I'm reading.

I must say that I'm shocked to hear this actually DID have a beta reader! If this is truly the case, then I hate to say it but Kalla failed you as a beta reader (and I adore that girl, so please don't get me wrong). I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and guess that you ACTUALLY mean is that you two had one of those informal "copy and paste bits of it into instant messenger and tell me what you think" sort of feedback sessions, such as you have sought from me in the past. If you want my honest opinion, I don't think this is the best method for you. You do not need someone to coach you on style, plot, character portrayal, artistry. You have mastered these things. You certainly don't need someone who is just going to be your cheerleader and let such obvious errors fly right under their nose and into your final draft. What you need at this point is someone who will bust up those monsterous run-ons into sensible sentences, slaughter about two-thirds of your elipses (especially when they start sentences), and get you to stop- breaking- stuff- up- strangely-with-dashes! In other words, you need a hard-nosed grammer and punctuation NAZI!

For example:

This wasn't how Raph envisioned his 'career' ending- with a

whimper rather than a bang- he didn't do whimpers. There was

supposed to be more, and with there still so much crime out


I LOVE this line. I love everything you're trying to say with it. It's powerful and shows terrific insight into Raph's character... and yet you don't do it justice at all, because of all these superficial errors.

Okay, that concludes our lecture.

I love the way you've integrated that silly "Nightwatcher Scrapbook" they sold in various grocery stores shortly following the movie's launch into this fic. The book itself was kind of worthless in my opinion, but here you've actually done something interesting with it.

I do love anything that explores the whole Raph and Merryweather situation, and I really liked the bit with the will paying for the place, and Raph being "nobody". I'm not sure I AGREE with Raph's summation of the old man's motive, at least how he related it to himself. But that's the beauty of a firm POV: we can't always trust what we're being told. We've got to consider the character through whose eyes we're seeing and take their perceptions into account. And poor Raph just does not have the strongest self image at this point, does he? (Especially when the author behind the wheel is YOU, heh! But I love your Raph's self-loathing moments, so don't ever stop, kay?)

"What about Leo n' Donnie?"

"Aww," Mikey made a face. "They don't have any appreciation

for the greats."

"'The attack of the 50 Foot Woman' is hardly good, let alone

great," muttered Raphael, recalling the last time he let his

little brother talk him into watching a movie. ...God, how

long ago had that -been-?

I really enjoyed this exchange. It made me laugh at first, then ran all bittersweet... Way to be a gloomcookie, Raph!

Plenty of people claim in their fics (myself included) that Donatello actually knew Raph was the Nightwatcher. I've also seen more than one author portray Leonardo as having known the truth during the rooftop confrontation, for that matter. But I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've read MIKE as having figured it out. Really wasn't expecting that, but it works for me.

Finally, the end really packed a punch. I'd even go so far as to say that it made the fic, for me. Just loved the way you tied things in with the way the story began, as well as the title of the fic.


Kallasilya chapter 1 . 8/31/2008
This fic pushes so many of my happy buttons.

There's the whole aspect of heroism... what it means to be a Hero, and different types of heroes. You really make it clear that giving up that helmet is just as much (perhaps more) an act of heroism for Raph as doing the vigilante work. Being the Family Hero is harder for him, which makes it all the more heroic, I think.

And Raph is such a wonderful, juicy Anti-Hero.

But enough about Raph (for now), you already -know- how much we both love him! What I REALLY like about this fic is Mikey. Not just any Mikey, but mature!Mikey. And not just mature!Mikey, but a Mikey that's completely in-character and moves seamlessly from watching TV upside-down to taking his big brother (not to mention ME) totally by surprise. And he did. I've read post-2007 fics where DON knows about Raph's Nightwatcher gig, but never Mikey, and I love the possibilities the scenario raises.

I'm re-reading this for at least the third time, and the "kitchen appliance" line still makes me chuckle out loud. Partly because my own reaction when I read it for the first time was almost identical to Raph's. You actually got a physical jaw-drop outta me!

Last thing and then I'll stop rambling: Mikey's observation that Raph and Leo (maybe Don too?) "make everything so complicated". Spot on. Of all of them, I think Mikey's the most capable of cutting the crap and getting to the simple heart of things when it counts, and that's where his potential for maturity springs from.

On a completely unrelated note: I really hope your internet is back up and running, because I'm dying to read the next chapter of ZD! :D
sambev89 chapter 1 . 8/30/2008
That was awesome. I love interaction between Mike and Raph, and you did a great job!
NightwatchersOnlyGirl chapter 1 . 8/29/2008
Oh wow Nightwatcher
BellaMonte chapter 1 . 8/29/2008
This was an excellent one-shot. Any good stories dealing with the pre- or post-2007 TMNT are favorites for me, and this one is definitely a great one.

I love how you've got Raph going through the mental process of guilt and atonement for what happened, and Mikey being there to remind him of all the good he really did do as the Nightwatcher even if he doesn't want to believe it himself (typical Raph move).

That really was an ADORABLE scene with Mikey letting it out naturally and good-naturedly how "really? I thought that Nightwatcher did some good deeds after all, even in the end." Characterization was spot on and I love the interaction you developed between the two of them . . . a great read! :)
ahming chapter 1 . 8/29/2008
I wouldn't have ever thought of writing something like this, and you did it wonderfully.

I especially love the last line.

And it's cute how Raph thinks Mike doesn't know, and tries to do right by his brothers, telling Mike The Nightwatcher wasn't a hero and all.

I think you did an excellent job on this, this is easily one of my favorite fics.
Sparrowskit chapter 1 . 8/28/2008
Aw! This is such a cute story. I always thought Mike and Raph didn't quite get enough closure in the film, and you did a great job of expanding that a bit. Hmm. I wonder if Mikey regrets never getting the Nightwatcher's autograph? _
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