Reviews for Naruto Tekno Ninja
yindragonkiba chapter 6 . 9/24
Hot shit damn fine fic
Matsukaze Tenma chapter 6 . 7/27
This is truly very interesting to read; please update soon
Nirvana48 chapter 6 . 4/17
Shit is about to happen!
chris kidder chapter 6 . 4/4
keep on writing
chris kidder chapter 6 . 2/14
its awesome keep on writing
jonshinra123 chapter 1 . 2/13/2014
This was great I hope keep working on it.
Hikari Nova chapter 6 . 7/4/2013
please revie and update this soon :)
Guest chapter 6 . 7/1/2013
Nooooo please continue I love your stories please continue this and all the other naruto dragon series and your deserted island one to I love them so much and I was very depressed before I found your stories now they bring joy to my day please continue naruto stories I beg of you
x-comrade chapter 6 . 5/2/2013
could it possible to transfer kyuubi into the cyber fox?
Mandalore the freedom chapter 2 . 10/4/2012
Interesting story dude keep up the good work
ZShaq chapter 3 . 9/24/2012
I'm not even close to finished and I can already say that this a pretty sick series. Love naruto's description a new clothes choice.
Guest chapter 4 . 8/4/2012
Amazing fight scene!
TheBlakkat09 chapter 1 . 7/23/2012
when are you going to update this story of yours? The suspensions killing us all!
darkplayer35 chapter 6 . 5/30/2012
Awesome story idea. I really like tech!Naruto stories. I hope you continue it and look forward to seeing how it develops. It has a lot of potential. Please update soon.
Pryde2 chapter 6 . 4/16/2012
I realy llike what you are doing with this story I hope you continue it soon.
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