Reviews for THE HADES WAVE: This Immortal Coil 5.0
Nanea aka Puaena chapter 1 . 11/12/2001
Whoa! Am I glad I have a holiday today so I could be one of the first to read this? You bet. This series is really firing on all cylinders now. Very glad to have Elisa back no matter what her form, but definitely now that she's in "detective". What kind of precinct does Hades have? Gonna be interesting if Elisa does come back from the dead. This reader would surely be happy as I missed her. However, massive confusion for Goliath...Elisa/Jaye gestalt to Adrienne and now Elisa/Demona...I'd say, in the end, Goliath is bonding with Elisa no matter what her form, but still, poor guy...a tail in a knot? I'll say. Surprised he hasn't had a coronary. *Laughing* Great work. I am so looking forward to the next chapter.