Reviews for Five Times Jeannie was Jealous
AnneMary chapter 1 . 4/3/2016
She doesn't sound whiney at all! I just felt so sad for her! Poor Jeannie! So many times I thought she just needed to go and curl up and cry somewhere...
dragoness simplicity chapter 1 . 3/11/2015
Poor Jeannie. Watching someone being so close to Rodney would certainly pull on any sibling's heart strings.
You wrote it beautifully.
The Dancing Bard chapter 1 . 12/21/2011
Hey, I thought Jeannie was kind of whiny but in a very believable way. I think birth order can tell alot about a person's personality and younger siblings tend to be whinier in general. I'm an older sibling can you tell? Anyways, in this case I think Jeannie comes across as the younger sibling who idolized her older sibling as a hero when she was a child. Then once she figures out that he's human and fallible she's disillusioned and bitter about it, hence the big fight and not talking forever. Now she's jealous because she's always taken Rodney's love for granted and doesn't want to share. It sounds juvenile but family does seem to bring out the best and worst in people. I see Rodney and Jeannie as the kind of siblings who'll get seriously pissed at each other to the point where they can't even be in the same room and they'll hold grudges for ever - but underneath it all they know they love each other. They just don't always like each other.
BetterWithThree101 chapter 1 . 1/27/2011
nice story! i really liked it. this episode was so sad, i couldn't stop crying! i hope you make more stories like these ;)
Lilkin chapter 1 . 9/15/2010
*hugs you* oh i love what you have done here this story gave me everything i was looking for...

thank you ever so much, i would give you a hug for this

it was well written, you managed the jealous jeanie awfully good, i dont know... it is just do believable! GZ
hajimebassaidai chapter 1 . 5/28/2010
I like the choice of examples and I don't think you're being unfair to Jeannie.

After all, she does have reason to jealous because John often seems to get on better with Rodney than she does on the occasions when she's around.

Of course she wasn't there for Doranda or when Elizabeth was dying.

Well written and very moving
michelel72 chapter 1 . 10/31/2009
This really works for me. I know a lot of people who honestly believe that blood trumps all, and I can see Jeannie being that way; she didn't seem evil to me at all, just blind in a common way. I adore stories that explore the non-blood family relationships, and Jeannie's perspective on this one is perfect. She and "Mer" don't get along perfectly, as we've seen, and I'm certain she would have mixed feelings about that. Well done.
Miravisu chapter 1 . 9/27/2009

That was very touching, and very well written!
mcmario chapter 1 . 8/23/2009
aww this was really good. jeannie didnt sound whiny or bitchy at all! it was great, i love the shrine and all the shappard mckay moments :D
Space1Traveler chapter 1 . 11/20/2008
This passage: "It’s enticing, and lovely, and entirely charming. He could talk you into walking off a cliff with that voice." Damn straight! A perfect discription of one of the Flan's charm tools. Another one is that 'puppy dog look',*sighs* I love that one too.

This was a wonderful portrayal of "Shine". I love how you gave Jeannie's POV from the standpoint of jealousy. She was jealous but also aware that this was not an 'either/or' but an 'and' situation; Rodney had two families. He was fully loved in both of them, just from different angles.

\0/Well done! Thanks...k
darkorangecat chapter 1 . 9/1/2008
I loved this look at 'jealousy' and thought you wrote this quite well. I can imagine feeling the same way - well done.
godsdaughter77 chapter 1 . 8/31/2008
I really enjoyed the John and Rodney friendship in this, though I wish Jeannie was a little nicer... Besides that great story! :D
Harm Marie chapter 1 . 8/31/2008
I don't think that you made her whiny or bitchy at all. She was in a rough emotional place and you played that well.

I love your Sheppard/McKay dynamic.
jbn42 chapter 1 . 8/31/2008
Wow - outstanding story, and a great take on John and Rodney's relationship. And I adore the Douglas Adams shout out ("Thanks for all the fish"), but I would, considering my license plates on my car simply read "40TWO". : )
Angela M chapter 1 . 8/31/2008
As a little sister I can definitely empathize with Jeannie. I don't think that she came out whiny or bitch-y at all.
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