Reviews for Stepping In the Light
WhiteTigerLilly chapter 1 . 9/8/2008
I felt bad for both of them. How do you repent for loving someone? I think God is understanding of love, even if it was 'sin'. We cannot condemn love... But perhaps we can learn to tame it.
lunascorpio chapter 1 . 8/31/2008
I agree with all the things you said about them. As I told you before Jeanne and Du Barry are my favorite bad girls of the show. I think they are much more interesting characters than others, like the Queen herself.

Keep writing. You're doing great.


loulou.k chapter 1 . 8/30/2008
Hi Manna!

I thought I'm not going to read any thing tonight, not after your last 'fic…but I needed something to distract me from thinking of it…so Louis XV and du Barry are fine to me.

I don't like du Barry that much, but she is an interesting character, she had all the power any woman would be glad to have half of it, and she had the king of France in her finger like a ring…but her greed distorted her I think…remember when Oscar told her when she asked for Mary's friendship that she was late to ask that, if only she wasn't a murder woman and a little nice to Mary Antoinette she'll properly helped her…

Yes the king's dying moments and du Barry beside him was very sad, although maybe at first she was just afraid of what'll happen to her if he died, but then she realized " I guess" that she's really needed him and may be she loved him, after all she was the only one who stayed near him and comfort him while everyone was away and just waiting for his dying. (“A sunflower cannot bloom without the sun!”) I like her when she said that, and when he called her name at the end.

(He soaked up her happiness like the sunflowers she loved so much soaked up the sun.) I like you saying that.

Good changing in writing about another characters, I wished it was a little longer.


Xirysa chapter 1 . 8/30/2008
Whoa. O.o Something NOT about Oscar and Andre? First it was a lack of KentLyn, and now a serious shortage of AndreOscar? What is the world coming to, I wonder...

XD Anyway... That was a really cute idea. An amazing concept that I really never gave much thought to. It's rather obvious that du Barry loves the king very much (but I can't seem to decide if its for the material gains or she really adores him-maybe both?) and the fact that he gives her whatever it is that she wants.

[“Sunflowers, Your Majesty, are far more beautiful than any rose if one bothers to take the time to look.”] That was a really cute line, I thought.

[He sent his sun away.] Oh, that was overkill. Srsly.

I especially liked how you started of: [Roses and daffodils and gladiolas were beautiful./She’d always loved sunflowers.]

Simply amazing. Nice job.

And I really need to say (ask) this... Was this one, short and sweet and agsty 'fic serving as a balace for TYS? Well... I don't need an answer. I guess I'd like to think of it as exactly that.

Now you've gone and made me want to write du Barry and Louis XV... Hmm... She seems like a really interesting character to write. And I know that mistresses and the like, though common in those days (and now) and looked down upon, would still be something really intriging to write...


I'm inspired now, and it's all your fault! [pouts]

Anyway, continue on writing!