Reviews for The Prodigy's Ascension
Guest chapter 21 . 5/1
I like the excerpts at the end
Guest chapter 1 . 4/2
As soon as you said harry/ginny i lost interest in the story H/G is so over played and was a romance so bad i thought it was the Twilight series
Monster King chapter 48 . 2/27
Great story I really liked it good job writing the story.
Sharq attack 69 chapter 2 . 2/24
It's good but confusing as to who does what and shit
JoshuaTheOverlander chapter 5 . 1/18
Guest chapter 10 . 11/24/2017
It's interesting but definitely not something I'd finish reading.
deathlyfire123 chapter 48 . 10/22/2017
WAIT WHAT?! you said in your acknowledgments that you didn't know what a paragraph was until you met your 6th grade teacher. HOW!?
awesome chapter 3 . 10/7/2017
awesome, nice idea
Wassa110 chapter 21 . 8/24/2017
Nope. I stop at this chapter. I was coming into this looking for a good Harry Potter story. What you've done is completely changed the story, and made Harry Potter a side character at best while focusing this story more on Alexei. I was willing to continue, but reading that last part 'Lord of Azkaban', 'King of Ionos'. Describe your story properly. This is a Alexei Potter story with a Harry Potter side story. Basically put in the summary 'OC character is OP, and better than Harry even though he's just an OC'. I mean just put in your summary that a lot of the story is focused on an oc character, and your making him(for no describable reason) more powerful, and knowledgable than the guy who absorbed a part of voldemort's soul. Harry has a reason to be at least more powerful than average, what is Alexei's reason. Oh he read books like most purebloods, knew about magic like most purebloods. Basically there is no reason a teenager should be more powerful than most unless you give us a reason why.
knuckles 8 chapter 1 . 7/16/2017
great start. the prophecy confused me a bit, but I can't wait to read more.
bLuewErewOlf25 chapter 48 . 7/4/2017
Ab-So-Lute-Ly LOVE IT! Everything was so well done, and I loved reading about Ireland' war and the Mage's Civil War. It really put things into perspective!

Can't wait to see Fudge and Silvenson get their comeuppance in the sequel :3
2good 4usernames chapter 8 . 6/7/2017
the minister's birthday party? wow, im just imagining loads of colored balloons and a cake with candles and fudge is standing there with a party hat on his head
sbmcneil chapter 1 . 4/26/2017
I don't really understand this Alexei character. Why would two Brits give their child (who was apparently conceived when they were teens) a Russian name? If Alex is such an amazing fighter and prodigy, why is Harry necessary? I understand that you want to make Harry super smart, but a four year old reading such advanced books is rather ridiculous.
Guest chapter 48 . 4/22/2017
Very well written
Yumkcha chapter 15 . 4/1/2017
Who is the thief of the weasley family?
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