Reviews for Recorded History
kees chapter 5 . 12/12/2012
loveeee this story!
chaos-23M chapter 5 . 1/30/2012
i fuckin' laughed my ass off, i fuckin' love it! xDD
darkbloodylegs chapter 5 . 5/25/2011

I realise you wrote this, like, forever ago, but I figure a review is a review- and this story deserves reviews! I've only read two of your stories so far and I'm already in love with the way that you write.
killing u with umbrellas chapter 5 . 4/29/2011
loved it.
IFeelAliveAgain chapter 5 . 7/23/2010
I love it! That was hilarious. Stellar job!
AlchemyOtaku0922 chapter 4 . 4/25/2010
I don't know what it is about your writing that I love so's just so good it makes my heart happy :) Even though it's kinda more sad...:(

lol good work :)
AlchemyOtaku0922 chapter 3 . 4/25/2010
I just LOVE how you make Matt and Mello's personalities in this story! You have a great writing style!
AlchemyOtaku0922 chapter 2 . 4/25/2010
The ending made me really sad :(

Mello can't lie to Matty!

Good chapter!
AlchemyOtaku0922 chapter 1 . 4/25/2010
Great first chapter! Very interesting! Can't wait to read more :D
spaycesickle chapter 5 . 1/2/2010
lol. That was awesome
Tunfisken chapter 5 . 10/5/2009
wuuhuuhuu xD definitely one of the best xD me dont like them hitting eachother, though :
Tunfisken chapter 1 . 10/5/2009
MOHOHAHAHAHAHA! :D yee, this was one of the best i've ever read! :D poor mello, he doesnt quite understand: matt mello smexi hexi! :D
Edward slept with Poison Akii chapter 4 . 9/13/2009
I totally got the Casablanca ref. 'Of all the shirts in all the closets in all the world...' is a playoff of 'Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world...'
Dlvvanzor chapter 5 . 7/17/2009
... XD What a screwed up relationship. No pun intended.

I loved it.

The line “How the hell could I not?” made me abruptly soften as I was reading. That's... just so beautifully sweet.

Great fic!
Dlvvanzor chapter 4 . 7/17/2009
Aw :( But cute 3
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