Reviews for Harry Potter and the City of Tents
Fire Tempest chapter 10 . 8/14
This has been a fantastic pair of stories, I'm so glad to have found them. Thank you.
CraftyMomma chapter 10 . 5/31
I loved this series!
Charlie0925 chapter 10 . 5/22
Aww, brilliant, brilliant writing here honey! I TRULY LOVED THIS FIC! ;o)
Lord Barinthus chapter 10 . 2/11
This was SO GOOD.
Lord Barinthus chapter 9 . 2/11
Merlin, the kids are so effing cute.
Lord Barinthus chapter 7 . 2/11
Tonks and Katie didn't marry the Twins. Tonks and Angelina did. At least according to the Ministry Breakout chapter.
Lord Barinthus chapter 5 . 2/11
Through the first fic and halfway through the sequel, and still no reason given for Dumbledore's betrayal, nor that of the Ministry.
Lord Barinthus chapter 4 . 2/10
I'm glad Ferdi is back, but his wife being a spy doesn't mesh; if she wanted info on Harry, why would she refuse to live in the field? Would she not jump at the chance to be around him? Had they all not kept in touch with Ferdi over the years, her plan would have been beyond pointless.
Lord Barinthus chapter 2 . 2/10
LOVED this chap!
Lord Barinthus chapter 1 . 2/10
1. It's Ginevra, not Ginerva,
2. I wish some of this background had been included in the first fic. We also don't know who the Minister was/is, or any motivation for their and Dumbledore's betrayal,
3. I don't think you need the apostrophe in family names like you use it (I.e. "I need to tell you about the Weasley's.") You don't need an ownership apostrophe in those cases.
4. It was stupid of Harry not to politely stipulate in his offer to Sev/Remus that Sev could only teach if he conducted himself like a decent human being.
mooneysfate chapter 10 . 1/27
wonderful story! warm fuzzies!
Ethe Nox chapter 10 . 11/6/2016
Aww, no more sequel T.T Nevertheless, I love this and the prequel, Soul Gem.
Just one thing I'm uncomfortable with. That is Harry/Ron relationship.
I wouldn't mind the Mpreg or the slash. Just that I view Ron's relationship with Harry as brother in all but blood.
But, hey, there's no graphic much about Ron/Harry. So, I wouldn't mind it since it's rarely mention.
All in all, I love both Soul Gem and City of Tents. And you did a great job with the OCs. Love it!
Lauren Saint chapter 10 . 10/8/2016
loved it! Thanks for another awesome story!
Lindela chapter 10 . 8/25/2016
Loved it! Wonderful story
KJPotter chapter 10 . 6/17/2016
I had read this story and its predecessor many years ago, but I had forgotten what a great read it is! Thanks for this! Made my day (and night)!
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