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VeryBoredSoul chapter 10 . 10/31/2015
Yay! I've been waiting for their happy ending, and they finally got it! (Granted, it only took me a week to get through Underneath the Scars and Scars Fade, and I hadn't waited as long as some of your other readers, but it was still a long time coming!) Another awesome job on this story!
Korregidora chapter 10 . 12/6/2014
Beautiful! It was such an emotional journey and I love the way it ended. I wanna go hug a teddy bear now...
jess.c.kong chapter 10 . 11/13/2014
First off, I am very impressed with the level of detail and thought you gave this series. I will start off with the things I really liked: the Naruto bush scene - I thought it was a beautiful moment between the two, and I like the idea of a blushing bush! Love the bond Iruka makes with Neji, Shikamaru, and Lee. Their junk food binge night was very cute! I'm a huge ShikaxNeji fan so to see them anything but was slightly disheartening but the fact they were still close friends I can overlook for now. Love the intricate Jounin exam battle scene! Very well woven...but which also leads to some inconsistencies I noticed throughout the story: Kakashi asked about how everyone was except Aoba and Genma; in a conversation with Gaara, Kakashi states 4 jounin battle the candidate but Iruka only had 3; they let Asuma stay with Kurenai in the hospital but not Iruka for Naruto because of hospital policy; something that always puzzled me was how Iruka borrows Mari's chakra (it is his chakra, right?) but he acts surprised about how Iruka is handling his chakra. Isn't there a way for him to suppress iruka's intake of his chakra? And where was Mari when Iruka lost control? I think people were too hard on kakashi and too lenient on Iruka. Even Iruka gets upset for not being trusted to control his demonic side but that is exactly what happened! And I still felt like Iruka wasn't as remorseful as he should have been. And I think everyone that knew of his demonic secret should have been wary of taking the exam; I know it was stated he took the exam to prove himself to someone but I don't remember that ever becoming a sore subject when they were friends (more of a curious topic), and iruka even stated he was always content with his Chunnen status so it was almost a stretch to have him compete (though I can see the importance story wise, the "seed" should have been planted firmer in the first story). There was such a big deal made about Kakashi corrupting iruka but when he finally admitted to Kakashi he took his virginity, that was it. Kakashi didn't even acknowledge what he said. I think the Anko/Iruka thing charade went on too long. They should have learned from Kakashi and Iruka that prolonging and being deceptive is not a way to start a relationship (it's different if she didn't know Ibiki's feelings but they did!). Some small things seemed out of place like iruka not commenting on Kakashi 's new appearance when he sees him for the first time, or Ino dropping the "sensei" from iruka's name (I can see where it fits for Shikamaru and them but not in this context)...okay, now to end with more likes! Gaara and Kakashi's relationship was fun! Tan!Kakashi sounds delectable! I like the scene where Kakashi brings iruka back. The wading scene is very heart warming, even Kakashi's doggy paddling, and I've always loved your intimate scenes! I like how you went for the gusto and took Kakashi's injuries so far to the point where he lost his Shinobi status (not happy it happened - again iruka did far worse damage to Kakashi then vice versa - but that you went there creatively). I would have liked to see a little closure in terms of how their friends react to iruka (and his demon) and kakashi (and their treatment toward him - that also was never confronted, how the Hokage and everyone exiled him to Suna without a backward glance. Would have been nice to tie some of the playful friendship they had in the first story. Overall I still thoroughly enjoyed the story and was extremely impressed with the amount of research it took to get this story out. Thank you for sharing!
yaoichallenge21 chapter 10 . 7/19/2014
I have read both this and Underneath the scars. I must say that this, both stories combined if course otherwise it wouldn't be complete, is the best Kakashi X Iruka fanfic I have EVER read. Its just indescribably beautiful and its the first fanfic that has ever made me cry. And not just figuratively, but literally-physically cry! Everything was put together perfectly and even your ranting was at times entertaining. I can't think anyway this story could be made any better, apart from grammar like once or twice in the whole thing. Its just so beautiful I think I'll cry again just for good measure. T.T But this story is just so moving and touching I don't think anyone could deny the hard work and genius that was so obviously put into it. Very well done. Perfect. Good job. Thank you for writing this. I give it a 200%, which really isn't mathematically possible, so yea know its good. :D Love to all! 333333333333333333
Gravity's Child chapter 10 . 1/18/2014
That was perfect. There should be a one-shot that follows to show the reactions of the other ninjas when they see a perfectly healed Kakashi...
jj chapter 10 . 1/14/2014
idgive the whole story a 3 outta 7 cause Iruka was to powerful a lot of characters were ooc and naruto and sasukes relationship was left hanging plus there were a lot of areas that were skipped over entirely and there's no way that a kappa like that would not be detected in the hidden leaf village or else the village would have been gone long ago. but it was interesting enough to keep reading so ok
oi chapter 9 . 4/16/2012
what the hell

i have a down right hero worship of kakashi

but that is no why this awesome writting has disappointed me


okay so kakashi like a baka leaves iruka after their first night together BECAUSE HE THOUGHT HE HURT HIM (RAPE/TAKEN ADVANTAGE)

BUT he didnt

so why did kakashi had to suffer so fucking much in this fic

how could iruka and the whole fucking village get it so wrong

kakashi disfigure

being a shanobi is his life

you practically mad e hima a dead thing that just jumps at the opportunity to be punished by iruka.

my god that was a brutal punishment. so unfair.

i think someone else said this but i have to say it again

do you like kakashi?

your writing was great i would still read anything you write

you are very talent

but this story line was bias and unjust.

ta you for your hard work.
Gb chapter 9 . 2/29/2012
I really wanted to like this story. It was well written and had some good action. But, in the end, I couldn't. You made Iruka darn near a saint, and blamed everything on Kakashi to the point that he thinks he deserves to be maimed for the rest of his life. Sorry, but just because Kakashi left him after sleeping with him, that is no reason for Iruka to have been 'so incredibly hurt' that he basically threw a fit and destroyed the man he loved. It was also no reason for everyone that was supposedly Kakashi's friend to despise him like he was a pariah - not without hearing both sides of the story. Iruka was just as in the wrong. He was hurt because Kakashi didn't trust him? Well, what about Kakashi? After all, Iruka refused to tell Kakashi what he was. That nonsense about slowly, eventually telling him - sounds like someone wanting their cake and eating it too. Kakashi must trust Iruka or it's the ultimate betrayal, but it's ok if Iruka doesn't trust Kakashi with his secret. That makes no sense. And everyone hating on Kakashi for this ultimate betrayal, but seeing nothing wrong with all the things Iruka did - instead, seeing him as the best of them all that needs to be protected from the insensitive, vile Kakashi at all costs. No, that makes no sense either. In the end, it didn't seem that Iruka was as upset as he should be over the damage he caused, allowing Kakashi to be a martyr with his seemingly permanent physical disabilities and Kakashi's destructive opinion of himself that he deserved his disabilities as a reminder of all the emotional hurt he caused. In fact, it didn't seem like Iruka truly loved Kakashi - after all, it took hurting his 'son' Naruto for Iruka to start regaining his humanity, when it should have started after seeing the massive amount of damage and near death of the jounin he supposedly loved with all his being.

The emotional hurt of Kakashi leaving right after sex to go to the memorial and angst over 'taking advantage of Iruka' (who seemed to want to be taken advantage of anyway) was, in my opinion, far less than the punishment handed out to poor Kakashi by everyone (and especially the punishment handed out by Iruka). What Kakashi was put through, both emotionally and physically, was blatantly unfair and outright cruel compared to his insensitive act (which he only committed because of his twisted logic regarding protecting Iruka).

I don't know if you ever plan to revisit this story for another sequel, but if you do, you should consider exploring the other side of that coin more - have people see that Iruka was wrong, make him feel guilt for what he did and seek forgiveness himself (and strive to insure he never loses that kind of control again), and not keep verbally (and physically) bashing on Kakashi. It's about time Kakashi got some apologies from everyone for all their parts in this whole fiasco. And Iruka should heal Kakashi back to his former physical self, since Iruka stated he could do so before he allowed Kakashi to sacrificially refuse on the grounds Kakashi needed 'to be reminded of all the emotional hurt he caused'. Kakashi's life is as a shinobi. He would waste away if he could no longer be a shinobi, as is currently the case. And now he is also defenseless from those enemies who would harm the great Copy Cat nin for revenge or glory.

You are a good writer (other than those strange A/N inserts in the middle of scenes that would throw me temporarily out of the story mindset), so I hope you do continue writing Kakashi/Iruka, and maybe more to this story. But do try not to be so biased for one over the other. Just from reading 'Underneath the Scars' and 'Scars Fade', if it wasn't for you stating that you are a Kakashi/Iruka fan, I would have sworn you despised Kakashi with a passion.
lady Alexas chapter 10 . 2/3/2012
so awesome
InkSlinger13 chapter 10 . 1/29/2012
ZOMG! I love love love this story! Sniff sniff. I can't believe its over! pouts why couldn't it have continued forever? I'm so sad now. Thankyou for such a wonderful story! I'm off to read more of your stories! Please don't stop. puppy dog eyes
Seventeenth Shenanigan chapter 10 . 7/8/2011
That. Was. Lovely. *gazes down at the pool of blood* Yup. Lovely.
Seventeenth Shenanigan chapter 7 . 7/8/2011
What. The. Hell. Just. Happened. *MINDFUCK*
TheEndofTag chapter 10 . 6/1/2011
WOW! This is just beautiful! BUt my heart just broke for Kakashi and Iruka, although mostly for Kakashi. It seems like no one was on Kakashi's side except for Gaara and his siblings. They know why Kakashi did what he did but few understands Kakashi.

Just love the ending! how you beuatifuly wrapped things up between Kakashi and Iruka. Although during Iruka fights between Neji, Shikamura, Gaara, and Naruto; i kept picturing Kakashi putting himself in front of Iruka to protect him from them. But that didn't happen. Guess, Kakashi was just too hurt to do anything. Although Kakashi was pretty impressive at the end of the fight when Kakashi just gazed at Iruka since Kakashi was pretty much out of it!

hahaha. I just love how those four preverts were looking into Kakashi adn Iruka moment. Although i can't blame them too much. Heck, given a chance, i would be right with them too. _~ And i am happy that Kakashi will not have an imprefect face. Because damn, Kakashi is just too hot. I am sure that Kakashi doesn't care about his face, but i am still happy that he let Iruka healed him. And now everythign is even better than before.

Again i just love it! A very emotional and beautiful story! Love it! Adore it!
kirallie chapter 10 . 3/8/2011
Wow. Poor Kakashi and Iruka. Would have loved to see the reactions to a compleltly healed Kakashi. Glad seeing Naruto bleeding managed to shock Iruka back to himself. And that his students fought to bring him back to himself. Loved the way Iruke healed Kakashi...would there be any side effects from it? If Kakashi's chakra was gone or whatever would the Sharingan have still worked?
Oroburos69 chapter 10 . 3/5/2011
Wow. I'd like to say that I enjoyed this, but I really, really didn't. By the end it read like domestic abuse, especially when Kakashi said he deserved what Iruka did, and it wouldn't matter if Iruka did it again. And why? Because Kakashi is insensitive? I can't even understand why you would write something like that. Love doesn't fix everything, and an old wrong doesn't make a new wrong right.

I only finished reading because I was hoping that you would redeem the story by letting Kakashi get over Iruka and leave him. I didn't want them to get together because I was completely convinced that any future relationship would be abusive.

I'm sorry. I guess you've just made me kind of nauseous. And sad. I mean, I like Kakashi, and I get the feeling that you do too, so why did he have to suffer so much to be 'worthy' of Iruka? Why did you have Iruka's trespasses be forgiven like they meant nothing? The harm he did was malicious, and saying that Iruka couldn't control himself is what every single beaten and abused woman or man out there says. It's okay because he loves Kakashi? It's okay because Kakashi hurt him first? Iruka didn't even seem to regret it that much!

Seriously, by the end of this, I wanted Iruka to die and I wanted Kakashi to refuse to be in a relationship with him out of sheer self preservation. Not necessarily in the same plotline.

Anyway, I guess I should finish off with something positive. Your writing has improved immensely since the prequel. And I'm really sorry, but your plot HORRIFIED me.
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