Reviews for Tabula Rasa
wolfvonbiele93 chapter 3 . 6/1/2011
Please update soon! I want my Lafayel fix :) I didnt really like you're version of Mizunagi compared to the one GW at first, but I've come to lurv him and his bitchiness, as well as the fact that he's drama-tastic. :) Although I do feel bad for Kuga. He needs some love. Seriously.
Foolish Mortal chapter 2 . 8/29/2008
First of all, you DO know that I absolutely loved the electromagnetic references to Mizunagi, right? I was just crowing "Physics! Photons! Beauty!" whenever you made the exactly appropriate references to it.

I forgot to mention this last review, but I saw my quote at the top of the page and laughed. Thanks. I never knew I was a Quotable.

I think Ama-Inu and Kasei work for the same reasons you mentioned. They're like a rock polisher. They're the rough stones banging around against each other (I realized this sounds really sketchy after I just typed it). They aren't the polished stones. They're just...there.

Mizunagi actually kind of scares me. He's like the edge of a knife. There's an uneasiness about what he's going to do, what he's thinking. REALLY good job with that.

This is a random thought that just came to me from the style of the story- completely spontaneous, and you can say no if you want to. I don't even know if we would have time, but I'll ask anyway.

Would you like to collaborate on Stranger Caught in Amber?
Foolish Mortal chapter 1 . 8/29/2008
Hey, just letting you know I'm not dead and ignoring your fic.

Haven't read ch. 2 yet, but it's interesting from the beginning. You get the impression of the force behind their personalities right from the start. And you see how they acted in the manga, and it's just like "Oh."

Ama-InuxKasei. o_O Have to hand it to you for the random pairings. I do agree that Kuga seems the most 'normal' in the group's interactions and the most invested in Kaoru.

Have to go read Atalanta's Apples as well. And finish GW. *cry* I feel like such a bad person for not reading through all your stuff!

Also, not to be nitpicky, but why is your chapter name Patris in the dative/ablative plural? Just curious. If it's not latin, it's all good.